Presidential OG Strain 

Whether you’re happy or not about the current president, this strain will take your mind off the politics and help you relax.  Presidential OG is a strain of marijuana that is also commonly known as “Presidential Kush” or “Presidential OG Kush”. 

Presidential OG Strain 

It is a popular indica-dominant hybrid strain that has an intense orange citrus and pine scent that is much sweeter than other Kush strains.  Although it is not as strong as other varieties of Kush such as OG Kush, its genetics are nicely balanced despite its genetics being mostly indica. 

Presidential OG was developed from a cross between the award-winning strain Bubble Gum with the classic OG Kush.  It’s the ideal strain for those tokers who have a penchant for flavor.  If you’re a real cannabis connoisseur, check this bud out.  

Strain History 

Presidential OG was first brought into the world by Royal Queen Seeds.  This strain is derived from the genetics of two other hybrid strains. 


Presidential OG is the product of combining the two hybrid strains Bubble Gum and OG Kush.  Both of its parent strains are indica-dominant hybrids, thus Presidential OG is 90% indica and 10% sativa. 


Presidential OG was first made by the company Royal Queen Seeds, who have stores located in Amsterdam and Barcelona. 

Strain Appearance 

Presidential OG yields beautiful, dense buds that are coated in resin.  Its color is a muted, earthy spring green with rust-colored pistils throughout.  Presidential OG is known for its small to medium-sized buds that bunch together in formations reminiscent of popcorn.  Some phototypes of this strain can have a faint purple hue. 

This occurs when anthocyanin pigments get stimulated by cooler temperatures while the buds are growing.  The buds are coated in cloudy-white trichomes, giving them a sticky texture and a shiny appearance.   

Strain Flavor 

This strain has a nice earthy flavor that’s also somewhat sweet.  It has hints of pine in addition to zesty citrus notes.  Some users report the flavor of oranges.

Strain Aroma 

Presidential OG’s aroma is described as pungent yet sweet, with notes of pine and citrus.  The aroma is also a blend of earthy and fruity.  

Strain Cannabinoids 

Presidential OG has a balance of 18% THC and 1% CBG.  

Strain Terpenes 

The dominant terpene in Presidential OG is Caryophyllene.  Caryophyllene has a peppery smell that’s slightly spicy.  It is also quite pungent with notes of diesel.  It is known for its relaxing properties and aids with sleep and anxiety relief.  You can also find this terpene in cloves and cinnamon.  Presidential OG also has the terpenes Myrcene, which has an herbal aroma, and Limonene which has a citrusy aroma.  

Strain Side Effects 

Reported side effects for this strain include dry mouth, dizziness, and dry eyes.  These are common side effects for many different strains of marijuana.  Other side effects include dizziness and sleepiness. 

Medical Benefits 

Presidential OG helps with a wide range of medical issues.  Its strong sedating effects help users with relaxing both the body and mind.  The terpene Caryophyllene that is dominant in Presidential OG is effective in treating anxiety as it promotes relaxation.  This also helps in aiding sleep and can be used as a treatment for insomnia. 

Additionally, it can be used to treat stress and chronic pain conditions.  It has been found that Presidential OG is an effective analgesic for annoying aches and pains.  Its sedative properties are also great for slowing a racing mind.  Because of this, it may provide relief from mental conditions such as anxiety, depression, and PTSD.  

Strain Review 

Presidential OG, being an Indica-dominant strain, is effective in calming both the body and mind.  It is best used at night time to aid in relaxation and sleep.  Users have reported it being effective at relieving pain and calming anxious thoughts.  Once sedation kicks in, many people experience a lift in their mood too. 

Its flavor is pleasantly sweet with notes of pine and zesty orange.  This strain produces a good level of sedation that lends itself to providing relief from stress, anxiety, pain, and insomnia.  At higher doses, however, some users may experience headaches, paranoia, and dizziness in addition to dry mouth and eyes.  

The clearheaded, easygoing euphoria provided by Presidential OG may be enough to convert some Sativa lovers to this Indica-dominant hybrid.  The sweet piny and citrusy flavor is another one of its characteristics that make this strain a real connoisseur’s bud.

At higher doses, users of Presidential OG may experience couchlock and a lack of productivity.  This is due to the heavy sedating effects of this strain.  You may also fin

When the buds are cured properly, the scent becomes more woodsy and lemony.  Once these buds are ground up, the notes of spice and incense from the trichomes become more apparent.  The flowers burn nice and evenly and produce a pleasantly smooth smoke and the taste is rather hash-like on the exhale.  

The stone from Presidential OG begins to set in rather quickly for an Indica-heavy strain.  Once smoked, waves of relaxation begin to spread outwards from within and through your limbs. 

Once the sedative effects begin to take hold, you may find that your eyes begin to feel heavy.  These effects are of a more dreamy nature rather than cerebral.  The high from this strain is ideal for alleviating stress and elevating the smoker’s general sense of well-being. 

Because of the thoroughly sleepy effects of this strain, it is best consumed in the evening or at night after a stressful, busy day.  Presidential OG is a great strain for unwinding and taking your mind off the stress of the day.  A few tokes of this and you’ll sleep like a baby.

Additionally, this strain is known to produce less paranoia than other strains, so it’s a good choice for cannabis patients who are prone to panic attacks.  

The nice, mellow high produced by Presidential OG makes it ideal for quiet nights in to alleviate the stress from a busy work life.  It can also be a good asset in buzzy-social settings, especially for those who tend to have social anxiety.  The calmness that this strain brings is perfect for quieting a mind that is prone to rushing and worrisome thoughts. 

For those who experience intrusive thoughts particularly at night time, and if this tends to affect your sleeping habits, then this strain of marijuana could provide a big help to you and to improve your well-being. 

Strain Grow Info 

Strain Grow Info

Presidential OG can be grown both indoors and outdoors, although growing indoors should provide a better yield.  Growing this strain outdoors is dependant on factors such as moisture and temperature. 

Dense Indica strains such as Presidential OG can be grown in most countries during the right season.  In wetter climates, however, close attention must be paid to avoid issues with mold and rot.  Also, for this reason, growers should pay close attention to the levels of humidity in the growing environment even when growing indoors.  

For growers who are looking to produce buds with that characteristic purple hue, you can do this by artificially “shocking” the plants by exposing them to cold temperatures during the night towards the end of the vegetative stage of the growing process. 

This stimulates the anthocyanin pigments which will produce darker, more purple-like colors in the buds.  This is purely for aesthetic reasons and does not affect the taste, aroma, or the high that is produced. 

Presidential OG tends not to grow too tall and stretch up too much like many other strains of Kush tend to do.  The smaller growth makes Presidential OG more manageable and it conserves space for more plants.  

Presidential OG is not known as one of the easier strains of cannabis for growing.  Because of this, it is not recommended for newcomers to try cultivating Presidential OG.  If you’re wanting to grow Presidential OG outdoors, it requires a warm Mediterranean-like climate.

Strain Seeds

Feminized seeds for Presidential OG can be purchased from many stores both online and at brick and mortar dispensaries.  It can also be purchased directly from the company that first created it, Royal Queen Seeds.  They have an online store in addition to stores based in Amsterdam and Barcelona, Spain.

Strain Flowering Time

Presidential OG will begin flowering at around the 8 to 9-week mark.  If grown outdoors, the buds will be ready for harvesting around early October. 

Strain Yield 

Presidential OG can yield 500 grams per square meter when grown indoors.  In other words, Presidential OG yields about 46 (1.6 ounces) per square foot.  This strain produces short, bushy plants of around three feet in height.  

When curing the buds after harvesting, the fresh flowers should be hung upside down to dry for around a week.  This should be done in ambient conditions of 70 degrees Fahrenheit and 50% humidity.   Following this, the dried buds should be sealed in airtight containers at the same temperature but increase the humidity to about 65%.

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