Purple Power Strain

Although green might be the color most commonly associated with cannabis, there’s a lot to be said for the purples as well. Brightly colored and undeniably attractive, the wide range of purple strains are sure to intrigue any connoisseur.

And Purple Power just might be the best of the bunch.

A morning strain that hits quick and promotes creativity, Purple Power is known for getting you up and going. Easy to handle despite the powerful start, the medicinal uses have made Purple Power incredibly popular.

Use this guide to learn all you need to know about Purple Power, including a simple grow guide for this high yield strain. For anyone after a wake and bake strain, the kick of Purple Power should definitely give you something to consider.

Purple Power Strai

Strain History

The purple leaves of Purple Power immediately mark it as a strain to take notice of. Sativa-leaning, with some popular parents, Purple Power is an exceptional daytime strain.


A sativa-dominant hybrid, Purple Power is an almost balanced strain with some unusual traits. 60% sativa and 40% indica, it does lean towards the sativa side, but it’s growth and taste can seem more indica than you expect.

The THC levels of Purple Power hover around 15%, but can be as high as 18%, or closer to 9%.


Purple Power is an established strain, with Dutch Dope and Skunk #1 as parents. Both parent strains are known for their relaxing effects that can help to alleviate stress.

Although this is the recognized origin of Purple Power, there are potentially some other strains with different parents but the same name. These other Purple Powers have similar effects, just slightly different. This might account for why the THC levels of Purple Power can be variable.

Strain Appearance

Purple Power is sativa dominant, but it looks more like an indica. With sturdy stalks and thick branches, this resilient strain is best known for the distinctive purple leaves.

Decorated with long and thin leaves, swirled with purple, growers will enjoy the way Purple Power looks in the garden. There’s even sometimes a hint of red and blue mixed in, making Purple Power an undeniably attractive strain to grow.

The purple remains in the dried nugs, and a light covering of crystal trichomes give a frosty finish. Thin, orange hairs are scattered about, finishing this colorful strain.

Strain Flavor

One of the best tasting sativa-dominant strains around, Purple Power has an interesting mix of tastes. Sweet, sour, and skunk all work together to create a tropical and earthy flavor that’s enjoyable and light.

Purple Power is sweet to begin with, with a flavor of ripe fruits and berries. But underneath this there’s a slight tang of lemon, a sour citrus note that brightens the berries.

On the exhale, you get the flavor of skunk. This can become strong, but it’s mostly a pleasantly earthy dimension to the sweetness. It’s the skunk that lingers after you exhale, although more and more pine comes through when smoked. 

It might sound like a little much, but the flavor of Purple Power is relatively mild. The mix of sweet, skunk, and sour is pretty unique, and nicely compelling.

Strain Aroma

Berries and fruits make up most of the aroma of Purple Power, which is sweet, and occasionally quite potent. 

The smell starts strong during the grow period. A fruity smell sticks to the resinous leaves of Purple Power, and there’s a hint of sour beneath it all. Purple Power tends to grow best outdoors, but if you do decide to grow indoors, be prepared for an impressive aroma.

Dried and broken open, this sweet aroma remains. Again, it’s mostly fruits and berries, but the lemon can come through strong.

Strain Cannabinoids

The dominant cannabinoid in Purple Power is THC, which tends to be around 15%, but can be as low as 9%. Purple Power tends to come on strong, but it fades into something pleasant and easy to deal with.

Experienced users should have no problem, and most people should find Purple Power an easy strain to get along with.

Purple Power has also been tested as having a 1% CBG level. 

Strain Terpenes

Pinene is the dominant terpene in Purple Power. You can just about get the flavor of this pine terpene beneath the sweet and skunk of the strain’s flavor. Pinene is associated with a chilled out vibe, and it relieves pain and anxiety.

Myrcene is another terpene prominent in Purple Power. This herbal terpene is relaxing, and a good anxiety reliever.  There’s also higher levels of ocimene, a minty terpene.

Strain Side Effects

Side effects for Purple Power are generally reported as mild. This is a popular strain that’s been around for a while, and there are plenty of regular users who find Purple Power a consistently pleasant strain.

You can expect some mild side effects to using Purple Power, like dry mouth and dry eyes. Keep a glass of water on hand whenever you’re using, especially if you decide to let Purple Power motivate you into some exercise.

Purple Power hits almost instantly, so it might take some time to get the balance right.

Medical Benefits

Purple Power is an excellent strain for medical usage. Because of it’s energizing effects and clear-headed high, it can be used as a morning strain. 

Purple Power is best at alleviating stress and depression. The high is cheerful, with a clear focus and a burst of energy. People suffering from PTSD and anxiety can also find Purple Power lifts the mind, and reduces strain.

Purple Power relaxes the muscles and body as well as the mind, so it works well as pain relief. The body buzz hits a little later, and can feel mild but motivating. 

Strain Review

If you’re after a strain that gets to work right away, then quick-acting Purple Power could be just what you need. The “Power” in the name isn’t an understatement, as the high comes in fast and strong.

Even those with plenty of experience will find Purple Power to be almost immediately pleasing.

The first thing you feel is happiness. There’s a sense of euphoria, and you might find that you can’t stop smiling. 

Alongside this happiness, there comes a sense of clarity. Your thoughts become focused, your mind is sharpened, and you have the motivation to start working.

In the calm left behind by your lifted anxieties, there’s room for creative thoughts and pursuits.

Although the mental high hits straight away, the physical high takes some time to set in. Slowly, you’ll feel your muscles start to relax, as Purple Power starts to move down from the mind.

The body feels motivated and awake, ready to power through all the thoughts and plans the mind is making. Purple Power ends on a mellow note, gradually fading back.

Because of the mental and physical motivation that Purple Power offers, it’s considered a fantastic strain for morning and daytime usage.

Strain Grow Info

If you want to try growing outdoors, there are plenty of reasons to consider Purple Power. In fact, as Purple Power produces a high yield, grows quickly, can stand up to cold weather, and looks good in a garden, it’s hard to think of reasons not to.

And you’ll be in good company. Purple Power is popular among growers for the invigorating high, and the attractive leaves.

Strain Seeds

Purple Power is a popular one to grow because it’s hardy against the cold temperatures. In the Northern Hemisphere, it may need some more time to absorb sunlight, but the sturdy stems last well when cold creeps in. Because of this, seeds for Purple Power are widely available. They can also be bought feminized, so there’s no need for pre-germination.

Strain Flowering Time

There’s a 7 to 9 week flowering time for Purple Power. If grown outdoors, it tends to be ready to harvest in mid to late September. Purple Power may prefer Mediterranean temperatures, but it can do surprisingly well in the cold.

It’s a great one to grow indoors, harvest early, and protect over the cold months.

Strain Yield

If you’re looking for a strain with a high yield, then Purple Power is an excellent choice. The short flowering period can produce a yield of 510 to 680g per square meter, or 510 to 1020g per plant. It can grow anywhere, but the high yield makes it a tricky one to move indoors.

Tall, with lots of long leaves, Purple Power is unpredictable growing inside, because the extra growth can disrupt the air flow and the light. It also has a fairly strong smell of fruit, which tends to linger around the leaves.

For best results, grow outdoors, or top early and improve your ventilation.

There are few morning strains that can match Purple Power for ease and enjoyment. The creative high is focused, and the mind and body motivation means tackling to-do lists becomes a breeze.

Expect an immediate high that mellows out nicely, a pleasant and subtle taste, and a surprisingly hardy grower.

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