White Nightmare Strain Review

Although the words ‘White Nightmare’ might not instinctively conjure up feelings of relaxation and euphoria, the White Nightmare cannabis strain is one of the best strains out there for lifting low moods and creating a joyful state of mind. 

Read on for all the information you need about the potency, properties, effects, and usage of the White Nightmare marijuana strain!


One of the biggest selling points of White Nightmare is its high THC content, which makes it a potent strain, ideal if you really want to feel the effects. 

White Nightmare boasts a THC content of 20%, which is close to the upper end of the THC potency scale. For context, it’s uncommon to find marijuana strains with THC levels higher than 25%. 

In contrast, the CBD content of White Nightmare is just 1%.

What Is White Nightmare? 

White Nightmare is a hybrid strain of marijuana, meaning that it comprises elements of both Sativa and Indica. With that being said, White Nightmare is a Sativa-dominant strain. The ratio of the strain is 80% Sativa to 20% Indica.

How Was White Nightmare Developed?

White Nightmare was originally developed by cross-breeding two other strains of marijuana: White Moonshine and Blue Dream. 

From the names of White Nightmare’s ‘parent’ strains, you can see where the developers found the inspiration for this strain’s common name.

However, given the mellow and pleasant effects of White Nightmare, which we’ll get into shortly, it’s clear that the choice of name was intended as a misnomer. 

Odor And Flavor 

Before you even experience the mental and physical effects of White Nightmare, you’ll be able to get a sense of its pleasant high just from the odor and flavor of the strain. 

White Nightmare smells predominantly sweet, with an aroma consisting of Haze and berries. Haze is a type of Sativa strain characterized in terms of smell by its earthy, yet fragrant scent with citrus notes.

The combination of this aroma with the berry-like scent makes White Nightmare a delicious-smelling strain. 

When it comes to flavor, White Nightmare tastes just as good as it smells! The flavor of White Nightmare manages to be earthy and sweet at the same time, with many of the same berry notes identifiable by smell.

Specifically, you might be reminded of blueberries and pine, although there is also a slightly spicy aftertaste. 

Physical Appearance 

White Nightmare is not a very physically distinctive strain of cannabis, but you can learn to identify it through some of its key features. 

First of all, White Nightmare buds tend to be on the small side. Usually, they are dark green in color. From this description alone, you might struggle to differentiate White Nightmare from other, similar-looking strains of marijuana. 

However, White Nightmare also has a fair dusting of trichomes. Trichomes are actually glands that resemble translucent crystals on the leaves of many cannabis plants. Amongst the green and white, you might also notice some brown or red strands. 

Grow Info 

If you live in an area or state where growing marijuana is legal (please do your due diligence in terms of researching the legislation in your state of residence), you’ll be pleased to hear that growing White Nightmare is not particularly difficult. 

White Nightmare is a hardy strain of marijuana, so once you’ve planted your seeds, you won’t have too much to worry about in terms of pest-related damage. 

Additionally, most growers choose to grow White Nightmare inside rather than outside because of legislation that states that any marijuana plants need to be grown on private land and out of sight of the public.

This has the benefit of helping to keep the plants shielded from the elements. 

To make sure that your White Nightmare plants grow as tall and strong as possible, we recommend attaching them to stakes. If you keep the plants healthy and supported, they should flower within roughly 8 weeks. 

When grown outside, you can expect each plant to produce up to 15 oz. Indoors, the yield rate is around 13 oz for every square meter of White Nightmare planted. 


The effects of White Nightmare are, for the most part, pleasant and positive. People who have tried White Nightmare report feeling a sense of happiness and euphoria alongside a general uplift in their mood. 

Side Effects 

It’s important to note that just because the primary effects of White Nightmare are overwhelmingly positive doesn’t mean the strain can’t produce negative side effects. 

Some of the more mild side effects of White Nightmare include dry eyes and mouth. The dryness in the mouth can often be resolved by the consumption of fluids, but the dry eyes can feel very uncomfortable. 

We also wouldn’t recommend White Nightmare to anyone who suffers from anxiety and paranoia on a regular basis. This is because around 8% of people who try White Nightmare report an increase in anxiety. 

Remember: White Nightmare is quite a potent strain, so if you’re not a seasoned marijuana consumer, you might want to start with a less intense strain.

Medical Appointments 

In addition to the mood-lifting recreational effects of White Nightmare, this marijuana strain also has plenty of medicinal properties and applications. Because of its mood-lifting properties, many people use White Nightmare to combat stress and depression. 

Since White Nightmare is a Sativa-dominant strain known to boost energy levels, it can also be used to treat chronic fatigue. Some people also find it to be an effective form of chronic pain relief. 

Similar Strains 

If you enjoy the effects of White Nightmare, you might also like Tang Eray, which has a THC rating of 21% and primarily triggers feelings of happiness. 

Alternatively, to elevate your conversational experiences or give yourself a boost of confidence to contribute to discussions, Silver Haze is a great choice. It has a 23% THC rating and users report feeling more talkative. 

Silver Cheese also has similar effects to White Nightmare, at 21% THC, but it specifically helps to enhance creativity. 

Final Thoughts 

White Nightmare is an easy marijuana strain to grow. It’s also quite potent, with high THC and low CBD, so it delivers an intense high. The White Nightmare strain is excellent for boosting your mood and energy, although it can cause anxiety, dry mouth, and dry eyes. 

White Nightmare might also be an effective treatment for depression, stress, chronic fatigue, and chronic pain. 

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