Silvertip Strain

Montana Silvertip is more commonly referred to as just Silvertip and it is actually a mixture of two different cannabis strains. It was bred from crossing the two strains, Grandaddy Purple and Super Silver Haze.

Silvertip Strain

Though it’s a crossbreed, Silvertip is more sativa dominant, unlike Grandaddy purple which is indica dominant, but much like it’s other parent Super Silver Haze which is also sativa dominant.

Montana Silvertip is around 7:3 in ratio indica dominant. Silvertip is also the parent to the Blueberry Silvertip strain.


Montana Silvertip gets its name from its place of origin. Homegrown in the good old U S of A, in the state of Montana. The Silvertip part of it’s name is passed down from its dominant parent Super Silver Haze. Meaning they share not only their name but also sativa dominance.

Strain Appearance

Montana Silvertip buds are lumpy and round in appearance like most cannabis buds. They are incredibly dense and have a grape-like shape to their buds. In colour they have that classic bright green hue with orangey brown hairs along the nugs, as well a thick coating of frosty white, thin, crystal trichomes.


Aside from that classic earth flavor that comes with all cannabis, Silvertip also has a unique taste to it. Described by some as very berry like, it’s got a nice pine taste with a sweet kick.


Any and all good cannabis has a strong aroma. A good whiff and you can tell it’s high quality stuff. Luckily Montana Silvertip is no exception. As well as the skunky earthy scent, the aroma is just as sweet and pine-like as the taste. One whiff of this will give you goosebumps.


With the Silvertip strain THC levels are on average around as high as 26%, while the CBD levels are around 0-1%. This means that this particular strain is very psychoactive.


In Montana Silvertip the most dominant terpene is Myrcene. This is the same for most cannabis strains. Myrcene has a very earthy aroma to it as well as a peppery taste. Followed by Myrcene the second two most dominant terpenes are pinene and caryophyllene.

Caryophyllene also has a peppery taste to it whereas pinene is what gives Silvertip it’s pine scent and aftertaste. Altogether these terpenes give Silvertip a very chill, mild sedative-like effect.

Side Effects

The great thing about cannabis is, so long as it’s taken in moderation, the side effects never last too long. And depending on each person, so long as you have no underlying health conditions, they tend not to be too bad. In some cases they can even be positive side effects.

Starting with some of the negative ones, we have dry mouth, red eyes, and in some cases paranoia. Dry mouth can be combated by staying hydrated and as for red eyes, they’re nothing a good pair of eye drops can’t fix.

Paranoia tends not to be too severe and in most cases if you’re aware of that particular side effect you can stay on top of it. These side effects aren’t exclusive to the Silvertip strain and are actually synonymous with most cannabis strains.

Now onto the reason most people enjoy cannabis, the positive side effects. Montana Silvertip benefits from making people feel relaxed and happy, but again this is with most cannabis strains.

The effect exclusive to Montana Silvertip is a feeling of being uplifted. This makes it a popular treatment for when you’re feeling low.

Medical Benefits

Cannabis is becoming an increasingly popular herbal alternative to traditional medicine. Particularly for psychological afflictions. This is because cannabis itself is made for treating the mind, given it’s potent psychoactive THC, as well as the mood altering effects of the CBD.

Most cannabis plants are good for treating low moods or lack of creativity, and even pain relief. Even Queen Elizabeth the 1st was known to smoke a joint when her cramps got too bad. But when it comes to the Montana Silvertip, there are many unique medical benefits.

Montana Silvertip’s uplifting effects are the reason why it’s been known as an effective, temporary, cure for depression. In some cases it’s even been known to help permanently alleviate a low mood along with the right therapeutic setting.

Moreover, compared to other strains, Silvertip has incredible pain relieving properties. It’s been known to work particularly well on spinal and nerve related pain. Some other disorders it’s been known to help relieve and ease are crohn’s disease, migraines, symptoms of ADHD, and even cancer.

While it can’t completely cure cancer, cannabis has been known to slow down the growth of cancer cells. And for those of you in chemotherapy, it can really help with some of those nasty side effects like fatigue, loss of appetite, depression, and pain.

Strain Review

Strain Review

Montana Silvertip has a much higher THC content than most other cannabis buds. This, mixed with its sativa dominance makes for a very nice, euphoric buzz on initial contact. The head high settles into a calming body buzz, freeing you of any pain and stress.

Despite this you’re still fully functional, just a lot more relaxed and elevated. Unlike some other cannabis strains, Montana Silvertip will leave you energized and focused instead of lethargic and sleepy. This means it’s perfect for daytime consumption.

The effects from smoking or inhaling Silvertip can last anywhere between 1-3 hours. This is way better than other cannabis strains where the effect doesn’t last as long, sometimes dissolving as quickly as under half an hour.

No matter how you consume it, Silvertip is sure to give you a good time with it’s uplifting, mood elevating effects. Most users have reported feeling completely relaxed and happy after having some of this strain.

And given how scary a bad trip from a bad strain can be, you can never stress the importance of happy buzz enough.

It’s potent effect means it’s better for moderate to advanced users compared to newbies, who it might overpower. That being said, it’s not overly strong enough to cause any harm to a newbie that wants to try it. Just be cautious and remember not to overconsume.

Strain Grow Info

Strain Seeds

As with most buds, Silvertip seeds are available for purchase from any good cannabis seed retailer or from plant clippings. Because it’s resistant to common plant molds and diseases this makes it very easy to grow, which is particularly handy for first time growers.

It can be grown indoors or outdoors but as with all cannabis plants it must be kept in a warm climate with lots of UV lights, either from the sun or artificial.

Strain Flowering Time

Your strain flowering time and strain yield are dependent on many different factors, most importantly whether it’s grown indoors or outdoors.

The benefit of outdoors is that it is significantly less expensive than indoor, because you don’t have to spend money on artificial light and electricity or heaters for warmth. Outdoors there’s also more room, encouraging your cannabis plant to grow as tall as it likes, compared to the limited room indoors.

However, outdoors your plant is more susceptible to diseases, mold, and mildew. Luckily with the Silvertip this doesn’t matter too much as it’s resistant to those and other diseases.

But it is susceptible to the weather, and a cold spout could just as easily ruin the crop as much as disease could. Indoors you get the benefit of being able to completely control your environment, and nothing is left to chance.

Montana Silvertip grown indoors takes around 8-9 weeks to flower or about 56-63 days on average. Outdoors it should be ready to harvest around the middle of October.

Strain Yield

Outdoors Montana Silvertip can yield up to 16oz per plant. Indoors there is a yield of 14oz per square meter.

Final Thoughts On Montana Silvertip

With Montana Silvertip what you see is what you get. The THC and potency levels do not vary too widely based on the plant. On average it contains anywhere between 23-26% THC and 0-1% CBD. However it’s worth noting that it should be used with caution given how high the THC levels are.

That being said, the side effects of Silvertip are not hugely adverse. It’s the type of bud that will still leave you functioning after use, and in most cases will probably leave you functioning better.

Given it’s incredible pain relief properties, ADHD, Crohn’s disease, and depression, symptom relief Montana Silvertip has more medical benefits than some actual medicines out there, without the nasty long term side effects.

That being said, you should always consult with your doctor before trying alternative medicines.

Finally, the sweet, earthy pine aroma and taste of Montana Silvertip is something superior this strain has over other, earthy and bitter strains out there that leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Montana Silvertip is sure to leave a blissful smile in its wake. As always, make sure to consume cannabis responsibly and not over consume.

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