Willy’s Wonder Strain Review

Willy’s Wonder aka William’s Wonder is an indica dominant hybrid that has been bred from the Afghani strain.

Allegedly created in the 70s, this strain has continued to get notoriety and popularity since it was created and has become a purported legendary strain.

Willy’s Wonder Strain Review

Willy’s wonder is a medical grade marijuana that can be pretty strong, so is enjoyed by recreational and medicinal users across the board.

It is loved by growers who can get their hands on its rare seeds as the yield from the strain can be out of this world and truly inspire wonder.

This is an interesting strain as it is quite historical but also is still pretty popular in comparison to other older strains.

It is possibly one of the earliest examples of the hybrid plants we are familiar with today, and likely had a huge effect on the strains that we see today.

Strain History


As this is such an old strain that has been passed down from many different growers, it can be hard to give a definite response to the genetics of this plant.

It is likely that the plant originated from the landrace of Afghani Indicas. Although, answering who Willy is, is a different question.

There is likely some sativa meddling in the genetics of the flower as this bud, while Indica heavy, still has some sativa genetics. Where they come from though, is a different question.

The non indica elements of the strain do indicate some other genetic input, which hasn’t been clarified.

It is well known among the cannaphiles that Sam the Skunkman, the strains originator, was particularly interested in the Afghanistan indica landrace for its indica qualities. The Afghan plant was one of three tha Sam the Skunkman was originally arrested with in 1985.

Perhaps it is the genetics that Willy is wondering about..


Many believe that Willy’s Wonder was created as far back as the 1970s by Sacred Seeds and legendary grower Sam the Skunkman. Sam the Skunk man, real name Dave Watson, had a huge effect on the marijuana marketplace.

He bred plants mainly for indoor growing, and he also created a seed library of marijuana plants from across the world. The idea of the seed library was so that we could test the seeds and find out their traits so that we can breed the desirable traits for medicinal use.

Sam the Skunkman was arguably one of the first marijuana growers to purposefully start mixing genetics and creating hybrids. In the modern marijuana market, most plants have been bred into hybrids for this reason.

Willy’s Wonder first appeared in the 1987 -1988 SSSC breeders catalog. Sam the Skunkman was also one grower who has been interested in the Afghani strains of Marijuana which are slightly more rare and less used in the industry.

Although his interest in this plant is what birthed the strain Willy’s Wonder, which is directly descended from the Afghan strain. It’s likely the strain was bred for indoor cultivation in order to be sold in the days before legalisation.

Sam’s genetic knowledge led to a strain that is syndicated among growers for it’s reported yield which is off the charts when done properly.

Strain Profile

Strain Appearance

Like many indica strains, Willy’s Wonder has luscious green buds that are contrasted with the amber hairs and trichomes of crystally THC goodness.

A combination of these colors make for a tropical flower that has hues of yellow and red among the green leaves. The buds are often pretty large like most indica grows.

Strain Flavor

The strain tastes great. Tropical and citrusy notes are complimented by an earthiness and diesel taste that is typical among kush flowers.

It’s likely its Afghan genetics give it a lot of its earthiness and floral notes, yet the tropical taste is a little different and suggests there are perhaps some other sativa genetics involved. If you think you have the investigative skills to figure it out, give it a try.

Strain Aroma

As diverse as its appearance, the strain has some interesting smells. The strain has a typically piney scent from its terpenes but is supported by a tropical twist and citrus nose. This is a pretty stinky strain so don’t carry it anywhere you shouldn’t.

Strain Cannabinoids

As expected, this strain is fairly indica dominant. However there are reports of up to 25% Indica cannabinoids present in the strain. While it’s not clear where the sativa genetics are from it certainly helps cushion the kushy head high.

It’s likely that the strain is at least 75% indica which is great for those who love the comforting hug of a good kush. The THC content ranges from 20-30% – strong stuff.

High THC content and high reported yield is a seriously winning combination for any smoker or grower and makes the strain so sought after. This is likely why the strain has remained popular to this day.

Strain Terpenes

The most dominant terpene is Pinene, although Caryophyllene and Myrcene are present too. The pine aroma is caused mainly by the Pinene which is also present in other herbs such as lemongrass.

The terpenes in cannabis also have medicinal benefits, Pinene being known for helping anxiety and pain relief.

Side Effects

It’s no secret that Willy’s Wonder is a pretty strong smoke. The THC content can range from 20-30%, and with it being such an Indica dominant flower, it is definitely one for the nighttime.

In any case, young and inexperienced smokers shouldn’t take this lightly, what was wonder can quickly turn to worry.

Beyond the expected side effects of smoking marijuana, the strain, like almost all, is pretty safe as long as you don’t let this indica put you in the couch.

Medical Benefits

Medical Benefits

Although, while the THC content could waarn of the novice smoker, the THC content does also make this medicinal grade marijuana. For those with some serious pain issues, this could be a good idea. A big dose of Willy’s Wonder and you won’t feel anything but wonder.

But seriously, there are some great medical uses of this bud. Indica can help with insomnia and chronic pain. Some even suggest that it could help with anxiety and social disorders. There’s no doubt that Willy’s Wonder could replace your blues with green.

Strain Review

Willy’s Wonder, even without smoking it, is a pretty interesting strain. The history of this strain is the history of modern plant genetics. This is a great example of how modern botanical and horticultural methods have changed the modern marijuana industry – so it’s cool just for that.

The strain also offers some interesting genetic investigation for the curious cannaphile among us. Growers will love this plant as it was one of the first that was made for indoor cultivation and gives a great yield as indicas often do.

Even if you just smoke a bowl and go to bed, you will still be impressed by this flower. With its strong potency this bud has remained popular among the heavy smokers among us.

They love the numbing and euphoric feeling you get from Willy’s Wonder that is strong and long lasting, so at least you get your money’s worth.

Strain Grow Information

Willy’s Wonder was pioneered by Sam the Skunkman as one of the first strains botanically modified to be cultivated indoors. For obvious reasons pre legalisation, this became popular among growers and gained Willy’s Wonder its original popularity way back when.


Seeds from Willy’s Wonder are highly sought after for optimal indoor growth genetics. However the seeds of Willy’s Wonder can be hard to judge what genetics they have as their mother plant has some blurry genetics in the first place.

This affects the cannabinoid balance, and how much indica may be present. The genetics profile could also differ. The bottom line is it can be hard to know if your plant is an exact genetic copy of Willy’s Wonder, or even what the exact genetic profile of the strain is in the first place.

Flowering Time

As this plant was optimised for indoor cultivation it should be kept indoors during the growing process but can be moved outdoors once it has finished flowering.

The strain can take between 65 and 75 days to finish flowering, this should align with your seasonal environment. The plant should grow up to 44 inches in height, which again is perfect for indoor growth.

Strain Yield

Growers seriously love this strain and seek out its rare seeds for one simple reason – the yield of Willy’s Wonder can be astronomical due to its bespoke genetics.

The SSSC claims that is grown correctly and with the right care Willy’s Wonder could bring in a harvest of around 1500-2000 per square metre which could be near 70 ounces per square metre.

Many people do wonder who Willy is and what he is in wonder of. After growing the strain, many infer that the Wonder Willy felt when he measured his yield from the strain, it certainly is awe inspiring for any grower.

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