Puck Yeah Strain

Modern day cannabis has been bred and cross bred so many times that it’s hard to figure out where it all started. Luckily with some of some hybrid strains out there, like Puck Yeah, we’re able to trace their lineage.

This is great for figuring out what kind of high it gives, the side effects and the benefits. Put it this way, when they want to know what’s going on with you at the doctor, you almost always get asked about your family’s medical history, right? 

More than that, we go over all the different effects you can get from Puck Yeah. For the avid growers out there we even talk about how to get started and what you need to know when growing this particular strain.

But newbies don’t have to feel left out either! Read on to find out what to expect when expecting… a joint made from the Puck Yeah strain. See what we did there? 

Strain History 


Puck Yeah is an excitedly named crossbreed between Super Skelly Hash and Northern Lights#1. Being an indica dominant hybrid means it has a ratio of around 70% indica and 30% sativa.

What that means is that this strain is particularly good at giving a body high, as with most indicas, compared to a sativa which gives more of a head high. 


If Puck Yeah doesn’t sound familiar then maybe you’ve heard of Puck Hashplant, its other name.

No one’s quite sure who came up with the name Puck Yeah, but our guess is that it was the dry mouthed answer when someone asked, who wants some damn good kush?

Strain Appearance 

Green, purple, orange, brown, Puck Yeah is a rainbow of color, if rainbows smelt like beautiful skunk.

Unlike other strains, along the christmas tree shaped, deep green buds the pistils aren’t quite prominent but if you look hard enough you can see their yellow hairs shooting up along with the white trichomes. 

Strain Flavor 

If you’ve ever tasted diesel fuel, then you might have an idea of what this strain tastes like, also please go to a doctor. I’m worried about you.

If not then the best way to explain is to liken it to an earthy, sour taste. This means that Puck Yeah has a kick to it that other strains just don’t, and it might be a little too bitter for a newbie. 

Strain Aroma 

Similar to the flavor, once you dig into a nug you’re hit by a pungent earthy, diesel smell.

Oddly enough, when you mix the two, it makes for a very addictive and very strong aroma. It might be a little overpowering for newbies though, sorry guys this just is not your strain. 

Strain Cannabinoids 

Puck Yeah could only be so enthusiastic about the fact that it’s one of the stronger strains out there. Bred from the super rare Super Skelly Hash, which is also high in THC means it would have to be.

On average the THC content is around 22% but can even be as high as 25%.The CBD is as low as 0-2%.

Strain Terpenes 

Terpenes are compounds found in loads of different plants, particularly marijuana, that are responsible for their effects on the body and that lovely ganja smell.

The majority of cannabis has the terpene myrcene, as does Puck Yeah. But exclusive to Puck Yeah we also have the terpenes limonene, as well as caryophyllene.

Mixed together they contribute to the strong, chemical earthy whiff that is Puck Yeah. 

Strain Side Effects 

Along with the usual side effects that come with cannabis, like dry mouth and red eyes, and the occasional munchies, a more unique one that comes along with Puck Yeah is heightened sensory perception.

It feels a lot like that scene in twilight when Bella becomes a vampire and can see, hear, and smell everything a lot stronger than when she was human. Except you won’t be a vampire, you’ll just be high. 

Because of this, some people have also reported feeling panicky and paranoid when in contact with this strain. Unless you’re aware of what’s about to happen it can be a little overwhelming.

And given how rare this strain is, not many people are aware of these effects and assume it’s going to be a lot like your more common strains where you just feel relaxed and happy, maybe even a little creative. 

Medical Benefits 

Cannabis is probably one of the more effective alternative medicines out there for loads of different ailments. Now, remember, Puck Yeah is an incredibly rare strain.

So if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on some, here are some of things you can use it for. 

First and foremost, Puck Yeah is brilliant at treating insomnia. Since it’s an indica dominant strain, this means the kind of high you get is a body one.

Puck Yeah will leave your entire body relaxed, to the point where you don’t want to/maybe can’t move. Eventually leaving you to drift off to sleep.

This is unique to the Puck Yeah strain because of its chemical makeup. This means it’s probably not the best at keeping you focused so those with ADHD may want to choose another strain. 

Because of how relaxing this indica dominant strain is, it’s also handy for treating anxiety, stress, PMS, and lack of appetite.

And in general, it’s fantastic for treating most types of chronic pain, in particular those involving muscle spasms. This is because the indica relaxes the muscles. 

Strain Review 

With a strain as scarce as Puck Yeah, it’s only right that it’ll give a buzz just as rare. Starting in the head, the moment the Puck Yeah hits your bloodstream you can feel it’s uplifting effects instantly.

That gorgeous head high is more than enough to get the creative juices flowing.

But if you’re working work quickly because there’s only a limited amount of time you have in that euphoric state before the complete and total relaxation hits you and you find that there’s nothing you’d rather be doing than stuffing your face and taking a nice nap afterwards. 

Strain Grow Info 

For those looking to start growing their own Puck hash plant then look no further, here we have all the information you’ll need. With the right license and soil, you’ll be green fingered and green lunged in no time. Just, whatever you do, don’t green out. 

Strain Seeds

As mentioned all throughout, Puck Yeah is rare. In fact, Super Skelly Hash, Puck Yeah’s parent plant is rare which actually makes this hybrid super duper rare.

However the seeds are actually stocked by most good cannabis seed retailers. The problem is that they get sold out very quickly and are quite expensive.

Though there are wish lists you can be added to, to be notified of when it’s in stock again. Just make sure to get there quickly. 

Strain Flowering Time

Puck Yeah has a relatively average flowering time of around 48 to 61 days. It’s flowering type is photoperiod.

Photoperiod basically means it’s used to periods of darkness and light, like every other plant that follows the rhythm of the sun. One way of getting around this is by using indoor farming. 

Strain Yield 

Whether grown indoors or outdoors Puck Yeah isn’t too big of a hash plant and will generally always keep below 30 inches. However the yield can be quite varied, depending on the environment.

Puck Yeah grown indoors can yield around 1-2 oz per square foot. Whereas 12-20 oz per plant for outdoor. 

The actual quality of the kush, depending on how it’s grown, has yet to be tested. The debate around indoor vs outdoor farming is one that’s been going on for years and everyone you ask has a different answer.

How you grow your crop is going to depend on your circumstances. If you can afford it, indoor is probably the safest way to go as it keeps the plants safe from disease and mold, which Puck Yeah is unfortunately susceptible to.

But of course indoor farming requires a lot of equipment and investment. So before you decide to go with that choice make sure you have the time and funds.

Final Thoughts on Puck Yeah 

Puck Yeah, though rare, is definitely worth a try. In fact, it’s worth a try because it’s so hard to find. It’s like one of those things you just have to try, like skydiving.

And with how euphoric the head rush is and how it leaves your body feeling like jelly, it’s got a lot in common with skydiving. 

However, because of how calming and sedative-like this strain is, it’s probably best to take it in the evening rather than during the day.

Once you have some there’s only a matter of time before it is lights out. Because it’s around 25% THC you know this is the strong stuff. So it’s bound to pucker you out. 

With a strain this good, Puck Yeah you’ll want some more.

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