Purple Sunset Strain 

Purple Sunset is one of those rare gems. It’s well known to both North American and European cannabis lovers, and is loved by many. 

Despite its indica dominance, it  won’t knock you out, but rather put you at a mellow ease.  

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Purple Sunset Strain

Known for its relaxing effect and citrusy aroma, it’s the perfect hybrid to kick back with and enjoy your evening. 

This easy to grow favourite raised the bar with its deep colours and fruity nugs, and is a must-try for the cannabis connoisseur. 

Growers and smokers alike, we’ve got all the information you need!

Strain History 

Dank Genetics lay claim to the title of original producers. But since first appearing, Purple Sunset has also been bred by Ethos Genetics, under the name of Purple Sunset R2 BX. 


Regular Purple Sunset is a product of crossbreeding Purple Punch and Sunset Sherbet. Whereas the R2 BX variant is a little more complex. 

This guy has a bit of a different genetic makeup. It’s a tri-blend of Mandarin Sunset, Purple Punch, and Mandarin Cookies. 

These parent plants all have a rich crossbreeding history. They’ve been used to breed other famous strains, including none other than Girl Scout Cookies, and Lemon Larry.


Purple Sunset is a 60% indica and 40% sativa hybrid.

It gets a good dose of sativa genetics from its 80% sativa-dominant parent Purple Punch.  And its indica blissfulness is passed down from Mandarin Sunset and Sunset Sherbet. 

Strain Appearance 

Purple Sunset displays an interesting array of colours that’ll have you marvelling. Green nuggets sprout orange-purple hairs, and white tipped trichomes sit atop. 

Nuggets are generally tangerine sized and dense. They cover the plant and are easy to trim. Lateral branching is strong, meaning nuggets grow safe and snug with good support. 

Strain Flavour 

Purples Sunset’s flavour is consistent with its fruit and flower infused aroma. It’s a sweet taste combining orange and berries, and will leave a zingy after-touch on your taste buds.  

Strain Aroma   

If it’s your first time enjoying Purple Sunset, it won’t be your first time with the spicy terpene caryophyllene  . It’s present in a host cooking spices, most notably pepper, and packs a punch. Caryophyllene adds a notable element to the aroma, and to some, may even give off a whiff of fuel.  

Thanks to  a high concentration of limonene terpene, Purple Sunset also gives off fruity vibes . When breaking apart the buds, you’ll be reminded of peeling an orange, or squeezing a lemon. 

Myrcene throws in some musky hints to complete the mix, and is sweet like thyme and basil.  

This beautiful mix of terpenes gives Purple Sunset a fruity and earthy aroma. 

Strain Cannabinoids 

With an average 20% THC, the strength of Purple Sunset’s psychoactive effect sits on the higher end of the scale.

TCHV and CBG make up between 0.12 to 1.25% cannabinoid content each. And the remaining profile consists of smaller amounts of CBD (although larger in R2 BX) and CBC, and a negligible amount of CBN. 

Combined, total cannabinoid content comes in at roughly 25% in regular Purple Sunset, and slightly higher in R2 BX. 

Strain Terpenes

The most notable turbines are limonene (0.31%), caryophyllene (0.26%), and myrcene (0.13%). 

Along with these, the following make up the total terpene content of 1%:

  • Pinene
  • Ocimene
  • Humulene
  • Linalool
  • Terpinolene 

Strain Side Effects

Purple Sunset is a favourite among many for the good mood that it puts you in, with most entering into a state of zen. The indica dominance produces relaxing sensations, and can even help you fall asleep.  

On the flipside, others have reported feelings of concern, dizziness as well as dry yes. Throw in the standard paranoid reaction here and there, and you’ve got some petty typical, but less common adverse effects.

Also, if smoked when already feeling tired, the easy-going mellowness subdues more than usual. 

Purple Sunset’s overall effect will chill you out, and take your mind off things.  

Medical Benefits 


The strain has many medical benefits owing to its hybrid genetics. Sativa dominance means that it’s more of a body than mind healer, but mental conditions can also be improved thanks to its sativa side. 

Indica benefits include  muscle relaxation and reduced nausea. These can be helpful for people dealing with acute muscle pain, or those with feelings of sickness.

By not only reducing nausea, but also stimulating diet, Purple Sunset could help you to eat more. This is particularly beneficial to those with eating disorders.  

The Indica profile can help to raise dopamine levels, but it’s the sativa genes that will really lift the mood. 

Purple Sunset can help lower heightened sensations such as anxiety, but could also pick you up from feelings of depression. Users have also reported a mental euphoria. 

Terpenes also have a hand in Purple Sunset’s medical benefits. 

Research shows that they can help combat a range of conditions, meaning their powers go way beyond pleasant smells and tastes. 

Caryophyllene bonds with CB2 receptors. These are found in our immune systems, and regulate anti-inflammatory responses. 

By attaching itself to these receptors, caryophyllene helps reduce brain inflammation in stroke survivors, and also swelling in the gut.

Along with this, the super terpene attacks bacteria in the mouth, helping to fight dental decay. 

Even cancer isn’t safe. When combined with colon cancer-fighting agents, caryophyllene increases their potency by ten-fold. and 

Immune system dysfunction and multiple sclerosis also are within caryophyllene’s grasp.

Limonene (the lemony terpene), also has cancer and inflammation -reducing properties. Tests show that it inhibits free radicals in leukaemia cells, and like caryophyllene, protects the colon. 

Limonene’s anti-inflammatory properties could also help sufferers of bronchitis. There’s reason to believe that it might block harmful particles from entering airways, preventing breathing problems. 

It’s easy to get caught up in all these potential medical benefits. So, keep in mind that science is still in its early days. However, terpene lab tests have shown promising results. 

It’s hard to believe that strains like Purple Sunset could have the power to help fight such serious conditions. We think it makes them all the more enjoyable! 

Strain Review 

The last thing you want is to clear your mind and realign your focus with a midday smoke, only to be left feeling lethargic and unproductive. 

Purple Sunset does away with this. It’s the result of some perfect cannabis breeding, and can be smoked at any time of the day. You’ll notice your thoughts clearing, and an easy calm comes over you.  Its peaceful effect soothes, allowing you to wind down. A perfect stress reliever, it’ll also free you from anxiety and mood swings. 

For the home grower, it’s a question of time more than growing ability. An easier grow than many other strains, it won’t boggle your mind, but it will test your patience.

Just keep an eye on those snow-capped little trichomes, and you’ll know when it’s time to harvest. Overall it’s a slow grower of moderate difficulty, but one that’s worth the wait.  

Although it can revitalise, if you’re dying for a good night’s sleep, Purple Sunset will help you to get some shut eye after the sun’s gone down. It’s not called sunset for nothing. 

All in, it’s a smokers’ delight. You’ll feel refreshed, mentally balanced, and be good to carry on with whatever you were doing before. 

Strain Grow Info 

Purple Sunset is by no means an expert-only strain, and can be grown by those with moderate experience. The plant enjoys both indoor and outdoor environments, giving growers versatility. If grown outdoors, start during early to mid season for the best results. 

Strain Seeds

Purple Sunset has genetically modified feminized seeds. 

Strain Flowering Time 

Flowering is no quick process, and can take up to 11 weeks. This longer than the average 6 to 10 weeks of most other strains, but hey, all good things come to those who wait. And being a photoperiodic flower, it’ll need a good 12 hours of light each day.

However, if you’re growing the R2 BX edition from Ethos Genetics, then expect a faster flowering period of closer to 60 days.  

Simply put, to get the best results you’ll want to give this hybrid the time it needs. 

Strain Yield

When grown outdoors Purple Sunset will produce a moderate 10 to 15 ounces of bud per plant. Indoor growers can expect a yield between 0.5 and 1 ounce/ft2. 

All Purple Sunset variants yield similar amounts, but R2 BX benefits from slightly higher potency. So no worries if your grow doesn’t go quite as planned. 

Purple Sunset’s numbers aren’t anything too special, but when you consider the potency at large nuggets, you’re hardly at a loss.

So that’s the low down on Purple Sunset. To summarise, it’s a 60%-40%  indica-leaning  hybrid that’ll leave you feeling glorious no matter the occasion.  

Stocking up on this beauty is never a bad idea. Invite your best buds around, skin up, and enjoy a beautiful sunset with this purple delight. 

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