Sour Patch Strain Review

You know what they say, right? Candy is dandy but there’s nothing like the Mary Jane train, and what sweeter strain to climb on board with than some good old fashioned Sour Patch.

Sour Patch Strain Review

Only it’s not so traditional – Also known as Sour Patch Kids and, occasionally – to avoid trademark – SPK – this sativa dominant treat might be sugary, but it has a pungent diesel punch that will revolutionize your next session. 


In the same way that Sour Patch Kids are actually pretty tame in their cheek-sucking flavor, its marijuana namesake’s 18-21% THC range is fairly moderate.

Very very enjoyable for those with some tolerance, but equally safe for a relative beginner to try, you’ll certainly want to pass a joint of this around at a party.

What Is Sour Patch Strain

As a beautiful hybrid, SPK is a sativa dominant strain at 60%/40% – the primary effects of smoking some include becoming very giggly and rather talkative, with a rush of good feelings that leave you feeling relaxed without ending up over tired.

Don’t get it mixed up with its sister strain, Sour Patch Kiss, though – that sexy little number was concocted by Elev8 Seeds in their attempts to develop the most productive bud possible, which many of its fans believe they have achieved as it offers laser-like focus after just a few puffs.

How Was Sour Patch Developed?

When the legends over at Dark Heart Nursery experimented in cross-breeding Sour Diesel and Candyland – two already popular strains –  to create Sour Patch, they clearly didn’t realize just how successful the dank results would be.

Candyland is itself a hybrid from San Francisco, combining Granddaddy Purple and Bay Platinum Cookies to make a golden-haired sativa dominant (70%/30%) that’s coated with sugary trichomes, which inspired its punny name.

The other parent, Sour Diesel, also comes from cross breeding two strains – Chemdawg and Super Skunk. As you can imagine, this similarly sativa dominant strain is dreamy and energizing, with a strong skunky scent to match.


As sweet as its name suggests, it’s agreed that the predominant notes when smoking Sour Patch are sweet, berry-like ones, though there’s also an underlying earthiness that isn’t entirely unpleasant.

In combination, it’s a bit like fruit that’s only just been picked. All in all, it’s certainly one of the better tasting strains out there.

Odor And Flavor

Don’t be fooled by its sugary title: this strain is very much strong and sour, with a powerful diesel flavor and biting lemony kicks. The smells wafting from a nice bowl, joint or dab of SPK are as happy go lucky as your mood will be once you take a hit.

Reminiscent of a passionfruit and just a little bit spicy too, it’s like smoking in a tropical paradise! 

Physical Appearance

With small, round nugs that are nice and dense and a vibrant lime green in color, Sour Patch Kids looks just as inviting as its candy equivalent.

Covered in thin burnt orange hair, and then coated all over with thick trichomes in a shiny amber hue, this is a truly beautiful nug that proves the best things really do come in small, sweet packages.

Grow Info

Sadly, if you’re new to the weed growing game, you don’t want to start with Sour Patch Kids.

It’s a bit trickier than some strains to grow, though it does yield between two and three ounces per plant when you’re growing outside and between one and two ounces for every square foot if grown inside.

Stretching up nice and tall like its plant parent Sour Diesel, you’ll need plenty of room to accommodate the spindly stems.

It should take around eight weeks to fully flower and then be ready to harvest a week or two after that – be prepared to use some smell-proofing strategies if you’ve got nosy neighbors or it’s illegal where you live, as things can get stinky very fast! 


SPK is one of those funny strains that seems to affect people differently depending on the smoker.

Whilst the majority of people who enjoy a toke of Sour Patch find themselves primarily relaxed and eventually pretty sleepy, you might also have a few stoners who also get a burst of happy energy.

Either way, it’s going to be a good time, where you feel at peace and can enjoy some good conversation – though don’t be alarmed if you start chatting nonsense after a little while!

Side Effects

Though there aren’t any known obvious side effects for smoking Sour Patch specifically, as with all marijuana consumption, indulging in too much for your own tolerance level is always a bad idea.

You might end up feeling anxious or paranoid after excessively enjoying SPK, as well as experiencing dry mouth and sometimes dry eyes. Just be sure to toke in moderation and always stop if you feel you’re a little too stoned.

Have plenty of snacks and drinks on hand when you’re planning a session, too, as those always help to soak up overuse.

Medical Appointments

Containing 1.1% CBD, which is more than the average strain, as well as being quite moderate in strength, Sour Patch makes a great medicinal bud for those in need.

It’s said to alleviate fatigue, migraines and headaches, stress and chronic pain, as well as helping to shift the fog when you’re struggling with depression.

For mental and physical health, this is a great strain in particular, as it should soothe your aches and pains and quiet your loud brain without accidentally making your existing anxieties any worse.

Similar Strains

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  • Sour Patch Kiss
  • Green Crack
  • Durban Poison

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a nice strain you can smoke a few j’s of without getting overwhelmed and whilst enjoying a subtly sweet flavor, Sour Patch is the one for you.

Long-term stoners might need to grind a bit more to really feel it, but for beginners you’ll only need a couple of hits to really feel the benefit.

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