Zookies Strain Review

If you’ve been paying attention, then you may have noticed Zookies becoming one of the most talked about strains on the market.

While the potent effect is a big part of it, one of the reasons Zookies has so much buzz is the incredible flavor and smell.

Zookies Strain Review

An evenly balanced hybrid, Zookies is able to calm the body while focusing the mind. Wrapped with scents of cookies and diesel, it’s popular for the all around experience.

If you’re interested in trying Zookies, we’ve put together the basics of what you might expect. Remember that everyone reacts to strains differently, so we can’t guarantee your experience.


Zookies is a potent strain, so much so that some consider it a “one hit wonder”. The effects come on fast, calming your body from the head downwards after just one hit. It has a high THC level, between 23% and 35%

What Is Zookies Strain?

Zookies has become one of the most talked about strains available, due to its combination of relaxation and focus.

How was Zookies developed?

A cross between the popular strains Animal Cookies and Gorilla Glue #4, Zookies was always going to be good. It was developed by Alien Labs, a West-Coast dispensary collective, who are known for their unique and exciting strains. It’s an even hybrid: 50% Indica, 50% Sativa.


One of the reasons Zookies is currently so popular is because of its amazing taste. It has that sweet cookie flavor of all the Animal Cookie strains, but mixed in is a spicy, peppery tang.

It’s sweet, but not overly sweet, with a heavy earthiness and the depth of diesel fuel. It’s finished off with a hit of bitterness from the hemp. Pepper, cookies, and diesel may not sound like an obvious mix, but it’s somehow better than the sum of its parts.

The taste is strong, but it doesn’t linger. Zookies is honestly delicious, enough that you’re enjoying it before the high even hits. 

Odor and Flavor

Zookies is one for the gourmands. The smell of this stuff is amazing, but richly layered to keep you wanting another sniff. You might find yourself trying to inhale the bouquet, as though it’s a glass of red wine.

On an initial whiff, Zookies smells of roasted nuts and diesel fuel, an unusual combination that’s oddly appealing. Next comes the sweet notes of cookies.

From there comes the slightly bitter, slightly sweet scent of coffee and chocolate. To finish, an appealing hint of sour tropical fruit. It’s somehow both nostalgic and new, powerful and light. 

Physical Appearance

Zookies has a physical appearance that’s as intriguing as the aroma. It’s dense, with rounded sage green nugs, interspersed with purple. As Zookies ages, this purple darkens, so it can appear almost black in places.

Scattered alongside the greens and purples are vivid orange hairs. The whole thing is finished with a thick frosting of white crystal trichomes.

Grow Info

There are pros and cons to growing your own Zookies, and it depends on where you live. Zookies grows the best outdoors in a warm climate, with low humidity and a decent amount of shade. Even in these conditions, it can be tricky to grow.

It’s also suitable for greenhouses, but the cost of keeping it healthy can outweigh any money you might make back. If you put the effort in, the end results are good: a tall, wide plant with a great yield.

Whether you grow or not may also be dependent on the seeds – they’re hard to come across, and can be costly.


What most people love about Zookies is that it gives a strong body high without gluing you to the couch. Initially, Zookies can energize the mind, giving you a burst of creativity and the sudden need to talk a lot. Then the body effects take hold, smoothing the high out and calming you down.

The high is lifting rather than heavy, and the mind feels active throughout. The head and the body are balanced perfectly, so you don’t feel too fast or too slow. It’s great for focus, without too much buzz.

The effects kick in pretty quickly after the first hit, so be careful. Too much can leave even regular users falling asleep.

Side Effects

As Zookies has such a high level of THC, many won’t be surprised to learn that a dry mouth and dry eyes are to be expected. Thirst is also a very common side effect. Newcomers should be wary of Zookies. Because the high is strong, and hits so quickly, it’s easy to overdo it.

Even those who are experienced should pace themselves. If you’re particularly sensitive to sativa, Zookies can have adverse effects. Some find that instead of energizing, it leaves them feeling wired, and even anxious.

Be careful of couch-lock as well. Too much Zookies too fast might leave you asleep all day.

Medical Appointments

The powerful body lifting of Zookies makes it a popular strain choice for alleviating pain. Chronic pain, cramps, migraines, muscle spasms, and muscle pains have all been relieved with the help of Zookies.

Some find the calm and focusing effects are also good for those struggling with depression and anxiety. A large amount can make you sleepy, meaning Zookies has benefits for those struggling from insomnia.

However, as it is strong, the medicinal effects are limited in many cases. Casual users will probably find it difficult to go about their day if using Zookies to treat pain.

Similar Strains

If you’re after strains with a similar effect to Zookies, then the best to try are calming White 99, sedative Orange Creamsicle, or the creatively inspiring Holy Grail.

The taste is fairly unique, but the closest matches are Mendo Breath, Nitro Cookies, and Lemon Haze. For growers, Motorbreath, Berry White, and Lemon Tree are similar.

Strain Cannabinoids

Zookies has a THC level of 23% to 35%, making it fairly strong. Other cannabinoid levels are:

  • CBD: 0.46 – 1.05%
  • CBC: 0.28 – 0.84%
  • CBG: 0.08 – 1.72%
  • CBN: 0.07 – 0.21%
  • THCV: 0.39 – 1.8%

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