Snowcap Strain Review

Snowcap is an all around popular strain, with fans appreciating everything from the taste to the effect. Good for daytime usage, the motivating high can be particularly enjoyable for creative types. The citrus and herbal flavor only adds to the smooth feeling Snowcap provides.

Snowcap Strain Review

If you’re interested in trying Snowcap, the high popularity makes it a good one to source. Be careful though. This is a deceptively potent strain. The giggly high can give way to paranoia and anxiety when used improperly.

For most, Snowcap hits just right. Strong enough to keep you going, and mellow enough to keep you calm. Even inexperienced users should find it relatively easy to handle.


Snowcap has a mid to high potency, with a THC level of 20-25%. However, this is rounded out by the CBD level, which is roughly 4%. The CBD mellows the THC, making this a strain that’s good for daytime use.

It can motivate, rather than putting you to sleep. Creative types find Snowcap a good strain to use before working. It won’t stick you to the couch, so anyone looking for a morning strain should give Snowcap a try.

What Is Snowcap Strain?

Snowcap, sometimes known as Snocap or Sno Cap, is a balanced hybrid strain with an uplifting effect. With fairly high levels of THC, it brings feelings of creative euphoria, soothed by a good level of CBD. Proper usage of Snowcap leaves you motivated, but relaxed.

How Was Snowcap Developed?

The development of Snowcap is something that’s shrouded in mystery. Exactly where it came from remains unknown. While most agree that it’s a hybrid of Humboldt Snow, there’s some disagreement about the other parent.

Potentially a Haze cut, even if no one’s totally sure which. Honestly, who cares about the history when the outcome is this good. This is a balanced hybrid: 50% Sativa, 50% Indica.


The first taste you get from Snowcap is a delicate pine. Next comes the sharp tang of citrus, specifically sweet lemon. This mellows into a deep and earthy fruit flavor.

Finally, there’s a slight mint bite. This menthol flavor lingers, giving a soft cooling sensation to the finish. The taste is smooth and layered, complex in its mixture of delicacy. Snowcap has a completely unique flavoring, and it’s ideal for those who prefer a classic herbal and earthy strain.

Odor And Flavor

Imagine a wooden bowl of citrus fruits in a warm patch of sunlight – that’s the kind of aroma you can expect from Snowcap. It’s the sort of smell that draws you in, and many users find it irresistible.

The bright highs of citrus are given depth with the earth undertones and the hints of pine. It’s an intensely pungent aroma, and the kind that lingers for long after the last exhale.

Snowcap has some pretty passionate followers, and many of them insist the odor and flavor is a big part of what keeps them coming back.

Physical Appearance

Snowcap looks a bit like a tiny Christmas tree, only less brightly colored. The green is a faded tone, mixed with lots of muted yellows. It’s scattered with thick orange hairs, and covered in a fairly light coating of white trichomes. Snowcap is dense rather than wide, giving it a slow burn.

Grow Info

The good news is that this popular strain is relatively easy to grow. Snowcap can be cultivated both indoors and out, although it prefers the dry heat of a Mediterranean climate. Inside, it should be ready to flower in 9 to 10 weeks.

Outside, expect to harvest in mid-October. It has a decent yield, but does grow pretty tall. Be sure to give plenty of headroom. The bad news is that finding seeds for Snowcap is practically impossible. You’re much more likely to find clones.


People love Snowcap for its unique high. First, you’ll feel it in the brain. The head becomes lifted, a cerebral high that comes with lots of laughter and smiles. Then the effects start to move throughout the body.

You’ll feel relaxed and happy, and your brain can start to unlock some creativity. The body might start to tingle, and this buzz lingers for a while.

Snowcap is a high that’s both soothing and motivating. It makes a pretty good morning strain to get you going, but it’s ideal as an afternoon pick-me-up.

Side Effects

Snowcap might be strong, but the side effects are fairly minimal. Expect to feel cottonmouth, and probably some thirst. Dry eyes and headaches are also a possibility.

It does contain a relatively high level of THC, so those with sensitivities should avoid it. Avoid nighttime use as well – the strong buzz can potentially cause insomnia.

Medical Appointments

Snowcap is a very popular strain for medicinal usage. As you stay clear-headed, and there isn’t drowsiness, it can be used during the day.

Those suffering from mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, and stress can potentially benefit from Snowcap, because it encourages uplifted, positive thinking.

Start low, and increase the usage – too much can cause paranoia. Those suffering from chronic fatigue may appreciate the boosting effect of the Sativa. Snowcap has also been used for pain management. Because it’s popular, it’s also a strain that’s fairly easy to find.

Similar Strains

If you’re after a strain with the same uplifting effect as Snowcap, Animal Mints is a good option. Try Motorbreath and Dream Queen for a similar creative boost.

The taste of Snowcap is unique, but there are some that are similar: Cookies and Cream, Marathon OG, and Banana Sherbet are good. For growers, similar strains include Fire OG, Lemon Cake, and Black Jack.

Snowcap has some devoted followers, so you may find you don’t want to look for anything different.

Strain Cannabinoids

The balanced effect of Snowcap comes from the levels of THC and CBD. THC is at 20 – 25%, and it’s mellowed out by 4% CBD. Other cannabinoids are:

  • CBC 0.11 – 1.49%
  • CBG 0.47 – 2.29%
  • CBN 0.09 – 0.16%
  • THCV 0.21 – 1.26%

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