Purple Chemdawg Strain Review

Chemdawg is one of the most respected and sought after marijuana strains in history. It is considered to be a classic choice due to its amazing psychedelic effects.

In recent years, Chemdwag has managed to breed other popular strains, too, like Sour Diesel and OG Kush, so that we can expect big things from Purple Chemdawg.

Purple Chemdawg Strain Review

Another renowned strain of marijuana is Granddaddy Purple (also known as GDP), which was only created in 2003 but has taken the cannabis world by storm.

With a name like Purple Chemdawg, it seems like this strain should have some amazing genetics for us to explore.


Purple Chemdawg has a THC content of 19% to 21%, which is a respectfully high concentration. It is an Indica dominant strain with a percentage of 75%, which means that Purple Chemdawg is a powerful and relaxing strain of marijuana. 

What Is Purple Chemdawg Strain?

Another strain on the market has a similar name to Purple Chemdawg, and that’s Purple Chem.

It’s understandable to assume that Purple Chem is just a shortened version of our cannabis, but it has been bred from two completely different marijuanas and is an entirely different hybrid. 

Purple Chem is made from Chemdawg 91 and Pre-98 Bubba Kush, whereas Purple Chemdawg was bred from Chemdawg and Grandaddy Purple.

How Was Purple Chemdawg Developed

The name Purple Chemdawg is a perfect indication of the strains’ history. Unlike Purple Chem, our strain is linked to legends in the marijuana world, and the name reflects its honorable heritage.

The psychedelic high Purple Chemdawg produces is a direct link to Grandaddy Purple, and the calming and grounding effects are beautifully balanced by Chemdawg’s chilled tones.

Instead of getting an overwhelming high or a cough-locked slumber, you receive a dreamy and introspective uplighting high.


The connection to Chemdawg has given our strain a diesel flavor once you draw the smoke into your mouth. But when you exhale, Granddaddy Purple shine’s its way through, creating a sweet and almost grape-tasting flavor.

Sprinkled in the aftertaste is the refreshing sourness of ripe lemons.

Odor And Flavor

Purple Chemdawg again draws its fruity and chemical fragrances directly from its legendary heritage as the first two scents you will easily pick up on are a chemical cleanness and distinct pangs of grape.

After the first couple of puffs, you’ll notice the more complex and individual aroma of delicate sweetness and light lemony touches.

If you really take a moment to breathe in the smoke, you might also be able to focus on the subtle scent of skunk.

Physical Appearance

Purple Chemdawg produces a dense but fluffy collection of buds if they have been exposed to colder environments right before their time to flower. 

If the grower has used this technique, they will see a deep purple hue decorated by a crystal coat of resin.

Poking out of the nugs in few and far between places are the golden-brown wisps of Purple Chemdawg’s hairs, creating a beautiful rainbow of orange, purple, blue, and green.

Grow Info

Developing the fluffy and light violet hues is not an easy task, and so we don’t suggest growing Purple Chemdawg unless you already have some experience on a marijuana farm.

To create these deep colors and beautiful textures, the growers need to expose the plants to cold temperatures, for example, 10 degrees lower than their ambient temperature.

This level of control means that indoor growers will have a better chance of cultivating a bountiful crop. You can expect a brief flowering period of only 7 to 9 weeks, producing a whopping 27 oz per square meter if grown correctly.

If you plan on growing Purple Chemdawg outdoors, you should expect a harvest in October, which, if developed correctly, can yield around 27 oz per plant. Again this is a massive amount of crop.


Purple Chemdawg is not for beginners because its high 21% THC will be a hard high to ride for anyone with a low tolerance. 

The euphoric cerebral high will hit you as soon as you take in the smoke, resulting in an intense well of happiness for its users. The invigorating feeling will create either a bubbly attitude (if you have a high tolerance) or a hyperactive state of mind (if you don’t use 21% THC often).

We suggest you use Purple Chemdawg in moderation, so you can keep your mind clear and enjoy this uplighting high.

You will notice the effects moving from your head and growing down to the rest of your body, putting your physical self into a sense of calm and relaxation. During this time, you can expect a bit of self-reflection, or if you have a high tolerance, you might experience a dreamy high.

Side Effects

Any form of cannabis will cause dehydration, and Purple Chemdawg is no different. You can expect a dry mouth and dry eyes, so make sure you drink a lot of water with your doses. You may also experience a mild headache or some dizziness. Again, drink water and take a rest from the marijuana. 

If you are new to cannabis, you might experience paranoia with Purple Chemdawg, which is why you should ask a high tolerance buddy to stay with you and keep you safe.

Medical Appointments

Purple Chemdawg is a recreational marijuana more than anything else, but it does have some fantastic medical benefits for people who suffer from stress.

This is because of its uplifting mental effects. This is also why those who are dealing with depression tend to gravitate towards Purple Chemdawg too.

Similar Strains

If you are looking for more high THC content cannabis, we suggest using Bruce Banner, which has a THC content of 25%, The White, 23%, and Gorilla Glue, which also has a THC of 23%.

Strain Cannabinoids

Purple Chemdawg is an Indica dominant strain of 75% to 25%. It has a THC content of 19% to 21% and is resistant to common molds and mildew.

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