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In the modern world of marijuana cultivation strains are plentiful and vast. Picking between these strains can cause some serious confusion and can make you feel uneducated before you’ve even smoked the joint.

To have the best smoking experience you should be informed about what strains are used for certain purposes and what strain will suit you and why.

This avoids awkward smoking experiences when you get too high or smoking an indica in the morning and being unproductive the rest of the day. We have listed the best strains for certain purposes and times, so that you don’t waste time or money. 

One of the first things to learn is the two main varieties of the cannabis genus, cannabis indica, and cannabis sativa. Indica or ‘Kush’ is generally more of a downer and relaxing night time smoke, whereas sativa or ‘Haze’ is much more of an ‘upper’ and stimulates rather than sedates.

It is always worth remembering that marijuana is a plant like any other, and like other plants they have their own medicinal and recreational uses.

Best Strains For Insomnia

Black Marijuana

Marijuana can be a great sedative drug that can help people fall asleep when they usually can’t. Marijuana can also decrease how much you dream which is perhaps desirable for PTSD sufferers.

Indica or ‘Kush’ is commonly the best for this purpose as it gives a body high and can calm the mind.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights is a classic strain that has been around for a long time, so its insomnia curing effects are well reported. The strain is a mix of both Thai and Afghani landrace strains which are some of the oldest and ‘original’ indica strains.

So you can rely on generations of smoker’s reports that this restrain relaxes muscles and induces sleep.

Hindu Kush

Hindu Kush is a rare 100% Indica strain that is as old as the mountains that this landrace lies on along the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan. The cloudy mountainside birthed this mystical strain whose sedative qualities have been sung from these mountains since early man found the plant.

The pure genetics of the landrace make it 100% indica and a perfect smoke for going night night due to its natural potency

Black Marijuana Strain

The dramatic name of this strain alludes to its indica heavy buds that often look black with terpenes and kushy goodness. This is a more recent strain that has gained recent popularity for its heavy kush high.

At 90% Indica this is another evening smoker, the small traces of sativa help balance out the relaxing high with euphoria. At 20-25% thc this one is sure to make you see black.

Best Strains For Pain Relief

Many pot smokers find that high THC strains can help them reduce chronic pain that they may suffer from.

Either because of muscle relaxation or just having your mind on something else, or both, indica strains are often considered the best for chronic pain relief.

A Dub

A Dub was ranked number 2 in High Times 2014 list of ‘Strongest strains on Earth’ so the pain relief of this strain is through the roof. With a THC content of 25-35% there is no wonder this strain is popular among chronic pain sufferers.

At 80% indica your body will feel numb while also being balanced by the sativa euphoria. The strength of this strain makes it perfect for pain relief. A dub is an example of how modern genetic breeding has become optimised for medicinal smokers.

Grandaddy Purp

Another kush heavy classic strain, you only have to talk to the strains originator to hear about its medicinal benefits. Tom Estes was a quadraplegic for most of his life after a motorcycle crash.

Tom’s own testimony speaks to the powerful sedation of this strain he created, he says he stopped taking his pain medication and replaced it with Grandaddy Purp and reports its success. With 75% Indica dominance and a THC content of 20-23%, we can see why.

Emperor Cookie Dough

A great riff on the classic Girl Scout Cookies that won the 2016 High Times ‘Strongest Strain on Earth’ award for its 28-31% THC potency.

The original Girl Scout Cookies has been leveled up with the addition of Emperor OG here making a very strong strain that has some amazing euphoric qualities that render its user relaxed and numb.

For those who want a lighter smoke but with similar qualities Girl Scout Cookies is a great place to look and is widely available. 

Best Strains For Anxiety And Depression


Many sufferers of mental health issues find that the sweet mary jane offers temporary relief to anxiety and depression. Often it is the sativa based strains that create a large amount of euphoria, uplifting, and energy inducing highs.

Golden Goat

Golden Goat is a popular chemovar that has recently emerged as a great reliever for anxiety and depression. The strain is renowned for induce energetic mood swings and euphoria.

Many users report being anxiety free after smoking this sativa heavy strain. Many report this as the perfect sativa dominant hybrid with 65% sativa to bring you up and 35% indica to anchor you down to earth and stop any anxiety inducing head highs.

Jack Herrer

Jack herrer is a classic and historical strain, you only have to trust the Hemperor himself to hear of how this strain induces creativity while also reducing anxiety and depression.

The euphoric uplift of this strain really helps those who want to get away from negative thought processes and replace them with potentially creative ones.

At 55/45 sativa dominant split and a medium THC content of 18-20% this is a great strain to lift your mood without inducing head spinning highs.

Strawberry Cough

This strain’s mysterious genetics led to a rumour that this strain was designed to be the best for curing anxiety and depression. While this has never been proven fact, its users report very similar effects.

Many regard Strawberry Cough as the ultimate sativa with 80% dominance and only 19-21% THC content. It’s another small pick me up throughout your day that can help take your mind off the blues.

Best Strain For Writer’s Block

Sometimes when we hit the writer’s block and are struggling with a creative project, smoking marijuana can help us unlock new thought processes, induce creativity, as well as providing a new angle to tackle your project.

Many opt for sativas as the energy and mood boost and help those struggling with a concept.

Snoop’s Dream

As Snoop says himself ‘the more medicated, the more dedicated’. This strain is a combination of two of Snoop’s favorite strains that make this indica dominant hybrid that induces creativity rather than sleep.

Many users suggest it is a more relaxed creative high than the sativa dominant ones and clears the anxiety of deadlines and helps you get some distance from your ideas.

With a THC potency of 21-25% it can provide a pretty thought inducing high that even Snoop himself will vouch for.

Cinderella 99

This belle of the ball is a genetic ancestor of the Jack Herrer plant, as wel as the princess strain, two already notable strains for their uplifting and creative effects.

So theres no dispute that Cinderella 99 would induce creative thoughts as its predecessors do. It’s a perfect hybrid for daytime smoking that provides a head rush that rolls its way down through the body.

Pick some of this up if you want clarity and creative thought processes.


AK-47 is one of those cool strains that is a genetic child of landrace strains.from Colombia, Mexico, Thailand, and Afghanistan. So you can guarantee this one has been around for a while.

While its exact genetic and cannabinoid disposition remains shrouded in mystery, the reported effects have consensus that the effects are uplifting and euphoric. Its hybridity with the indica variety makes it perfect for pushing through that writer’s block. 

A Final Word

As you can see, there are so many different strains around for many different purposes, both medicinal and recreational. The benefit of decriminalised and legal marijuana markets means we can understand and prescribe the drug where necessary.

Marijuana has many, now proven, medicinal benefits and if you are the right kind of person marijuana could help these listed problems without giving in to the pharmaceutical industry.

To really get the most from the plant you need to understand strains and how the naturally occurring features correlate to specific activities most of the time. The most basic understanding you should have is that indicas are great for body highs, relieving pain, and inducing sleep.

Whereas sativas are energy inducing, uplifting, and induce creative thoughts. Many modern strains are hybrids of both so that you can take from each to make a strain that has been optimised for a specific situation. 

If you are ever at a loss, just ask your local budtender, like a good bartender, they will be full of information and recommendations that will be relevant to the needs you report to them

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