Snoop’s Dream Strain Review

Snoop’s Dream AKA Snoop’s Master Kush is an Indica dominant hybrid that is created from the notorious rapper Snoop Dogg’s two favorite strains.

This is a high THC potency strain that could have been made for the rapper himself so there’s no need to try and keep up with Snoop on this one – let’s take caution with any strain recommended by the dawgy dogg himself.

Snoop’s Dream Strain Review

Although just like Snoop said himself ‘The more medicated, the more dedicated.’

Strain History


This strain is a combination hybrid of Snoop’s rumoured favorite strain, Master Kush and Blue Dream. Blue Dream, named after the blueberry mother strain not the crips, is a great strain that lots of people enjoy xplicing with other strains. It has a great head high similar to a strong kush but without too much of a body high overkill.

On the other hand you have Master Kush, which is a historic classic which has been around since the mid 90s. Master Kush won the first cannabis cup back in the 90s.

So a combination of these two is a kush-centric winner, it seems Snoop wanted the kush head high without the body high.


Breeder Coastal Genetics created this strain which is kind of ironic considering they are an east coast based company. It seems that this strain was made for Snoop Dogg, or just made with him in mind.

It’s unclear whether Snoop actually had any hand in its creation, this wouldn’t surprise us and he has other strains like Snoop Dogg OG which he seems to have had more of a hand in than this strain.

It’s undoubtedly expected that the Snoop Lion would have some hand in the cannabis industry somewhere.

The strain seems to pay homage to Snoop Dogg more than anything, and we reckon he would endorse the strain had he tried it. Combining two of his favorite strains, this bud takes heed of this marijuana connoisseur and it’s guaranteed to hit the spot on your green day, just take Snoop’s word for it. 

Strain Profile

Strain Appearance

This strain takes after its parent plant Blue Dream in an obvious way. Like it’s genetic ancestor, Snoop’s Dream has medium size pine green buds that wouldn’t go amiss in Snoop’s natural environment in Cali. There’s little to no squish with this bud as it is very dense and packed with THC. Expect the usual amber hairs of a kush heavy strain.

Strain Flavor

The crips will love this strain as it takes after Blue Dream again with a flavor profile that is bursting with blueberries and is followed by a piney aftertaste. It’s got the hit of diesel we would expect in a kushy strain while also having the sweet chaser of fruity goodness, just like Snoop’s other favorite Gin ‘n’ Juice.

Strain Aroma

The aroma is much like the taste and is heavily influenced by it’s Blue Dream mother strain. Expect fruity, blueberry notes that have a piney smell to them. The usual earthy kush smell should be expected here too.

Expect this strain to smell pretty strong due to its high THC content as well as its kushy origins. So, if you’re carrying this weed somewhere you’re not supposed to, expect to drop it like it’s hot or you might end up in the Dogg house. 

Strain Cannabinoids

This strain is pretty strong, we’re talking about a strain that Snoop has endorsed himself so expect fireworks. In the same vein, that should create some caution for beginner smokers.

The strain is an indica dominant hybrid so expect some heavy kush vibes from this flower.

The general THC content of the bud can range from 18%, which is already high, to a whopping 25% which is some serious gear. If you don’t want a THC heavy strain then consider something else, this strain pulls no punches when it comes to getting high.

This is a kuch-centric strain, so if kush isn’t your thing then maybe consider another strain.

Strain Terpenes

The main terpenes in this strain are the notorious Caryophyllene and the more unique Humulene which is more rare. Humullene is pretty common in hops, as well as cannabis and sage and other leafy greens.

So, this strain could have a certain beery vibe. A combination of Humulene and Caryophyllene offer some anti-inflammatory qualities to this strain.

Side Effects

This is a strain that doesn’t pull any punches. With the potential THC percentage being recorded as high as 25%, this is a very strong strain. You should maybe consider a small dose, or just another strain, if you are a beginner smoker.

Beginner smokers will probably find this much too intense and get stuck in their head high if they don’t exercise caution. In Snoop’s words, if you got your mind on your money and your money on your mind, maybe consider a different strain that could make you focus on something else.

For those caught in the kush head rush, or just feel like they’re sinking into their couch, could get caught up in anxiety. We would suggest simply sitting back with some good music and friends and just enjoying it.

If you really feel like you are stressing out, sit in a nice cool room with the window open and have something sugary. Simply breathe through it and calm yourself down and you should be ready to enter the world again.

Medical Benefits

Snoop’s Dream Strain Reviews

Although this strain’s THC content could scare off the beginner smokers. It’s high THC content could actually provide some welcomed medical benefits. Those insomnia and sleep issues may really enjoy the kush focus of this strain.

While more experienced smokers will enjoy the creativity and muscle relaxing highs of the bud. Pain and inflammation, perhaps caused by arthritis, can be temporarily numbed by this THC heavy strain.

Strain Review

We loved this strain. It is certainly a strong one, and shouldn’t be overlooked by the beginner stoner, but for those who can ride the kush high will really enjoy the creative and euphoric feelings from this strain.

If you need a different look at a problem, or just want to get the creative juices flowing this is a great strain to get your ball rolling. For a kush heavy strain, this doesn’t absolutely ruin your body and the more experienced smokers will still be able to get a lot done while smoking, although this strain could easily sink the less sea-hardy smokers among us.

Meanwhile, thes strength of the strain can potentially be desirable to those who suffer from pain or insomnia or just want to shoot off into the stratosphere for a minute and forget their problems.

The taste is super pleasant and is recognisable as it’s mother strain Blue Dream, which also endows it with its room-filling stank.

We loved this strain as a night time smoke after work when you want to settle down, it really helps to numb your muscles and give you an alternate head space where you can forget about the boredom of working life and engage a new topic creatively.

There’s no wonder that Snoop loves the two strains that formed this hybrid so much as this is a winner on all counts if you can handle the high.

We’d suggest enjoying this one with some friends, because just like Snoop said himself, cos it ain’t no fun if the homies can’t have none. We’d give this strain the big bow wow. 

Strain Grow Information

Snoop’s Dream is generally described as easy to grow, if you can get your hands on the seeds. This strain shouldn’t grow too tall and is naturally resistant to mold and mildew.  This strain could easily be grown outdoors or indoors.

The plant could grow up to 2-30 inches in height and is pretty short and bushy so can require some focussed pruning in order to get the best yield.

While the yield isn’t too impressive it is a grow that shouldn’t give you too much trouble especially if you’re a new grower.


Unfortunately, seeds of Snoop’s Dream haven’t become commercially available to the clandestine marijuana grower as it’s a relatively new strain. If you want to grow the strain you will have to acquire seeds from a clandestine grower who wants to help you out.

Otherwise, you could ask for cutting etc to propagate the plant depending on your horticulture situations.

Flowering Time

Snoop’s Dream will likely take around 7-9 weeks to flower and usually happens around October time. This staring can be cultivated both inside and outside, successful outdoor growing will require a temperature of around 72-80 degrees Farenheit to get the best yield

Strain Yield

With the right pruning practices, as the plant’s bushy leaves can starve it of light, an outdoor grow could yield up to as much as 10 ounces per plant when cultivated properly.

In comparison, the plant should cultivate around 1.2 ounces per plant when grown indoors. Indica plants generally give much more yield than their sativa counterparts.

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