Willie’s Reserve Strain Review

“Willie’s been in a terrible accident

What happened?!

He was high and playing ‘On the road’ again!’

Named after one of the most famous country singers in the world, Willie’s reserve AKA Willie Nelson is a sativa dominant hybrid that is focussed on inspiring creativity and getting you nice and relaxed.

Willie’s Reserve Strain

Created by Reefman seeds alongside the legend himself, the strain is a cross between two landraces The strain won the 2005 High Time Cannabis Cup in the sativa category.

The bud has gained popularity for its awesome high that is both uplifting and artistically inspiring. This bud could get you writing like Willie, so give it a try.

Strain History


The genetics of this plant comes straight from Asia, which is relatively uncommon, but falls in line with the genetic ancestry of the sativas we recognise today.

The plant is a combination of Nepalese and the South Asian Sativa.

The genetics of Willie’s Reserve are used to make other fun strains like Sour Willie and West Coast Willie which are also worth trying if you come across them in your local head shop.


The origins of this strain are innocent and pure and come straight from the red headed stranger himself. Willie’s stash that he carried on the road, from city to city, was what he referred to as ‘your stash’, essentially the weed equivalent of ‘mi casa, su casa’.

When the pot enthusiasts who follow Willie around the world come to his concerts he always comes to smoke his own stash with them.

Willie’s reserve is an attempt to apply this sharing and caring sensibility to the world. The strain is a homage to Willie’s stash. It’s Willie’s vision for a decriminalised cannabis world, and he is one of the most dedicated supporters of the American cannabis revolution.

Willie is directly involved in the cultivation and branding of this strain, and finds that this strain is a symbol of his dedication to the cause.

Strain Appearance

The strain has the sour apple green that we have come to expect of the sativa plant. The leaves buds are dense and often sticky when fresh, the resin is certainly strong in this strain.

The amber hairs contrast the light green foliage greatly and makes the buds look great and signal the quality of their growth. The amber hairs remind us that this is the Red Headed Stranger’s strain.

Strain Flavor

The strain has the sour taste we expect from sativa dominant plants. The asian plant genetics give the sativa a sweet and earthy or woody flavor that is recognised in many Asian strains and is prominent on the exhale.

On the inhale there are a lot of piney and citrusy notes that are also common with sativa plants.

Strain Aroma

The usual aromas from the sativa dominant plants are present in Willie’s Reserve too.

Expect citrusy sour aromas that sourced from the plant’s terpenes. The smell is as uplifting as its effects. The smell is strong though, so don’t be taking this one ‘on the road’ like Willie.

Strain Cannabinoids

Willie’s reserve is a hybrid strain that is sativa dominant, the numbers work out around 60% sativa and 40% Indica genetics, but this is a numbers game that changes a lot depending on your grow and seed situation.

Just know that the strain focuses on the sativa effects, so is sativa dominant. THe THC content of the bud isn’t astronomical by nay means but can certainly butter up the regular smokers among us.

The plant is reported to come in around 16-18% THC content, which is a good medium for sessionable smoking.

Strain Terpenes

The dominant terpene in Willie’s Reserve is Terpinolene. Terpinolene is what enables the strain to have its citrusy and herbal notes.

Terpenes in general allow marijuana to have its complex flavor and aromas, Terpinolene is present in many other plants such as lilacs and herbs as well as nutmeg and cumin.

Terpenes also have medicinal benefits such as anticancer and antioxidants, as well as antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Side Effects

Many users will report common side effects in marijuana, though not necessarily specific to this strain These common ailments include cottonmouth, dry eyes, anxiety, and hot flushes.

When dosed incorrectly marijuana, especially the sativa dominant strains, can send some novice users into a fizz that can result in anxiety episodes.

We suggest smoking a joint with a friend, just like Willie desires, in order to make the dose manageable for first time stoners. If you’re not such a regular smoker, this strain could make you ‘half a man’.

Medical Benefits

Even at 80+ years of age, Willie can still belt it out at over 100 concerts every year, which is testament to the medicinal quality of marijuana. But Willie understands that the cannabis revolution is partly due to the medicinal nature of marijuana.

Many users suggest that the strain is great for anxiety and depression, they find the uplifting and mood altering nature of marijuana as a great distraction and something that helps them understand the way they feel in new and abstract ways.

Being a sativa dominant strain, the sativa is great for inspiring creativity, which seems to be one of Willie’s favorite qualities in the plant.

Strain Review

Willie’s Reserve is almost a classic and was borne out of the original marijuana revolution that saw weed legalised in states like California for medicinal use, and later Colorado and Washington for recreational use in 2012.

This bud won the 2005 High Times Cup, which is no mean feat, so don’t just take my word for it.

What we love most about his strain is that Willie created it in order to share his love for marijuana and to add to the constantly growing cannabis community.

Supporting WIllie’s cannabis brand seems to help support correct farming practices and ultimately the generosity and sharing culture found among stoners.

As sativas go this is a pretty choice bud, it has a really great high that is creative and helps you enter thought processes you may not have if sober. If you are facing writer’s block, or just want to look at a problem from a different angle, then Willie’s Reserve could be good for you.

Popular for the wake and bakers among us, an older man like Willie will love the uplifting sativa high that will make them happy and feel alive rather than simply falling asleep on the kush.

If you need some cerebral rewiring to get you on the road again, this could be the strain for you.

Strain Grow Information

Firstly, those looking to grow Willie’s reserve should be cautious and informed about the plant’s height. AS this plant can grow pretty tall, many indoor cultivators suggest ‘topping’ the plant.

This involves making a cut on the main stem at around a 45 degree angle, this will encourage the plants to spread outwards and have a split stem rather than simply going upwards.

If you are growing outdoors you won’t need to worry so much about the plant’s height.


Most of Willie’s Reserve seeds are feminised and they are also pretty readily available to the public. Willie’s Reserve is grown in Washington on a specific farming unit which you could even visit if you so wanted.

You can bet that Willie has some growing on his ranch too. Our point is to embrace Willie’s prerogative and get asking local weed farmers for seeds, they may have some WIllie’s Reserve that you could start growing yourself.

Willie doesnt guard these seeds, as he understands those who can grow the plant will have part of Willie’s stash forever and they can share it with their friends, as well as strangers, across the great country of America.

Flowering Time

Willie’s Reserve takes it’s time flowering just like its namesake. Expect at least an indoor flowering period of between 10-12 weeks. Outdoors your plant should start flowering around November if planted at the start of the season.

Strain Yield

Although, your patience should be rewarded with a pretty decent yield for a sativa, which commonly produces less yield than its indica counterpart. Expect about 18 ounces per square metre for indoor grows.

In terms of outdoor grow, as the plant is so tall, you should be able to get around 22 ounces out of one plant, yee haw!

For growers of Willie’s Reserve you should easily grow enough to have a stash just like WIllie which you can share with friends and strangers alike, who knows who you could meet, maybe even Willie himself.

Utilising the sea of green or screen of green techniques are really useful to maximise your yield. Other good practices are pruning the taller leaves so that they don’t block the light for the lower down buds.

As the plant is so tall you should really keep an eye on which leaves are blocking direct sunlight.

Sunlight, as well as temperature, are important for maximising yield. Willie’s Reserve typically enjoys growing in warm and sunny environments.

Just consider that the plant’s genetic parents are in fact asian landraces, so they will definitely enjoy sun and warm weather. When growing indoors you want to imitate this environment as much as possible.

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