Purple Bubba Kush Strain Review

Have you been looking for a new marijuana strain to try out? If so, you might have stumbled upon Purple Bubba Kush while searching the internet for the right strain for you, but how much do you really know about it?

Purple Bubba Kush Strain Review

It is always really important to do some background research when you are trying any new strains, as this will help you find out more about the type of high that you are going to get, the overall effects of the strain, and any issues that you might run into.

To help you to find out more about this strain, we are going to tell you everything that you could possibly need to know about Purple Bubba Kush in this article. This will allow you to figure out if this is the right strain for you to try out or not.


Due to the fact that Purple Bubba Kush is a mixture of both Purple Bubba and Purple Kush, which are both indica strains, the Purple Bubba Kush strain is heavy in Indica.

This is quite high in potency, providing users with a calm and relaxing high that is likely to induce couch-lock. The THC levels in this strain are often more than 21%, which only further highlights the potency of this strain. However, the CBD levels are less than 1%.

What Is The Purple Bubba Kush Strain?

The Purple Bubba Kush strain is an Indica marijuana strain that is made through crossing two well-known Indica strains. The two parent strains are Purple Bubba and Purple Kush, and these two potent genetics ensure that this strain packs a punch. 

You can be sure that just a few puffs of this smooth strain will leave you with an intense body high.

It is even thought that Purple Bubba Kush can be beneficial for lessening the symptoms that are often associated with chronic pain, loss of appetite, anxiety, and insomnia.

How Was Purple Bubba Kush Developed?

It is not currently known how Purple Bubba Kush was originally developed, but we do know that it is a cross between two well-known strains, which are Purple Kush and Purple Bubba.


The Purple Bubba Kush strain will work to entice the palate with a fruity flavor that only intensifies once you inhale its smooth smoke.

You might also notice subtle hints of grapes paired with berries, along with a mild sour flavor. Upon exhaling, it will leave a sweet aftertaste in your mouth.

Odor And Flavor

Purple Bubba is known to have a sweet and fruity odor that is often compared to the scent of fresh berries. It also features soft undertones of sour grapes, which only intensifies once the buds have been broken up.

When smoking, the smell only becomes stronger, filling the room with a fresh and fruity aroma.

Physical Appearance

The nugs of this strain are light green, but you will also notice bright orange strands and a thick, silver layer of trichomes.

Grow Info

As the strain is not very well known, it can be difficult to find out the best way to grow it, and it isn’t the easiest of strains to grow yourself because of this. If you have experience with growing, you might want to treat this like any other pure indica strain.

This strain is classed as moderate when it comes to its growing difficulty level, but it does have a flowering time of around 50 to 65 days. This is a strain that will require a lot of time and attention, but if you are successful, you will receive a yield of quality buds,

Purple Bubba has an indoor flowering period of around 7 to 9 weeks, and within this time, you can expect around 10 to 12 ounces per square meter.

For outdoor growing, the plant will flower from the last week of September to the middle of October. Once mature, it will yield at least 10 ounces of bud per plant.


Purple Bubba Kush will provide users with a strong full body high, which makes it ideal for use in the evening, as you are likely to feel sleepy once the full effects settle in.

Using it throughout the day can be counter-productive, as you probably won’t be able to complete normal daily tasks.

This strain will start off with a gentle head high that works to uplift the mood and eliminate all of your stresses from the day. You will experience a rush of euphoria that will only intensify after around 15 minutes after the first toke.

It is usually a good idea to prepare some snacks before using this strain, as the head high can have a stimulating effect on the stomach. It will encourage a strong appetite that leaves you feeling snacky.

After about an hour or two, you will begin to come down from the high, with soothed muscles as the effects surge throughout the body, leaving you sleepy.

Side Effects

Purple Bubba Kush does not have many unwanted side effects, but due to its high potency, it is possible for you to feel dizzy, groggy, or even paranoid. The most common side effects are dry eyes and cottonmouth.

Medical Appointments

When it comes to its medicinal properties, people often turn to Purple Bubba Kush to help with a variety of different health concerns, and it is great for helping to provide long-lasting relief.

This strain can often help users to drift into a deep slumber, which is why those that battle with insomnia are able to use Purple Bubba Kush to aid them in getting a good night’s sleep.

It can also be used to help with other physical issues like pain, eye pressure, and muscle concerns, which can be soothed away. It can also be used to help lessen the symptoms of stress and depression whilst you are high.

Similar Strains

Some strains that are quite similar to the Purple Bubba Kush strain in terms of similar terpenes and effects are:

  • The Sheriff
  • Grape Gas #7
  • Goji OG
  • Vader OG

Strain Cannabinoids

  • THC: 19%
  • CBG: 1%
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