Strawberry Glue Strain Review

Strawberry Glue offers a sweet yet spicy flavor and provides a tingly and high-flying bodily sensation combined with a sense of tranquil calm and a hazy, unfocused happiness that will leave you with a dreamy smile on your face in no time. 

Strawberry Glue Strain Review

Strawberry Glue’s high THC content makes it popular for a range of medicinal purposes, and many people turn to this strain for relief from chronic pain and muscle spasms. 


With some phenotypes offering THC levels of 26%, Strawberry Glue is more potent than your average strain and will leave you flying high in a hazy happiness. For this reason, newbies are best to steer clear of Strawberry Glue until they’re a little more experienced.

This strain leaves you feeling uplifted, relaxed, and hazy, and may also trigger a tingly bodily sensation. Due to its haziness and high THC levels, Strawberry Glue is a popular choice among medical marijuana patients suffering from chronic pain.

What Is Strawberry Glue Strain?

This Californian hybrid is slightly indica leaning at 60% indica and 40% sativa. It combines aromatic notes of strawberry, diesel, and pine, and is known for its uplifting, yet slightly sedative effects, as some phenotypes have THC levels of over 25%.

For this reason, Strawberry Glue isn’t one for morning or daytime use if you need to be productive – it’s best for nighttime. 

How Was Strawberry Glue Developed?

Strawberry Glue was originally bred by Dark Horse Genetics in California. It’s a cross between the wildly popular GG4 (formerly Gorilla Glue #4) and Strawberry Diesel.

The Strawberry Glue strain has become super popular meaning it’s in high demand, but it can be found at dispensaries throughout Western and Central U.S., and seeds are also readily available from Dark Horse Genetics.


Strawberry Glue has a pretty complex and layered taste that combines sweet and spicy notes laced with a delicate touch of fruity strawberry. The strain delivers a super sweet and fruity strawberry flavor which is mingled with a savory diesel upon exhale.

Odor And Flavor

The aroma of this strain is similar to its flavor profile, offering hints of spice and earthy herbs and pine mingled with savory diesel and sweet berries, with an additional hint of citrus. 

Physical Appearance

Over half of Strawberry Glues buds’ surface area consists of thick clumps of bright-orange pistils amid short lime-green leaves. It also features golden trichome hairs with fuzzy streaks of yellow throughout the nuggets.

The nugs are also coated with a layer of thick frosty white crystal trichomes.

Grow Info

The Strawberry Glue plant has a medium-sized structure that grows up to 90-130 cm tall. It’s a convenient plant to grow as it can be grown inside and outside and doesn’t require a specific growing technique.

In the grow-op, some variety is to be expected, although most plants will complete the bloom cycle within 8–10 weeks.

It’s normal for Strawberry Glue to display some disparities in height and growth pattern, though a branchy, medium-sized Christmas tree structure is most common, with chunky, sugary, indica-dominant buds.

If grown outside, it’s usually ready for harvest in October and generates decent yields of 500-600 gr/m2. It has a medium growth difficulty so it’s best for growers with a little bit of experience under their belts. 


Although slightly indica-dominant, some people who have tried Strawberry Glue report that its effects are more sativa-like.

It usually provides an energetic euphoria, with cerebral stimulation, and while it can trigger free-flowing thought and open up the mind creatively, the potency of this strain can make linear activities or concentration difficult. 

It’s said to provide high-flying effects that provide hazy unfocused happiness in no time at all. It can provide a euphoric lift combined with a calming body tingle that keeps you grounded while your mind fades further and further into heady oblivion.

Side Effects

Due to its potency, Strawberry Glue has the potential to trigger paranoia due to its psychoactive power. It’s also reported to have a “creeper” effect so it can be overwhelming for some, and for this reason, it’s recommended that people start with a small dose and increase this incrementally.

Medical Appointments

While Strawberry Glue can open up the mind and wrap you in a comforting haze, it’s also earned an outstanding reputation for helping some medicinal marijuana users manage chronic pain, migraines, and menstrual cramps. 

It’s also preferred by some because it relieves pain and provides relaxation without the excessive heaviness or fatigue associated with many indica-dominant strains, which is why we mentioned earlier that some people describe Strawberry Glue’s effects as being more characteristic of sativa-dominant strains.

In fact, some consumers even prefer to use this strain in the morning. Its relaxing, tingling sensation may also help treat arthritis, chronic pain, and muscle spasms. 

Similar Strains

Hong Kong: a sativa-dominant cross between Sour Diesel and Sensi Star, this hybrid exhibits the smell and taste of Sour Diesel. Like Strawberry Glue, it has high THC levels. This strain is best used during the daytime and provides long-lasting energetic and uplifting effects.  

The Don Mega: this is an indica-dominant strain that crosses GMB (also known as Garlic Cookies) and Black Banana, which provides a strong and slightly stinky aroma of chem gym socks and garlic.

With a high THC content, this strain produces a balanced high and provides calming effects for both the body and mind. 

Frozen Grapes: An indica dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the delicious Mendo Breath and Platinum strains, Frozen Grapes provides a sense of lifted euphoria that takes you higher and higher.

It also provides a relaxing bodily high, and with THC levels averaging 22-26%, this strain is perfect for treating conditions such as chronic pain, cramps or muscle spasms, arthritis, insomnia, and chronic stress.

Strain Cannabinoids

  • THC: 20.18%
  • CBG-A: 0.29%
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