Raspberry Kush

In the mood to get mellow? If you’re the type of smoker that prefers an Indica high, then the Raspberry Kush hybrid might be just what you need. Keep reading to learn a little more about it below. 

Strain History

If you’ve been trying out different strains of marijuana for quite some time but have yet to have tried Raspberry Kush – then we’re sure that you’ll have at the very least heard of it!

A true favorite, Raspberry Kush is an Indica-leaning strain that typically consists of 75% Indica and 25% Sativa. However, different yields of Raspberry Kush can sometimes contain a slightly different percentage of both Indica and Sativa.

Just like its name suggests, Raspberry Kush consists of a deliciously moreish raspberry flavor and scent which is why it’s such a cult favorite!

A truly delicious strain of cannabis, Raspberry Kush offers users an instant soaring high (thanks to that 25% of Sativa) that will instantly increase feelings of happiness and wellbeing, before slowly mellowing down into a relaxing, bodily high that will make you want to kick back into your sofa, catch up on your favorite TV shows and then drift off into a peaceful and restful sleep.

So, in other words, Raspberry Kush certainly isn’t the strain to reach for if you want to wake and bake, as you’re likely to want to relax and chill out once the sedative effects kick in from the Indica.

At the time of writing, this potent strain is a go-to over on the West Coast, and a beloved favorite of Kush fans all over the globe.


While Raspberry Kush is such a popular strain of cannabis, you might be interested to learn that the origins of this yummy strain are still relatively unknown.

However, it is widely considered that Raspberry Kush is a split between two types of cannabis, including Raspberry Cough and one variation of the popular range of Cheese Kush strains.

As for its lineage? Raspberry Kush is considered to have come from the Indu Kush mountain range which is located between Afghanistan and northern Pakistan.

Just like we briefly touched upon above, while the specific genetics of Raspberry Kush is relatively unknown, it is considered that it is derived from Raspberry Cough and a Cheese Kush strain. 


Despite its popularity and instant rise to fame, the origins of Raspberry Kush remain a mystery to this day, and very little is known about the breeders.

However, just like we have mentioned above, it is considered that Raspberry Kush comes from the Indu Kush mountain range, and is a combination of two variants of Kush. 

Strain Appearance

Raspberry Kush typically consists of a dark green appearance that contains hints of striking purple and orange that are enhanced by a frosty, sticky layer of trichomes.

As for the buds? They are neatly formed and contain fiery hairs throughout, which makes them easy to spot and even easier to break off to form little nugs ready to be used.

Strain Flavor

Just like its name suggests, Raspberry Kush consists of a deliciously sweet raspberry flavor that is enhanced by yummy hints of earth and vanilla.

As for the aftertaste? You can expect a smooth aftertaste with a slight hint of cream, so it should come as no surprise to hear that this strain is a hit with newbies and experienced smokers, alike!

Strain Aroma

Raspberry Kush has a recognizably “Kush” scent that is enhanced by a very strong aroma that incorporates earthy, woodsy, and berry notes.

As soon as you begin to break your Raspberry Kush off into little nugs, you can expect the scent to get stronger and fill your room with a subtly sweet, earthy fragrance – so it might not be the best choice for those looking for a discreet smoke.

Strain Cannabinoids

  • THC:  16-20%
  • CBD: 1%

Strain Terpenes

While little is known about the exact kind of terpenes inside Raspberry Kush, it is widely considered that the main terpene is myrcene, followed by caryophyllene. 

Strain Side Effects

Just like with all other kinds of cannabis strains, there are a variety of potential side effects that can come along with smoking it.

As an Indica-dominant strain of cannabis, Raspberry Kush does have the potential to induce strong sedative effects (or couchlock) so we do not recommend using this strain if you have a low tolerance to Indica or simply do not like the mellow, sedative feeling that often accompanies an Indica-dominant strain.

In addition to that, it is also worth keeping in mind that Raspberry Kush (much like all other types of cannabis strain) can cause you to experience increased feelings of hunger, dry eyes, and even a dry mouth. 


Medical Benefits

Alongside being a great recreational herb, Raspberry Kush also doubles up as a pretty awesome medicinal strain of cannabis and can be used to treat a variety of different ailments and conditions.

Most significantly, thanks to its ability to increase feelings of happiness, relaxation, and creativity, Raspberry Kush is often recommended for those who suffer from feelings of depression, anxiety, and even disorders such as PTSD. 

In addition to that, Raspberry Kush is also a good option for those who are looking to alleviate chronic pain, as its strong sedative properties are known for being able to numb back pain, arthritis, ongoing injuries, and much more.

Raspberry Kush can even help to treat ongoing headaches and migraines.

Alongside those medicinal benefits, Raspberry Kush can also help to increase feelings of hunger and sleepiness, making it a good option for those who suffer from insomnia or would like to increase the amount of food that they are eating on a daily basis.

Strain Review

The perfect strain to unwind with at the end of a stressful week, Raspberry Kush typically tends to contain an average THC amount of 15%, which will ensure you’re able to enjoy a long-lasting and relaxing high that permeates both the mind and body.

Thanks to the 25% level of Sativa, upon the first hit of Raspberry Kush you can expect to experience an instant headrush that will make you feel euphoria.

Then, as time goes on,  you can expect the Indica to begin to slowly creep down through your muscles, creating a relaxing and mellow bodily high that will make you want to curl up and chill out.

Plus, alongside the typical sedative effects that come along with an Indica high, Raspberry Kush is also known to create a variety of cerebral effects that will be able to temporarily create feelings of happiness, sociability, and an increased sense of pleasure.

All in all? Raspberry Kush is a potent, Indica-dominant strain that will instantly make you experience strong feelings of euphoria upon the first hit that will increase your feelings of creativity, sociability, and energy.

Then, after a period of time, you can expect to gradually experience the cerebral effects slowly mellowing downwards into your muscles, creating a relaxing bodily high that will make you feel relaxed, at peace, and content for hours on end.

It’s certainly no surprise why it’s one of the most popular and celebrated strains of Kush in the world! If you’re an experienced smoker and enjoy the sedative effects of Indica – then we think that you’ll make Raspberry Kush your new go-to!

Strain Grow Info

If you don’t currently have access to any Raspberry Kush, then you might be pleased to learn that it is a strain of cannabis that is relatively easy to grow.

If you’re planning on growing some of your own, then it’s worth noting that Raspberry Kush typically tends to flower at a medium height, and is versatile enough to thrive in both indoor and outdoor environments.

If you are going to be growing your Raspberry Kush outdoors, then you will need to make sure that it is sheltered from the elements, and if you’re considering growing it indoors then it’s important to note that this strain yields best when grown in a hydroponic environment. 

Strain Seeds

Raspberry Kush seeds can often be purchased at a variety of different dispensaries or certified online stores. Raspberry Kush is also one of the more affordable strains of kush, with a standard pack of 10/12 seeds starting at around $40.

Strain Flowering Time

The amount of time required for the flowering period of Raspberry Kush will greatly depend on whether you choose to grow it indoors or outdoors.

If you are growing your Raspberry Kush indoors, then you can expect the yield to be complete and ready to be harvested after a flowering period of between 9-10 weeks.

However, if you are planning on growing your Raspberry Kush outdoors, then the flowering time can sometimes take a little longer than this timeframe. 

Strain Yield

Even though Raspberry Kush tends to grow to a medium height, you can expect this strain to produce a fruitful yield if you have ensured that you have given it the optimum growing conditions to thrive in.

As we have already touched upon above, even though this strain can be grown in both indoor and outdoor conditions, it thrives best when grown in either an indoor hydroponic system or in a sunny, sheltered spot outdoors.

By keeping this information in mind and following it, you can expect a yield of around 12 ounces per bud! Impressive or what?

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