Primus Strain Review

On the hunt for a strong Indica-heavy bud? Primus is a big, joyful Indica high that will leave you feeling elevated and chilled out.

Developed by the craft cannabis connoisseurs at Sweetwater Farms in Cheney, Washington, this is a hybrid that goes hard on happiness with a comforting, arboreal flavor and scent. It’s a sofa-sticker and mind-expander that’s perfect for people with anxiety, pain, or who just want to relax and unwind after a long day.

Primus Strain Review

Strain History


Primus is a 70/30 Indica/Sativa hybrid cross between 303 Kush and Arcata Trainwreck. Claims abound that Primus has some alternative genetic background, but this is straight from the original breeders, and who better to ask than them?


This strain was dreamt up by Sweetwater Farms in Washington, a vaunted organic cannabis farm where science meets a great smoking experience.

Their dedication to the perfect nug knows no bounds, working on every aspect of the process of producing exceptional marijuana from soil chemistry to slow-curing their harvested flowers for the best end product you could hope for.

Strain Profile

Strain Appearance

Primus has a fairly unassuming appearance, with light, airy nugs that are charmingly round in shape. They’re adorned with bright orange hairs and sticky, resinous drops. While not being as attention-grabbing in the bag like some other showier strains, there’s a homespun craft attractiveness to Primus.

Strain Flavor

As a true Washingtonian strain, you might have some expectation of Primus being woodsy, folksy, and earthy. You would be exactly right. Primus delivers resinous pine notes that blend with a deep, earthy undertone and an enfolding sweetness that’s somehow also deeply savory, almost cheese-like.

This is a strain that speaks to the earth it was grown in and the forests it shares its home with.

Strain Aroma

Much like the flavor, Primus has notes of pine and musky earth on the nose. This is met with a spicy, sour edge that piques your interest when you open the bag, and which intensifies on being broken up and ground.

Strain Cannabinoids

Primus is a THC-heavy strain, with an average THC level of around 27 percent, occasionally reaching concentrations of 30 percent. There is virtually no CBD present in Primus, so this is a great strain for the THC aficionado.

Strain Terpenes

The exact terpene makeup of Primus is shrouded in the fog of mystery, but it is definitely strong in caryophyllene, with some myrcene in the mix as well.

Side Effects

The main negative effects of Primus are physical; the most reported downsides are a dry mouth and eyes, with a tiny fraction of people saying that smoking Primus makes them feel anxious.

Anxiety is always a possibility when trying a new strain, but it isn’t a widely reported problem. Just make sure you take things at your own speed.

Medical Benefits

Primus is a hugely uplifting strain that’s great for quelling depression and anxiety. It’s all about happiness with Primus, so if you’re experiencing a low mood it’s a great strain to turn to. It’s also a potent pain suppressant, working well against joint pain like arthritis and other chronic conditions.

Primus has a strong sedative effect, which means it can also be helpful for people who suffer from insomnia. A decent smoke of this late in the day should guide you to a long, happy sleep.

Strain Review

Primus Strain Review

Primus is a strong strain full of THC, but it’s nicely balanced and expresses itself in such a warm and friendly way that it’s appropriate for anyone. If you’re not a super-experienced THC head you’re best to approach with a little caution, but Primus isn’t here to trouble you. In fact, what Primus wants to do is lift you up and soothe your ills.

On first examination, you might not see Primus as anything particularly interesting to look at. In the bag, it presents as a fairly ordinary bud, but as you look closer you start to see the details that make it quite appealing, the bright hairs and dewy resin drops drawing you in.

Open the bag and take a breath and you’ll be met with a scent that is full of arboreal notes, pine, and earth, instantly starting your journey to a different headspace.

Once you break the bud down and grind it, you get an extra layer of sweet and sour scent that points towards the greater complexity of the flavor of this strain.

When you light up and take a hit, you release a flavor that’s subtle, complex, and moreish. Those woodsy outdoor notes are still there, pine and earth lifting and grounding the taste, but there’s a complex sweet-savory flavor that’s closest in comparison to cheese that fills the middle of the flavor profile.

The overall effect is creamy, rich, complex, and easy to smoke, all of the aspects of the flavor in total balance with each other.

Straight away, you’ll feel an onrushing sensation of peace and happiness. It comes in and floods you like light through the trees in a forest clearing, bathing your mind in contentment and euphoria.

Primus is a top-flight mood lifter, and as you find your state of mind elevating you may also notice a rise in creativity and abstract thought, as if removing your worries enables the little thoughts that live in the lower reaches of your brain to breathe and connect.

Primus is not an energetic strain, so as you experience this growth in happiness and creative connection you won’t find yourself running to grab a pen and paper. This is a strain that creates a space for your mind to wander contentedly rather than prompting you towards spontaneous genius.

You’ll find that as Primus takes you by the hand and guides you into this warm liminal space you will need nourishment (keep snacks on hand), and then comfort (be ready to relax, be it on the couch or in bed).

Pillowy hibernation is the order of the day when you’re traveling with Primus. It’s not a total knockout, so you won’t be pressed to your couch by an invisible hand from above, but you might find you don’t see a huge amount of reason to leave your nest.

With its immense, glowing shroud of euphoria, it makes a lot of sense that Primus is often the chosen strain of people who suffer from anxiety, depression, and stress.

Primus can unlock the shackles of these conditions and give your mind space to unwind, deflecting your fears and opening the window to a better view for a while. Its intensely relaxing nature is useful as an aid for sleep, so if you suffer from insomnia Primus may well be the guiding light you need to find a restful night.

Primus, like many Indica-heavy hybrids, is a great painkiller too. If you’re struggling with chronic pain, or have acute pain from an injury or migraine, Primus can be a top-quality medicine.

Combining its analgesic and mood-lifting properties makes for a great space for healing. Mental freedom and positivity are super-important for effective relief from pain, and Primus provides the perfect package to get you to a pain-free place.

Primus is also an effective anti-inflammatory, which will add extra punch in dealing with conditions like arthritis.

Due to the blissful, chilled-out nature of a Primus high, this is a strain that’s best consumed as the day is winding down. It’s perfect for establishing an atmosphere of quiet contentment as dusk falls, prior to an evening of calm vibes and then the ushering in of a great night’s sleep.

Alternatively, if you have a clear day you can treat yourself to a lengthy spell in Primus’ golden glow. Just don’t expect to get a whole bunch done, and enjoy your vacation from reality. This is the strain for you if you want to take life a little slower and a little more gently for a while.

Strain Grow Information

Unfortunately for the home-grower, Primus is a bit of a tricky beast. For one thing, seeds and clones are not available commercially which is a fairly hefty barrier right up front.

If you can find a friend who can get you a cutting you can clone it yourself, but it’s still a difficult strain to grow with a relatively low yield. If you’re looking for a challenge, or you just desperately want to try and grow it, then voyage forth and find your Primus.

If you’re trying to pick a strain that’s good for easy and abundant cropping, this isn’t the one for you.


Seeds are not available to buy, so you’ll have to ask around for a cutting to work from.

Flowering Time

Primus flowers after seven to eight weeks.

Strain Yield

After all of the hassle of obtaining cuttings and carefully growing Primus to harvest, you’re rewarded with a low-to-average yield. If you’re a major Primus devotee with green fingers then this might be worth your while, but this is a strain that you’re better off buying as a finished product.

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