Purple Cheese Strain Review

Purple cheese is an interesting strain of marijuana because it is high in CBD. It is a well-balanced strain, and given the CBD percentage, it does not provide an overwhelming high. 

While this is a great strain, it is one that is fairly difficult to find.

Purple Cheese Strain Review

In this article, we will be talking through everything you need to know about purple cheese, from the potency and cannabinoids, to the taste and odor. 


Being a hybrid, this strain has a well-balanced high. Given that it has high levels of CBD, the potency of this strain is not significant. The CBD balances out the THC, and allows a person to become a lot more relaxed. 

However, using this strain can interfere with day to day use given that it is a sedative high. This is worth keeping in mind. 

What Is Purple Cheese Strain?

Purple cheese is a hybrid strain that is perfectly balanced. It contains 50% sativa, and 50% indica. However, it is indica dominant. Due to its high levels of CBD, it is preferred by many people, especially those who enjoy the cheese flavor.

The overall THC percentage averages at around 16%. When looking at the CBD percentage, this is 4%. While this may seem like a low percentage, the vast majority of marijuana strains sit at less than one percent. This puts into perspective how high 4% is. 

How Was Purple Cheese Developed?

Given that purple cheese is a hybrid, it is created using a mixture of different marijuana strains. There are three strains in particular that are used to create purple cheese — Blue cheese, Lowryder, and Purple. However, sometimes purple isn’t included.

Auto Seeds were the creators of purple cheese.


There are a few prominent flavors when it comes to the taste of purple cheese. As to be expected, notes of cheese can be tasted. The cheese taste can be likened to blue cheese in particular. 

Even so, there are still some sweeter notes that can be tasted. Many people will describe the taste of fruity candy too. This is a fairly sweet taste overall, however, there are more savory notes, with the tangy flavor of the cheese coming through too. 

Odor And Flavor

The odor of purple cheese is not too overpowering. While there is a faint smell of cheese when the nugs are broken apart, it is a fairly pleasant aroma. The main odor that can be smelled is the fruit undertones, which are reminiscent of berries. 

While the smell is pleasant, and can be fairly pungent, it is pleasant, rather than overpowering. When the nugs are broken apart, you will be able to smell the earthy flavors coming through too. 

Physical Appearance

When looking at the physical appearance of blue cheese, the shape of the individual nugs are cone and spade shaped. Their buds are fairly dense and thick, having a mainly mossy green color.

There are many yellow pistils, and you can see some shades of blue when the flowers are ready to be picked and harvested.

Grow Info

Growing purple cheese is fairly straightforward. What is great about this strain is that it can be grown both indoors and outdoors, depending on the preferences of the person growing the plant.

If you do grow purple cheese indoors, it is recommended that you do so in an indoor grow room. This allows the plant to have the correct conditions it needs in order to grow correctly. 

It is also recommended exposing the plant to some cold for a short period. This will help with the overall growth. You will also want to top the plants regularly, and ensure that it is grown in temperatures around 75 degrees Fahrenheit (ca. 24 °C).

When looking at the flowering time, this is fairly average. Typically, it will take around 7 to 8 weeks for a person to have a harvest from this strain.


As we have already discussed, purple cheese provides a sedative high. Given this, it is often a strain that is recommended to be used in the evening.

While you can use this strain in the day, you may find it more difficult to carry out general tasks given that it can make you feel drowsy.

As this strain has a sedative effect, it will also greatly relax the person smoking it. The effects seem to hit fairly slowly, but after a short while they do kick in fairly quickly. 

It is certainly a therapeutic strain, and at first it will help to relax you, and shortly afterwards you will begin to feel drowsy. If you are someone that is looking for a strain to help you sleep, purple cheese is a great option to consider.

Side Effects

Given the sedative effect, one of the main side effects of purple cheese is drowsiness. While this is a great benefit of the strain, it is not so great if you are looking for a strain you can use during the day. 

In addition to this, people who have used this strain have noted that if you inhale too much, it can make you feel a little disorientated and spaced out.

Your depth perception can also be affected by this strain. It can also cause paranoia and headaches.

Medical Appointments

Purple cheese does have a number of medical benefits. It is a strain that is often used for chronic pain, depression, and migraines. It does have a full body effect which is worth taking into consideration. 

As it helps to relax, it is also a great option if you suffer from insomnia. It allows the user to fall asleep far quicker, and it is particularly great for removing general and chronic pain too.

Similar Strain 

If you enjoy the taste of purple cheese, and are looking for similar strains, you can try the two strains this hybrid is created from — Blue cheese, Lowryder, and Purple.


Here are the cannabinoids for purple cheese:

  • THC – 16% – 18%
  • CBD – 4%
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