Super Glue Strain Review

Super Glue is the perfect name for this marijuana strain. Normally we use superglue to fix broken items and secure wobbly objects, but that’s not what we are trying to get at here.

Super Glue Strain Review

Super Glue isn’t going to fix any mental health issues, but it will glue you to your couch!


Super Glue has a moderate potency level with a THC content percentage of 18% – 23%, but the effects are super strong. This is due to Super Glue’s legendary heritage.

Super Glue’s parents are some of the most sought-after marijuana strains in the business, and this is what allows us to have such a chilled-out experience with every few negatives.

The parents in question are Afghani and Northern Lights!

What Is Super Glue Strain?

Super Glue is also known as Superglue and Superglue OG and was bred from Afghani, which is a power relaxant marijuana that would get 10 out of 10 on any chart.

It is also a massive euphoric and happy drug which is one reason why it is so loved. Super Glue’s other parent is Northern Lights which is just as relaxing, but you get an even bigger euphoric high from the cannabis. This is why the pairing is such an amazing combination.

How Was Super Glue Developed

As we said before, Super Glue was bred from two amazing relaxant marijuana strains, each poised to give you a massive uplift at the same time.

Combining these fantastic cannabis’ together allows Super Glue to have just as strong a relaxant as its parents, but with the combined flavors that the others don’t share. 


Afghani’s taste is spicy, floral, and sweet, whereas Northern Lights has a pine, earthy, and lemon flavor. Breeding these together has allowed Super Glue to develop the taste of woodiness, pine, citrus, and sweetness with a touch of diesel combined.

The merging flavors remind us of cleaning wooden furniture when the fresh citrusy scent touches the old and delicate wood.

Odor And Flavor

The addition of diesel might come as a surprise when you were expecting earthy and woody fragrances, but imagine going on a road trip through a heavily wooded area. That sense of escape has been transported into this powerfully relaxing strain. 

Physical Appearance

Super Glue has a surprisingly majestic appearance, it is a true sight to behold. It has a typical Indica presentation allowing it to be tall and slender. Super glue also has large spade-shaped flowers which cover the stems.

The leaves tightly curl and intertwine with the rust-colored hairs and thick trichomes of a frosty white.

The outcome is a pale green color, with wispy twisted hairs sprouting through the bud, adding texture and yellow vibrancy as it goes.

Grow Info

Super Glue is susceptible to mold, making it really hard to grow and keep clean from disease.

The reason for this vulnerability is because of their large colas. To get past this, you should try to ensure that your Super Glue has enough airflow to prevent mold from settling. 

The mold issue is Super Glue’s only real difficulty. It can grow super well in outdoor and indoor environments, and its large yielding capabilities make it a great crop to grow to make money. 

If you plan on growing Super Glue indoors, it should be ready to harvest after around 9 weeks. You should be able to yield 14-18 oz of Super Glue per square meter. That is an unusually high-yielding figure.

Outdoor growth is ordinarily ready for harvest in October and tends to bring a higher yield with it. Super Glue is no exception. You can expect produce of 14 – 22 oz per plant.


We wouldn’t recommend Super Glue to those of you who are new to marijuana; this is due to the strong effects that can begin quite rapidly.

It should take only a couple of moments for you to feel the intense hit of an uplifting feeling. The rush of the high will clear your mind to feel both happy and focused in whatever your day’s task is. 

Everything seems to be easy when that high hits, so you become super productive. After a while, Super Glue’s inherited relaxation agent will slowly be released, loosening up your tensions and leaving you utterly tranquil.

At this point, you might feel so relaxed that you have no desire to move. This is how Super Glue got its name.

Because of this extreme relaxing effect, you shouldn’t use Super Glue for its productivity abilities and just be happy that you somehow managed to clean the house before the calming feeling took over.

Side Effects

Super Glue has a nasty case of dry mouth. Just like its parents, you will be left with the constant need to drink water.

Because you will be so chilled out, the idea of moving to drink will seem like a nuisance, so we advise setting up a couple of water bottles near your couch before you light up the night. 

Other side effects include dry eyes, which can be reduced with a healthy hydration plan.

Medical Appointments

Because Super Glue is so relaxing and euphoric, it is an excellent choice for people who suffer from depression. It can also help insomniacs finally reach the sleep they are desperately needing.

Similar Strains

If you are hoping to get a marijuana strain that is just as relaxing, then apart from Afghani and Northern Lights, we would also recommend Girl Scout Cookies, Granddaddy Purple, and Jack Herer.

Strain Cannabinoids

With parents like Afghani and Northern Lights, it’s unsurprising that Super Glue has become a popular strain for people who want a different tasting but just as strong relaxant.

If you wanted to try experimenting with growing your own hybrids, we suggest choosing one of Super Glue’s parents to be part of the heritage. 

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