Snow Leopard Strain

Earthy and euphoric, Snow Leopard might be your new go-to if you’re looking for a soaring high that mellows as time goes on, allowing the user to enjoy increased feelings of overall relaxation and wellbeing.

Interested? Read on to learn more about this Indica-leaning strain.

Snow Leopard Strain

Strain History

Snow Leopard, which is an Indica-dominant (55%) strain is made by the enigmatic breeder Bodhi Seeds – which very little is known about.

Blending elements of Snow Lotus and Tigermelon, Snow Leopard is able to offer the best of both worlds and provides an instant Sativa high that gently mellows down into a typical Indica high – making it an ideal choice for experienced smokers that enjoy the feeling of a moderately strong Indica effect.


An exotic strain, Snow Leopard combines the genetics of Indica favorites Snow Lotus and Tigermelon, so you know that you’ll be in for a mostly Indica-feeling high with Snow Leopard.

Created by Bodhi Seeds, Snow Leopard combines elements of both of its parent strains. incorporating Afghani, Haze, and Mexican elements that allow for a mellow, introspective high that offers subtle elements of a Sativa high that is usually felt at the beginning.

After taking a hit of Snow Leopard, you will likely experience an instant feeling of soaring euphoria and increased feelings of energy levels, with some users reporting a boost in arousal.

Thanks to the typical 55% Indica sway, you’ll likely find yourself settling down into a mellow high that makes you feel relaxed and in deep thought – so it should come as no surprise to hear that this strain has the potential to cause couch-lock for those with a low tolerance.


As we have already touched upon above, Snow Leopard is not only made by a mysterious breeder, but it is also relatively rare – which means that there isn’t too much information on Snow Leopard out there.

Nevertheless, it is known that Snow Leopard was created by the ever-mysterious breeder, Bodhi Seeds, and incorporates elements from two different types of weed strains – Tigermelon and Snow Lotus.

Strain Appearance

A real beauty, Snow Leopard is a strain of cannabis that is covered in deep golden, brown, and red pistils that are set alight by frosty white trichomes.

To the touch, Snow Leopard feels somewhat sticky and has a lumpy texture that will make breaking off the nugs when you’re ready to use it easy.

Strain Flavor

An ideal option for those that do not like an overly powerful taste, Snow Leopard is known to have an earthy and mellow taste that incorporates elements of woodsy notes elevated by a dominating flavor of pine.

Alongside its earthy and woodsy base, some users even report that Snow Leopard also has subtle tropical fruity notes, too.

In addition to this, most users also report that there aren’t any overly strong hash flavors, which means that you won’t experience a strong or bitter aftertaste.

Strain Aroma

As we’re sure that you might already be able to guess from the flavor, Snow Leopard has a delicious aroma that incorporates strong elements of hash that is elevated by a sweet fragrance of tropical fruits.

Plus, each time that you pull off a nug to burn, you will only find that the sweetness of the aroma is heightened.

Strain Cannabinoids

The typical strain cannabinoids are as follows:

  • THC: 17-21%
  • CBD: 1%

However, it should be noted that, due to the rarity of this strain, it can be sometimes difficult to predict what the levels of THC are going to be within each yield of Snow Leopard.

While the average amount of THC is between 17-21%, there are some users who have reported upwards of 30%, so it’s good to do your research prior to purchasing any.

Strain Terpenes

Terpenes are essentially the aromatic compounds that are found within many different types of plants, including cannabis, and lend plants their distinct aromatic fragrances.

So, with that being said, the most common strain terpene found within Snow Leopard is myrcene, as well as additional terpenes pinene and caryophyllene.

Strain Side Effects

Just like with any other strain of weed, there are a variety of side effects that you should make sure that you are aware of prior to trying it.

For starters, Snow Leopard has the potential to cause couch-lock, which means that this strain might not be a good option for those who dislike the sedative feeling that Indica can bring.

Snow Leopard can also increase feelings of hunger, cause dry mouth and increase redness or itchiness in the eyes. Alongside all of the above, Snow Leopard can also increase feelings of tiredness and arousal.

You should also keep in mind that due to the rarity of Snow Leopard, the THC levels present within its various yields might vary.

For the most part, Snow Leopard will typically contain a moderately high THC level of between 17 to 21%, however, there have been some reports that some yields of Snow Leopard have been created to contain far higher than that, which could be overwhelming to someone who has a low THC tolerance.

This is something that you should keep in mind prior to trying it, especially if you do not have an overly high THC resistance.

Medical Benefits

Even though Snow Leopard comes with a variety of potential side effects that we have talked you through above, it also comes with a variety of medical benefits that are worth keeping in mind.

Thanks to it generally being created with an Indica dominance of over 50%, it means that Snow Leopard is a great choice for people who are currently dealing with a loss of appetite, as Snow Leopard has the ability to increase appetite significantly.

Alongside a loss of appetite, Snow Leopard can also be used in a controlled way to help create a healthy, daily food routine in individuals recovering from an eating disorder.

Alongside that, Snow Leopard can also be used to help alleviate feelings of anxiety and depression, and can also be used to help treat insomnia. So, if you find yourself struggling to get those eight hours of sleep each night, Snow Leopard might very well be your ticket to dreamland.

Snow Leopard can also be used to help treat all types of chronic pain, including back pain, as well as to help treat inflammation and general feelings of stress from busy and hectic everyday life.

Strain Review

If you’re lucky enough to come across this unique and rare strain of cannabis, then you’re sure to be in for an unforgettable experience. Upon the first hit, you will likely experience an instant burst of energy, as euphoric feelings will boost your levels of creativity and sociability.

Then, as Snow Leopard kicks in a little more, you’ll begin to notice characteristics of an Indica high sneaking in, and will likely find yourself wanting to sit back, relax and go deep into thought.

A true “creeper” strain, Snow Leopard really does offer something for everyone!

All in all, Snow Leopard will make for a well-balanced, beautiful trip that’s best-suited to experienced smokers that enjoy the feeling of an Indica high that incorporates the best elements of Sativa.

Though, due to Snow Leopard’s tendency to cause moderate feelings of sedation – if you’re looking for a “wake and bake” strain – Snow Leopard might not be what you’re looking for.

Not only that, but if it’s going to be your first time trying it, then we recommend that you do so around your friends or someone that you trust, as the strong, bodily high that Snow Leopard brings will be best experienced in an environment that you feel safe and comfortable in.

Strain Grow Info

If you can’t currently get your hands on any available Snow Leopard, then we’re sure that you’ll be pleased to hear that Snow Leopard is relatively simple to grow.

A super versatile strain, Snow Leopard can flower in both indoor and outdoor environments, although we do recommend that, if you are planning on growing your own, you opt to grow your Snow Leopard in a greenhouse for the best yield.

Needless to say, please make sure you take due diligence and ensure that it is legal to grow cannabis in your State.

Strain Flowering Time

On average, Snow Leopard will require a flowering time of around 9 weeks.

Strain Yield

As we have touched upon briefly above, Snow Leopard is a strain of weed that can grow in a variety of different environments, including both indoor and outdoor.

However, even though this might be the case, the environment that you decide to grow your Snow Leopard in will ultimately affect how good the yield is after you have waited the 9-week flowering period.

Typically, the strongest Snow Leopard yields will come from being kept in an optimally warm environment, which is why we suggest that you grow your Snow Leopard inside a greenhouse if you want the best yield possible.

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