Sour Grapefruit Strain

For those who are familiar with sour candy and particularly like them (especially when high) then this strain could be one of your favorites. With a healthy dose of THC, this hybrid, mostly sativa with some indica mixed in, is perhaps the perfect strain for those who want to relax, then get stuff done afterwards or for if you don’t want to be couch locked all day.

At an initial review we can see this juicy strain provides the user with a nice relaxing mellow high followed with a nice burst of energy and a refreshing taste.

Sour Grapefruit Strain

Strain History


When we have a look at the origins of this strain, we can see that it’s a 70% sativa hybrid, meaning the other 30% is indica. So, this will give the user a the nice heady high rather than the sleeping relaxing.


This particular strain was developed by crossing Thai Sativa and Cinderella 99. Cinderella 99 is birthed from Shiva Skunk and Jack Herer, and itself is 85% sativa offering the nice spacy high whilst allowing the smoker to find some energy in the head.

The Thai Sativa is an original strain coming from Thailand where most of the natural plants that grow there are typically Sativa.

Strain Appearance

This strain doesn’t come in a super dense bud, it is often regarded as light and fluffy and comes in a cone shape.

The bud comes in a nutritious light earthy green and has peachy, orange pistils and people have often said for the plant to have a little hint of purple around it every now and then. When inspecting its appearance, the setting it’s grown in affects it.

If grown indoors you shouldn’t expect the plant to get any taller than three feet, but if grown in the correct conditions you can expect the plant to bloom beyond this.

Strain Flavor

Now previously mentioned this strain is good for those who enjoy the bitter sour taste of sour candies, so obviously this has that similar effect on the taste buds, making you salivate just thinking about it.

Being called ‘Sour Grapefruit’ we obviously need to address the similarities between that and the fruit, this strain has that bitter, sugary taste that is enjoyed when eating the fruit with the citrus, acid hit to follow it.

For those experienced smokers who note that nearly every strain has that earthy element to it, this one could be different with the pallet full of all the aforementioned flavors you will barely notice that earthy feel.

Strain Aroma

The most noticed aromas when smelling this strain are the wonderful citrus grapefruit scent to match the associated flavors. Due to its super pleasant taste and aromas surrounding it this one will get your mouth watering.

Strain Cannabinoids

Reported lab data shows that the containing cannabinoids are THC at 25.4% and CBC at 1.2%. with a THC content sitting in the mid 20’s we can tell that this strain is plenty strong and will definitely get you to the right level of high.

Although it’s only hitting a 1.2% CBC level, this is very high, and is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid which can potentially have an anti-depressant effect.

Strain Terpene

The listed terpenes in this strain are limonene, beta caryophyllene, alpha humulene and alpha pinene. Limonene brings that citrus like aroma and is known for elevating moods and stress relief. The beta caryophyllene terpene is helpful with medical benefits as it’s a known anti-inflammatory and helps with pain relief.

Alpha humulene brings the earthy, wood-like aroma (even if it’s overpowered) and is also very helpful with pain and stress relief due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Alpha pinene comes again with that fruity aroma which will draw you away from the earthy tones and has the added medical benefit that can help with some serious medical issues.

Strain Side Effects

As previously mentioned, this strain is a high percentage sativa, so this is going to give you that nice burst of energy along with that heady high feeling.

The majority of users reported feelings happier than normal, energetic, and very uplifted. With the previously mentioned terpenes we can see that these effect line up perfectly with the chemical ingredients.

Due to this strain’s high THC percentage you’re definitely going to feel the impact of Sour Grapefruit, however, thanks to it being energizing sativa you don’t have to worry about getting too comfy with where you are, this wont glue you to your couch, it could give you the kick you needed to finally be productive (If smoked in the correct amounts).

Now we see that it has positive effects. We can see how it affects the mood of the smokers. A good percentage of users have said that this strain helps them with stress, depression, and anxiety. By having a closer look at the terpenes in this strain we can see how that would be achieved.

As most people who study marijuana and experienced smokers will know how this helps them to control and develop their state of mind. It wouldn’t be fair to bang on about this strain like there’s nothing wrong with it, as with everything in the drug related world there can be some negative side effects, luckily in moderation these can be avoided or are minor issues.

Looking at dry mouth for example, this is common among all strains and can be an easy fix with a glass of water. Dry eyes being reported, but another simple fix is eye drops, these are super easy and cheap to get hold of for those who plan to smoke frequently and might experience this more than desired.

Due to this one being a heady high, people did report dizzy feelings, now in moderation this can be avoided, or by not smoking it as fast and taking slightly longer breaks between tokes.

Medical Benefits

Two of the biggest medical benefits we see from smoking tend to be pain relief and insomnia. Everyone associates weed with being a sedative drug and even the sativa can be considered this if the user consumes a large amount. However, this can be considered a good method to relax and fall into a nice deep sleep especially if the person is having trouble falling asleep.

As mentioned before with all the terpenes in this strain it is super good for pain relief, this is because it has so many anti-inflammatory properties in it. The anti-inflammatory benefits help with muscle and joint pain allowing the consumer to feel more relaxed. There are obviously some mental benefits as well, helping with anxiety and depression.

Another one not spoken about as much is when smoking sativa such as this one it can help with things like ADHD and ADD, both to do with attention as with its heady high it allows the smoker to gain a narrower focus rather than getting constantly distracted.

Strain Review

As far as strains go, this one seems to be the ideal sativa, it has plenty of reports saying that the energizing heady high it provides is perfect for those who want the initial high and relaxing feeling of smoking, but don’t want to become couch locked.

This strain can help with productivity and still let you get on with your day to day, whilst adding benefits of reducing stress and anxiety (when smoking in moderation).

Most user reports recommend this strain due to its high THC content so you either get a good bud or you get good bang for your buck.

Strain Grow Information

Strain Seeds

The good thing about these seeds is they can be grown indoors and outdoors, however if grown indoors, the plant does not reach much height and therefore less yield. The seeds come in at a high THC content and a low CBD content with THC reaching the mid 20% and CBD coming in at around 0.2%.

Strain Flowering Time

The flowering time of this strain depends on the conditions the flower is grown in. If grown outdoors the plant needs to be subject to 80 degrees and about 50% humidity, with these conditions you’ll be looking at 60-70 days flowering time and a nice big yield. When grown inside a much smaller yield and around the same flowering time.

Strain Yield

When grown outdoors in decent conditions and the wait of 60-70 days you can expect to take around 25 ounces of plant which is a high yield.

However, when grown indoors, expect much less, this is due to its smaller stature, and you’ll be looking to take home approximately 14 ounces per square meter planted. This can all be affected by your chosen grow methods as these will be impactful so choose carefully considering your location, time of year and the optimal conditions you can provide for your plant.

Final Thoughts

This strain comes across as a classic, the typical strain to smoke, particularly on those days where you don’t have much to do but still want the option of not being glued to the couch, perfect for a ‘wake and bake’. However, as always when trying, taking, or experimenting with drugs, always be careful and make sure it’s done in moderation.

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