Cannabis Daily Record Has Acquired State Of Marijuana – Everything You Need To Know

Here at Cannabis Daily Records, we want to give our readers all of the information they need when it comes to marijuana. State of Marijuana was aiming to do the same thing, and we loved what they were putting out there. 

We were so impressed with their content that we wanted to combine forces. And now we have some news! Drum roll, please …. we are happy to announce the acquisition of State Of Marijuana!

If you came here wondering where to get your reviews now, have no fear. The detailed reviews can be found on our website!

Who Are Cannabis Daily Record?

Our aim is to give you all the information you might need on cannabis. Anyone getting started with the medicinal and beneficial plant can easily become overwhelmed with the amount of choice and difference that each strain can provide.

To make things easier, we have done the research for you. We can explain each bud’s appearance, flavor, aroma, side effects, and medical benefits, so you feel confident in what you are buying.

Which Strain For Which Medical Issue?

Not all medical issues are the same. If you use one pill to help with your anxiety, that doesn’t mean it will benefit your chronic pain. The same goes for cannabis. However, unlike traditional western medicine, there isn’t just one option either. There are multiple choices for you to click through, some with more complimentary side effects than others.

We have figured out which strains are best at helping you with specific issues, while at the same time giving you detailed information about the experience you can expect when smoking.

Which Cannabis Strain For Pain Relief?

One of the biggest reasons to use marijuana is to dull down pain. We have a whole article dedicated to finding you the right strain for pain, whether it is chronic, menstrual cramps, or muscle aches. 

Blue Dream

One of our suggestions is to use Blue Dream. It has a high THC percentage which is perfect for alleviating headaches, chronic pain, and tension caused by fatigue.  

However, if you also suffer from mental health issues or seizures, then you may want to avoid Blue Dream. This is because of its low CBD content.


If you need a strain that can relax you and not trigger any mental health concerns, then we suggest using the Lavender strain instead. It is an Indica dominant strain which is perfect for relaxation. This calming effect can relieve headaches, muscle aches, and stronger pains like migraines. It is also used to help battle insomnia.

Don’t be surprised if you become unable to move from your coach, though. This strain is known as a “couch-lock,” meaning you won’t be able to do any tasks when the effects kick in.

Jack Herer

If you need to stay up and energized after taking a toke, then try the Jack Herer strain. The high THC levels keep you alert with a splash of euphoric feelings. The sensation is rather intense, which is the perfect distraction from chronic pain. It also helps with anxiety and PTSD for the same reason.

This strain won’t relax you, but it can power you through the day.


Of course, there are many more strains that can help you with pain, and there might be one that fits your needs perfectly. You’ll have to read our article to find out more.

Which Cannabis Strain For Anxiety?

The second biggest reason for medical marijuana is to soothe those with anxiety. Many strains can help with anxiety. By using our information, you can narrow down your options to find something to suit you.

Granddaddy Purple

When it comes to anxiety, most marijuana shops will point you towards Granddaddy Purple. It’s a heavy Indica strain that is perfect for helping you reach peak chill. The feelings take you out of your body and allow you to disconnect from your pain, nervousness, discomfort, and anxiety.

Northern Lights

If you already know a little bit about the cannabis world, you’ll have heard about Northern Lights. It is an iconic strain often used to breed new varieties. The Indica dominance in the bud allows you to reach pure relaxation to stop your mind racing. 

You can expect that classic couch-lock side effect as your body and mind sink into a restful state. We recommend Northern Lights for anxiety, pain, and insomnia.

Chocolate Chunk

If flavor means a lot to you, then your sweet tooth can be soothed as well as your mind when you take a puff of Chocolate Chunk. Its cocoa flavor is immediately recognizable, as the Indica dominance puts you into a sedative trance.

Unlike the other strains in this recommendation, Chocolate Chunk also has high THC levels. This can give you a feeling of euphoria as you drift into a slumber.


Again there are more strains that we would recommend, including Blue Dream, which we have mentioned before. But for now, we are only giving you a teaser.

Which Cannabis Strain For PTSD?

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a serious mental health issue that covers a lot of struggles a person may face, from insomnia to anxiety, low productivity to an inability to focus.

We have already gathered a big list of strains to help with PTSD symptoms, but there is one in particular that we think should be noted. That strain is Pineapple Express.

Pineapple Express is an extremely famous strain that is most commonly used for those who manage PTSD and other trauma-related mental health issues. The high THC content creates an uplifting feeling that powers you and gives you energy. 

This is perfect for times when you need a mood boost or require a rush of productivity.

However, that powerful energetic feeling is coupled with a relaxing sensation which helps with sleep. This means it is a well-balanced strain.

When it comes to flavor, as the name suggests, you can expect a fruity and tangy taste while also experiencing a woody aroma.

The Best Cannabis To Grow

Depending on where you are in the world, you may be able to grow your own collection. Or perhaps you’re trying to set up a business and need to know which strains are best to start your collection with. Either way, we have information to help you on your journey.

Best Indoor Cannabis Strains

There are multiple great indoor strains that you can grow, including Northern Lights and Jack Herer, but we want to focus on Girl Scout Cookies.

Girl Scout Cookies is an Indica dominant strain but only by a small percentage. 40% of the plant is Sativa which creates a THC content of around 20%. This means that you can expect a great balance of euphoria and relaxation from the strain – making it a great first strain to keep in stock.

You can expect the plant to either stay short or reach a maximum medium height, if the space allows it. It is also resistant to low temperatures, making it great for growing zones that cannot afford lots of heaters. 

It can also grow well in hydroponics and without a lot of treatment, making it perfect for new growers and small areas. It’s resistant to mildew and pests can help you keep the plant healthy while you are figuring out the mechanics of your yield.

Best Outdoor Cannabis Strains

Growing your cannabis outdoors comes with more variables than indoors. For one, you need to plant in the right climate conditions (usually a hot environment), and secondly, you need to be aware of pests and mildew that can rot or eat the plant.

We have a list of the best outdoor strains to grow, but ideally, you have intense knowledge in the area before you take the leap.

Popular Strains To Consider

To give you a sense of the reviews we have created, here are just a few of the articles we have available. If you want more details than our teasers give, click on the links to find out more.

Afghan Goo

Also known as Afgoo, the Afghan Goo strain gives you a quick high from your first puff. This is because of the high THC content of 23%. It tastes woody and spicy while offering an almost fruity scent.

You can expect a strong sense of happiness, but you might experience dry mount too.

Amnesia OG

Amnesia OG can have a varied THC level with a medium strength of 20% or a powerful hit of 27%. It tastes fruity and sweet, which eventually deepens to a spicy flavor. You can expect a relaxing experience, but take too much, and you might trigger paranoia and lightheadedness.

Black Cherry Kush

Black Cherry Kush is exceptionally well balanced with a 50% Sativa and 50% Indica ratio. As the name suggests, you will get a fruity flavor followed by a smokey depth. Black Cherry is great for pain relief, but it can cause dizziness.

Blackberry Cream

Blackberry Cream is another strain with a reasonably high THC level, this time averaging 25%. We wouldn’t recommend it for first-timers. The flavor is sweet like vanilla with a creamy texture, but you can also expect an earthy, spicy undertone.

Blackberry Cream is a great choice for those managing depression and stress, but you might experience dry eyes and dry mouth.

Blue Diesel

The THC levels of Blue Diesel aren’t as strong as the others we have mentioned, but we still wouldn’t suggest it for beginners.

You can expect notes of diesel and blueberry to create a smokey and fruity finish. It is excellent for those managing high-stress levels, but it can cause dry eyes and dry mouth. 

Critical Jack

This incredible strain was created through breeding Jack Herer and Critical Plus, and it is very quickly taking over in popularity. 

You can expect a floral flavor mixed with fruity undertones from Critical Jack. It is a great choice for those managing appetite loss and depression, but it can cause dry eyes.

Dirty Girl

Dirty Girl is a powerful strain that can wake you up and energize you. Many people say that it even creates arousal from a puff.

You can expect a lemon candy flavor with notes of pineapple and citrus. It is great for managing depression, stress, and insomnia, but it will almost certainly cause dry mouth.

Grapefruit Kush

As you can expect from the name, Grapefruit Kush has a fruity taste with a tangy sharpness. It is great for reducing chronic pain, but it may cause paranoia or anxiety. This is especially true for new smokers.

Hard Candy

Hard Candy has a typical sweet flavor without any fussing around. Some people say they can taste chestnut and pine too, but for us, the sweet flavor dominates. This strain is great for anti-inflammatory needs as well as battling chronic pain.

It is often recommended for those with Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis. However, you can expect dry mouth as a side effect.

Holy Grail

The Holy Grail has a lemony flavor with hints of honeysuckle, but it smells like wildflowers. It is great at helping those who suffer from nausea and migraines but can cause paranoia and dry mouth in some users.

Jedi OG

Jedi OG is known for its skunky aftertaste and dark flavors. It has a pungent scent that can be recognized by most people from afar. Jedi OG is great for helping those with muscle spasms, PTSD, and chronic pain. However, it may make your eyes itchy.

Lemon Diesel

Want something sweet and heavy? Try Lemon Diesel. It has a harsh chemical scent mixed with a zesty tingle on your tongue. This strain is often used to relieve stress, but you may experience dizziness.

Northern Diesel

We have already talked about Northern Lights; now imagine those flavors and benefits mixed with Sour Diesel! What we are talking about is Northern Diesel! It tastes of light citrus kicks but with a deep diesel undertone.

You can expect it to help you with stress and anxiety, but it may cause dry mouth.


Love the smell of cigarette smoke? Adore the aroma of the gas station? Try Motorbreath! It tastes of diesel, although you will get a balancing flavor of herbs too. It’s great for creating a chilled experience, so be prepared for couch-lock.

OG Chem

OG Chem has a strong diesel flavor, but it has intense piney notes too. The smell can make some users gag, but if you love that gas taste, you’ll love OG Chem. It has a relaxing quality and can promote creativity, but you may find it causing dizziness.

Purple Chemdawg

The Chemdawg element of Purple Chemdawg gives this strain a diesel flavor, but the Granddaddy Purple heritage creates a juicy grape taste.

This is a wonderful strain for those managing stress, but it can cause dry mouth and mild headaches.

Purple Diesel

Again we have another diesel flavored strain, and this time it has a hint of sweet berries. Purple Diesel can help those with PTSD and depression, but it can cause dry mouth and couch-lock too.

Royal Kush

Royal Kush has a sweet flavor mixed with a strong earthy taste. It can help those managing anxiety and PTSD, but it can cause dry eyes and dry mouth.

Sour Patch

Sour Patch has a sweet taste similar to berries with an overall coating of earthy pine. It helps those struggling with depression as the energy-lifting feeling can pull you out of a fog. However, you may experience snackiness and paranoia. 


We are very excited to see how our website changes and adapts with State of Marijuana under our wing. But our information on strain reviews is already prepared for you to read! 

Browse through our information and start learning all about the amazing flavors, medical benefits, and beautiful colors in these plants.