Super Sour OG Strain Review

For most of us, the best type of marijuana gives us a euphoric high and tapers off into a destressing relaxant. If that sounds like your perfect evening, too, then you should look at the well-balanced Super Sour OG.

Super Sour OG Strain Review

As you can guess from the name, this cannabis is super sour in both taste and fragrance. It has a lemony scent with a touch of diesel coupled with the delicious taste of blueberries and sweets.

These little nugs have so much packed into them that it’s unsurprising how popular they have become.


Super Sour OG’s potency is moderate to high, with a THC content of between 18% and 19%. Which means it will have a strong ability to help you relieve some stress.

In fact, Super Sour is amazing at reducing your pain too, which is why it is often recommended for those who have chronic pain disorders.

What Is Super Sour OG Strain?

Super Sour OG was created from three other strains, which is quite rare. These strains were Blueberry, Sour Diesel, and OG Kush. 

How Was Super Sour OG Developed

Blueberry is a super relaxing marijuana with a delightful blueberry flavor. It creates a wonderful sense of happiness while also relieving you of pain.

OG Kush is also a great stress reliever, which helps with depression and insomnia. Its scent is lemony, but the flavors are earthy. Growers tend to have a lot of issues with this strain, as it needs hot and tropical climates to survive. 

As you might expect, Sour Diesel is where Super Sour OG has inherited its sour flavors. It is also a great stress reliever and anti-depressant.

Together, this combination shows how Super Sour had gained its flavor of sour but fruity tastes; had developed its medicinal properties for stress, depression, and pain relief; and it can do all of this while being harvested in an attainably warm and sunny location.


The sour flavor bursts into your mouth from the first toke of Super Sour OG, and it is enough to make your lips tense! After the first wave knocks you, you should notice a citrusy overtone with slight hints of diesel.

When you exhale, you should be able to taste the delicious blueberries inherited from the Blueberry strain, as well as a delicate hit of sweet honey.

Odor And Flavor

Again the sour element of Super Sour OG is more potent than any of the other fragrances in this strain. However, after the first inhale, you should notice a referencing crushed blueberry scent mixed in with the squeezed lemon aroma. 

As the drags continue, you’ll notice a citrusy scent, but if you break open a bud, the diesel smells with intensity. If you like to set the buds alight, then you’ll create a sweet berry aftertaste.

Physical appearance

With Super Sour OG, you should be looking at a bright green bud with yellows and oranges clumped in between. The nugs are tightly packed together to create a dense collection.

Weaved around the buds are bright orange hairs, which give the foliage some detailed textures. 

Grow Info

Super Sour OG has the kind of growth profile that every grower wants to see. It has very few fanned-out leaves, which means the air circulation is high, and the light circulation is increased.

With these two boxes ticked, you don’t need to care for the plant that much, or you can add more plants to your farm, which is especially good if you’re an indoor grower.

You might think that fewer leaves mean fewer buds, but Super Sour still creates the type of foliage which can allow in water, meaning you’ll receive a high produce count.

However, you need to keep an eye out for mold and mildew, which could otherwise stunt your crop growth. 

If you are an indoor farmer, then you can expect a very high yield of 64 oz per square meter, which you can harvest after around 8 to 10 weeks of the flowering period.

If growing outdoors is more your style, then you need to harvest around late October. You can expect a yield of 64 oz per plant, which is a ridiculously high outcome. 

Due to the low maintenance, high yield, and low space needed to grow Super Sour OG, it is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a cash-grab crop.


After two or three puffs, you can expect the uplifting high to take over. This means that new users should go slow and build up to the high gradually. 

Taking Super Sour OG in this conservative manner will allow you to experience a light and pleasant effect instead of a sense of euphoria which slaps you in the face.

Your change in behavior will be instant, and it will be noticeable. You will probably be smiling from ear-to-ear, as cheerful thoughts start to rush into your mind. This happiness will likely last for hours.

After about 1 and a half hours, you will notice a light pressure travel down your body, soothing your muscles until you are utterly relaxed.

Side Effects

Before you start this joyous occasion, you should have lots of water and lots of snacks available, as one side effect you might experience is an enlarged appetite.

Other common and more upsetting adverse reactions are dry eyes and dry mouth. Again this can be treated with drinking lots of water and keeping eye moisturizers nearby.

Medical Appointments

Judging from the ear-to-ear smiling, you have probably guessed already that it is an amazing strain for people diagnosed with depression, but because Super Sour OG also clears your mind, it is a great choice for PTSD and OCD too.

The anti-inflammatory effects mean it has surprising great results for users with gastrointestinal tract issues and chronic pain. 

Similar Strains

If you want to collect some other happy feeling strains, then we suggest Apples and Bananas, Blucifer, and Bootylicious.

Strain Cannabinoids

Super Sour OG is a perfect hybrid with a percentage of 50% Indica and 50% Sativa. This has given it a less than 1% CDB percentage and a THC content of 18% to 19%.

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