Red Dragon Strain Review

Are you looking for a marijuana strain that will enhance your energy and mood while boosting creativity? In that case, we recommend Red Dragon. 

Red Dragon Strain Review

If you’re interested in finding out more about this unique and powerful strain, keep reading! We’ve done all the research into growing, appearance, strain development, and user experience so you don’t have to!


Experienced marijuana users will be happy to know that Red Dragon is a pretty potent strain almost guaranteed to provide a strong high and an intense experience. 

The reason why Red Dragon is so potent is its high THC content, which is usually around 20%.

Therefore, although Red Dragon isn’t quite as powerful as some other strains, which can contain up to 30% THC, it’s still potent enough to cater to seasoned users and overwhelm novices. 

At just 1% CBD, Red Dragon doesn’t allow for much interaction between THC and CBD. This means that the low CBD content won’t be enough to significantly metabolize the high THC. This contributes to the overall potency of the strain. 

What Is Red Dragon?

Red Dragon is a hybrid strain of marijuana. Although it is Sativa-dominant, the ratio of Sativa to Indica genetics is more balanced than many hybrid strains. 

At 60% Sativa and 40% Indica, the strain provides a relatively balanced mind and body high, with a focus on mental effects. 

How Was Red Dragon Developed?

Red Dragon was developed by Barney’s Farm, an award-winning marijuana breeder and retailer that was founded during the 1980s. 

The Red Dragon strain was created by cross-breeding West Himalayan Kush and Utopia Haze. 

Utopia Haze is a highly Sativa-dominant strain (90% Sativa) while West Himalayan Kush tends to be mellower, hence Red Dragon’s more balanced Sativa to Indica ratio. 

Odor And Flavor 

The sweet earthiness of Red Dragon’s odor and flavor makes this strain an appealing choice for those who like their marijuana to provide a pleasant experience outside of the high itself. 

Although the smell of Red Dragon is strong, it’s very enjoyable, with equal amounts of sweetness and an earthy pine scent. 

Where taste is concerned, the distinguishable notes are much the same, except that in addition to the sweetness and pine flavor, you may also notice a hint of bitterness 

Physical Appearance

Those with experience with marijuana should be able to identify Red Dragon quite easily just by looking at it. 

What makes Red Dragon stand out from other strains is the fact that it very much reflects its name in its coloring. 

While the leaves are green, in varying degrees of lightness and darkness, the most striking aspect of Red Dragon’s appearance is the red tinge to the bud. 

Grow Info 

Red Dragon thrives in warm, sheltered conditions, so if you want to grow this strain yourself, we recommend doing so indoors or in a greenhouse. 

Luckily, Red Dragon is not known for growing particularly tall, with plants rarely exceeding 30 inches in height. Therefore, you don’t need a particularly large greenhouse, or if you’re growing in your home, you won’t need to give up too much of your living space. 

Red Dragon can be quite susceptible to pests and the effects of poor air quality. Mold spores in the air can easily damage your Red Dragon plant, for example.

For this reason, we recommend investing in an air purification system. This will not only filter the air, minimizing the presence of mildew and mold spores, but it also helps to ward off pests such as mites and spiders. 

For every square meter of Red Dragon plants you grow indoors, you can expect an impressive yield of 21 ounces. Outside, as long as you manage to keep the plants healthy, the yields are even better, at 21 ounces per plant. 


Most people who enjoy Red Dragon do so because of its positive mental effects, including a happy and giggly mood. 

Many Red Dragon users find it beneficial in terms of combatting depression and minimizing the effects of stress. 

If you’re a creative person experiencing a creative block of any kind, Red Dragon might help to boost your creative energy and inspire you to practice your craft or develop new ideas.

Side Effects 

Before you try Red Dragon, you should be aware of its potential side effects. Knowing the side effects associated with Red Dragon will help to minimize anxiety should any of them occur.

It will also ultimately help you to decide whether Red Dragon is a good choice of strain for you. 

Aside from dry eyes and a dry mouth, which are relatively common side effects for many marijuana strains, Red Dragon has been known to induce paranoia for roughly 10% of users.

Therefore, if you know yourself to be an anxious person or someone who is prone to paranoia, Red Dragon may do you more harm than good from a mental perspective.

Medical Appointments

Medicinally, Red Dragon is often used to treat the effects of mood disorders, such as anxiety and depression. It is also effective against stress. However, for some people with anxiety, Red Dragon might make their symptoms worse. 

Red Dragon may also be used as a method of pain relief, particularly for degenerative conditions. 

Although using Red Dragon for conditions such as Alzheimer’s carries a risk of worsening memory issues, some people with similar conditions find that it helps them to relax and cope with the mentally taxing aspects of their condition. 

Insomnia sufferers have also reported that Red Dragon helps them to fall asleep at night.

Similar Strains 

If you like the sound of Red Dragon but don’t feel, for whatever reason, that the strain is quite right for you, there are plenty of similar strains you can try!

Strawberry Fields and GG4 both have an 18% THC content and very low CBD content, and primarily induce a feeling of relaxation. However, Strawberry Fields is an Indica strain while GG4 is a hybrid. 

Headband, meanwhile, has the same CBD and THC ratio but is more well known for boosting creativity. 

Final Thoughts 

Red Dragon is a potent strain that produces a strong mental high, suitable for experienced users. 

If you’re hoping to improve your mood, reduce your stress levels, and potentially find some creative inspiration along the way, Red Dragon may be right for you. It may also be helpful for dealing with pain and chronic or degenerative illnesses.

Avoid Red Dragon if you’re prone to paranoia since paranoia is one of its main side effects. 

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