Platinum Punch Strain Review

Platinum Punch is a fairly new strain of marijuana which means there isn’t a ton of information about it readily available to most people. Luckily for you, finding this information, testing, and sharing what we have found is what we do!

Platinum Punch Strain Review

For a quick bit of detail into this mysterious strain, we can tell you that it’s a relaxing treat with a focusing element that tastes fruity with a hint of citrus. But we know you want more than just a sentence worth of information, so let’s dive into the juicy stuff. 


Platinum Punch has a super high THC content with an absolutely ridiculous average of 28%.

This means that people who suffer from conditions like chronic stress, chronic anxiety, and overwhelming appetite loss will find the Platinum Punch strain to be an amazing medication to treat their conditions.

Its genetics can help with more than just those three issues too, so if you want to see the full list, scroll down to our “Medical appointments” section.

The downside to such a large THC content is how easily it might overpower you. If you are new to using cannabis, we recommend that you either stay away from Platinum Punch for now or have an experienced user watch over you to keep you grounded.

What Is Platinum Punch Strain?

Platinum Punch is a Sativa dominant strain with the raito balancing at 70% Sativa and 30% Indica.

Sativa has an uplighting effect which is one reason why Platinum Punch’s 70% ratio is a great sign for recreational users. These uplifting qualities allow you to smoke in the daytime and during high levels of social interaction, which is perfect for anxious people. 

In some strains, you might also experience a creativity boost along with the energy surge, but we haven’t experienced that effect with Platinum Punch.

That is where the Indica ratio jumps in. The low-level Indica percentage shows up in the relaxing effects, which Platinum Punch is great for. It relaxes you just enough to be aware of yourself as you start your social tango, but not enough to make you want to snooze on the couch.

How Was Platinum Punch Developed

Platinum Punch was cross bred from Platinum Wreck and Fruit Punch, which made creating the name for this hybrid very easy. Platinum Punch has inherited the berry and fruit flavors found in Fruit Punch, and the focusing social boost was taken from Platinum Wreck.

The combination created a fruity and delicious flavored version of the ordinarily woody tasting social encouragement.


This brings us neatly into the complex flavors you can expect from Platinum Punch. First, you will be hit with the sweet taste of fresh fruit with a slight overtone of citrus.

Dancing in between these two refreshing flavors is a spicy tingle. After a while, the spicy will turn a little sour, and the citrus will gravitate towards a more herbal taste.

Odor And Flavor

As soon as you pull apart the Platinum Punch nugs, you will catch a wave of sharp sour essence. As you smoke the joint, you’ll notice a spicy, almost black peppery aroma, but the strongest flavors will also be the fruity and berry-like fragrance.

Physical Appearance

As you might expect from a strain which calls itself “Platinum,” the nugs of this breed are super frosty, with a dense and heavy structure. They come out in a popcorn-like shape with bright and even neon colors of green.

The wispy hairs are a vivid orange, but the crystal trichomes cover most of it with their platinum white frosting.

Grow Info

Platinum Punch has a short height and a wide berth due to its bushy nature. This makes it easy for beginners to grow, as you can spot any damage or mold on the leaves. 

To release the vivid colors into the buds, you need to expose the plant to cooler evenings right before they are about to flower. This means that indoor growers might have more luck than outdoor growers due to the amount of control they have.

If you are growing the Platinum Punch outdoors, you can expect a harvest in early to mid October. If you are growing indoors, the plants should reach maturity in 60 to 75 days.


The main effect of smoking Platinum Punch is the undeniable euphoria. It is also the effect that hits you first, but it won’t take you long to then begin feeling a hyper focus.

All this intensity does come with a relaxing energy that un-tenses the stresses you have been holding in your body.

Side Effects

There aren’t any major side effects with Platinum Punch. You might experience some dry eyes, or a dry mouth, both of which can be treated and prevented by drinking plenty of water.

Some people, after taking a higher dose than normal, may start to feel a little dizzy. If this happens to you, drink some water and eat some snacks.

Medical Appointments

As we said before, Platinum Punch is an amazing anxiety reliever as well as a stress reliever, but there are a lot more varied ways in which this strain could help you.

If you suffer from appetite loss, this strain makes you hungry, so it can help you eat your food. If you find it hard to sleep, Platinum Punch has a drowsy effect which kicks in a couple of hours after usage. 

If you suffer from depression, the euphoric and happy feelings that Platinum Punch can produce can be a great turn in your day. And If ADD or ADHD makes it hard for you to focus, then this strain can help you stay on track.

Similar Strains

If you would like more strains to help you reach that euphoric feeling, we suggest Spiked Punch, Captain America OG, and Soul Shine.

Strain Cannabinoids

Platinum Punch is a Sativa dominant strain with a ratio of 70% to 30%. It has a THC level of 28% and a CBC level of less than 1%.

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