Strawberry Banana Strain

With thousands of cannabis strains available throughout the United States, and the use on a rise for adults in America according to a 2018 study, how do you know what kind of health benefits you could be receiving from these strains? 

Settle in to read everything you need to know on the Strawberry Banana Strain and what this strain could do for you. Or if it’s research on the strain for a family member or friend that you need, we’ve got you covered!

Considering the industry is estimated to be worth over 7 billion worldwide, it’s not surprising that globally the strains have benefitted so many people, and whilst information on cannabis strains can be overwhelming, let’s start with a brief history to ease you into it.

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Brief History

The origin of the cannabis plant dates back thousands of years in human history, mankind has had countless uses for the plants starting from spiritual and herbal to medical uses that are still used today.

Not all states across American have the use of cannabis strains legalized, however, more are being introduced to the idea of welcoming the plants for their benefits.


Our ancestors used herbs and plants of thousands of variants in their every life, whether that would be to enhance their lives or to advance their medical and health knowledge and understanding.

As much as life has changed since these times, our thirst for knowledge and benefits from the resources around us hasn’t altered much. 

We like to make the most out of what we can grow, whilst furthering our understanding of it. That’s just human nature.

What is Strawberry Banana?

Overall there are either pure or hybrid cannabis variants, and amongst these variants are three different species. Sativa, Indica and Ruderalis. The strawberry banana strain is compiled of 30% Sativa and 70% Indica under the hybrid variant.

Variants are developed based on factors such as taste, color, and the smell of the plants. The name reflects the qualities of the plants and is typically chosen by the people who grow the plants. 

Some cannabis plants are grown for their fiber content, however, most strains are grown for medical use and health benefits. 


The Strawberry Banana strain is mostly the love child of two-parent variants, one parent, Bubble Gum, has been bred and selected from a company called serious seeds.

The mother parent, Banana Kush, is a more fruity strain that’s highly popular on the west coast, developed by a family-run farm, Crockett Family. 

So, the female Banana Kush developed together with the male parent, Bubble Gum, created the Strawberry Banana strain that has won the Best Hybrid Flower awards in 2015. 

There’s no surprise it won this award based on the outstanding positive effects, including creativity and peaceful awareness that it’s popular for. 

World Ranking

With Regards to THC content, different labs have tested from 25% up to %32% THC content within the Strawberry Banana strain, making it high up there in terms of what is expected of strain variants rankings. 

Now, what is THC? 

It’s all good and well to have an award-winning rank in its field, but to you and me more context is needed to understand this terminology and why it’s so important with strains. 

Long story short, it stands for Tetrahydrocannabidiol, which is the molecule and ingredient found in cannabis plants that is responsible for the long list of therapeutic effects that specifically, because we love the flavor of strawberry banana anyways, is another reason why the Strawberry Banana strain is so popular. 

There’s a reason it’s called Strawberry Banana!

Common Effects

This strain is quite universal for its positive effects, the main being:

  • Calming
  • Euphoria
  • Sleep
  • Relaxation
  • Uplifting
  • Sedation

Much like the taste that the name suggests, this relaxing high heightens the senses and floods creativity into the user.

Many patients who have lost their appetites have reported a joyous return of appetites, however always consult your doctor or GP on any medications you’re taking to be on the safe side. Everybody reacts differently to strains like Strawberry Banana, look after yourself first!

Side Effects

Sleepiness and drowsiness often occur when the calming effects have worn off, so just be aware of this and do future you a favor, in being seated on a bed or comfortable chair where your mind can remain at ease with the original effects without the worry of dowsing off in a safe environment!

Patients and users of this strain have reported possible mouth and eye dryness occurring, however, this can be controlled easily through the use of eye drops and plenty of fluids, so just be prepared. 

Medical Benefits

Many people have reported similar benefits of using the Strawberry Banana strain on conditions such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, insomnia, and chronic pain.

And because of the THC and low CBD content, it’s ideal for those who struggle with concentration and sleeping disorders. 

Anxiety and Depression

The mind is such a powerful organ and because this strain has such powerful effects, it’s ideal when used in the correct environment and when using mindful safety measures. 

Insomnia and Appetite Loss

If struggling with sleep and appetite is something you just can’t find a solution for, maybe the Strawberry Banana strain is for you.

Once the uplifting effects come down, the drowsiness may help give you the sleep you need, as well as the ability to bring a lost appetite back to life!


The Strawberry Banana strain has been proven to sharpen the senses and boost creativity within the mind which can be such a rewarding experience for ADHD and other attention disorder users.

If using it frequently is your thing or if it isn’t, this strain can be controlled in usage to suit your specific needs. 

Chronic Pain

Overall, the strain has been successful in aiding users who suffer from chronic headaches, and as those users know and understand, any form of temporary relief is appreciated.

However, do be aware that not every strain works for everyone. Our minds are so powerful and intricate that it would be impossible to understand and develop a strain that can work for everyone and all issues.

Not everything is 100% effective, so if the Strawberry Banana strain doesn’t work for you, something else might!


The green buds look a lot like slightly modified popcorn of the future! The shades of purple, white, and orange throughout the budding plant are what makes it so interesting in color, there’s no plant quite like it. 


Whilst the appearance sounds strange and alluring, the taste lives up to the Strawberry Banana name. The plant is bursting with fruity, sweet flavors that highlight the banana segment well. It’s like a smoothie with benefits!

Strawberry Banana Growth

Strawberry Banana Growth

Out of all the strains, the Strawberry Banana strain is one of the best choices if you wish to grow your own independently rather than buying from a reliable seller. If it’s safer for you to grow your own, then be sure that Strawberry Banana is a good choice. 

One option available is to take a clipping of a successfully grown Strawberry Banana plant, this would enable you to grow a healthy and mature plant that you know is safe to use. The plant thrives well indoors and outdoors so is resilient enough to be sure it’s a good choice to grow.

Growing outside requires humid temperatures, and growing inside is a reliable option because the plant only grows to around a medium height.

It is highly recommended to shock the plant by exposing it to cold and warm temperatures which exposes this beautiful purple color amongst the leaves!

A huge amount of successful companies online sell their own Strawberry Banana strain seeds which for individuals who are unable to gain access to them otherwise, is beneficial in making them fair for everyone to access. 

However, like most online purchases and especially of these types of strains, just be aware of who you’re buying from and make sure it’s a reliable and safe company.

Overall Review

Overall because of the CBD properties, if the physical ailment is more what you’re looking for, maybe stay away from this strain.

However, the Strawberry Banana strain has endless other medical benefits as we’ve been through and if kicking back and unwinding your body and mind spiritually is for you. Why not give it a shot?

Use what you feel comfortable using, if you have any apprehensions about any of the strains be sure to just make sure you know your stuff! Being safe is what’s important.

So, whatever use you may have for cannabis strains such as Strawberry Banana, use it with confidence that you have all the knowledge and understanding you need to get the best benefits out of it. And if anyone asks why you use it, just tell them that it’s human nature!

Just like our ancestors before us, engaging in the environment and planet’s natural resources will always have positive health benefits when used correctly.

The Strawberry Banana strain brings out that spiritual connection that we all want a bit more of!

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