Sweet And Sour Strain

Sweet and Sour is one of the best known medical strains of cannabis out there, and is widely used by those suffering from a range of medical issues.

You may have been recommended Sweet and Sour to help with your depression or to ease your chronic pain – but what exacty is the Sweet and Sour strain of cannabis and how exactly does it help you? Can you still use it for an effective high? And what if you are thinking of growing your own Sweet and Sour plants?

Here we have all the information you need to know about the Sweet and Sour strain so you can go into your first experience using it with confidence and a clear idea of what to expect when it comes to taste, smell, side effects, and benefits.

Sweet and Sour Strain

Strain History


Sweet and Sour is an Indica dominant cannabis that is derived from a number of different strains including Mexican Haze, White Widow, and some landrace

strains. Unfortunately, its exact genetics are uncertain as this strain is made from so many different kinds, but White Widow seems to be the most commonly found strain found in Sweet and Sour.

Other strains that are sometimes mixed with White Widow to make Sweet and Sour is Mexican Haze, Princess, Skunk #1, and Hawaiian Sativa – all added to help create stronger effects with lower THC percentages.


In 2009, Sweet and Sour was created by CBD Crew. They created a range of original enriched seeds and strains specifically made for people with health issues – including Sweet and Sour. Sweet and Sour was made using White Widow, but with decreased THC and increased CBD.

By merging White Widow with other strains of cannabis, CBC created Sweet and Sour to be a cannabis that was stable and had a range of medical uses – making it one of the most useful strains of cannabis in the medical field.

Strain Appearance

Sweet and Sour plants grow to medium heights when grown in outdoor gardens, and grow in dense, round buds. The buds are green and covered in amber pistils and white trichomes that make the buds look fuzzy. The white trichomes are likely inherited from White Widow, a strain that Sweet and Sour is derived from.

Strain Flavor

When it comes to flavor, the clue is in the name with this strain – sweet and sour! If you have a sweet tooth but also love a taste of sour, you will love this strain of cannabis. It combines the two flavors into a wonderful delicious medley. The sweetness tastes more like berry sweetness and the sour tastes like sage.

To sum the flavor up, it is a blend between fruity and flowery that dances on your tongue.

Strain Aroma

The aroma of Sweet and Sour strain cannabis is very floral but also subtly sweet. It has an earthy smell but it also leaves a slight sweet smell as well.

Some Sweet and Sour users have described the aroma to smell like grapefruit and sage – the sweetness smells like it comes from sweet berries, and the sourness is either a sage smell or a more sour citrus smell.

Strain Cannabinoids

The CBC content of Sweet and Sour is rather balanced. The average sample of Sweet and Sour contains 8% CBC, with a CBD and THC content ratio of 1:1. This is how Sweet and Sour provides a calm and relaxing high.

Strain Terpenes

The top two dominant terpenes found in this strain of cannabis are limonene and myrcene. Pinene is also commonly found in Sweet and Sour but is not as abundant as myrcene. Myrcene is also the most common terpene in cannabis and is what makes Sweet and Sour smell rather earthy and musky.

The Limonene terpene gives Sweet and Sour the citrusy smell that brings the ‘sweet’ element into Sweet and Sour. The two combined bring the swet and sour smells to this strain of cannabis, giving it a unique aroma.

Strain Side Effects

Using Sweet and Sour cannabis will help relax you but also can make you feel euphoric. It is an uplifting strain of cannabis that can make you feel happy and this happiness can cause you to be more talkative and giggly.

However, you may also feel a bit sleepy and tingly all over your body. Other side effects of using Sweet and Sour cannabis include a dry mouth, dizziness, and feeling a bit lazy.

Medical Benefits

Thanks to Sweet and Sour’s balanced cannabinoid content, this cannabis has been used by many to alleviate pain. This is because the low THC content is enough to numb your body so you can no longer feel the pain. This makes Sweet and Sour widely used by those suffering with chronic pain like back pain.

Sweet and Sour is also popular among users with depression and low moods. This is because using Sweet and Sour makes you feel extremely relaxed and happy after taking some.

Some users have reported feeling unlifted and euphoric but the low cannabinoid content should keep you grounded to avoid any trippy effects.

This makes Sweet and Sour a popular cannabis to be used by those with depression as they can feel more uplifted without likely being affected by a crazy trip.

This strain of cannabis can also make you feel sleepy, so many also use Sweet and Sour to help with insomnia as it makes you feel tired and helps you slip off to sleep. Sweet and Sour is used to help with seizures and migraines.

Strain Review

There is no denying that Sweet and Sour cannabis is incredibly useful to those suffering from medical issues. This strain offers so many different medical benefits that it is widely recommended to many people who are in need of an uplift and more.

If you suffer from depression, then Sweet and Sour can help improve your mood. If you are suffering from sleep depravity, then Sweet and Sour can help you drift off to sleep. If you are in constant pain, then Sweet and Sour can help numb it.

Sweet and Sour has all of these benefits without taking you down a crazy trip that leaves you more anxious than when you started. Of course, everyone experiences different highs and there are side effects that can spoil your experience.

However, if you are in desperate need of something to help with your medical issues, this is still the strain of cannabis to try.

If you are just looking for a good and steady high, then Sweet and Sour does provide that. It is a delicious blend of both sweet and sour (duh!) that makes it a stand out against other strains of cannabis.

The high of Sweet and Sour starts with you feeling uplifted and happy, added with an increased focus and energy. However these effects will start to settle and you will dip into a more relaxing sensation than can induce couch lock. This makes this strain of cannabis ideal for not just those with medical issues, but those in search for a good gentle high too.

Sweet and Sour is a grounded high that still lets you feel elevated and lifted without doing overboard. It is a great beginner strain to use for your first high so you can gently wean your way up to more stronger strains of cannabis.

All in all, Sweet and Sour is a great strain of cannabis to use as it has a bunch of medical benefits and will give you a gentle high that won’t be too much for you to handle. However, when it comes to growing Sweet and Sour, things may be very different.

Strain Grow Info

Very little information is available about growing Sweet and Sour as it is a pretty rare strain of cannabis. This may be because a lot of growers don’t think it is worth growing as Sweet and Sour typically produces a moderate yield and is considered to be difficult to grow.

Sweet and Sour can grow as tall as 6 feet, making it only suitable for outdoor growing, and requires a lot of topping and trimming. This means that Sweet and Sour should be grown by experienced growers who have had regular practice of maintaining and taming a plant.

Strain Seeds

Feminised Sweet and Sour seeds are easily available to purchase online. Sweet and Sour seeds can be planted both indoor and outdoors, but it is recommended to be planted outsid unless you have enough room inside.

Strain Flowering Time

Sweet and Sour cannabis typically flowers during late September or early October when grown outdoors at around 49-63 days (8 to 10 weeks to mature).

Strain Yield

Sweet and Sour offers a moderate yield (around 14 ounces or more per plant) and can take seven weeks to mature and fully develop.

Although this is a lot shorter than some strains, the quick maturing time is counterbalanced by the moderate yield. This makes a lot of growers question whether or not it is worth growing Sweet and Sour due to the lower yield when compared to more bountiful cannabis plants.

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