Platinum GSC Strain

Platinum GSC, or Platinum Cookies, is a 60/40 Indica-dominant marijuana hybrid that was originally developed in California. It is seen as the next stage of evolution of the famous GSC (Girl Scout Cookies) strain.

Now it is regarded as one of the most popular hybrid strains on the market across the world. It has an impressive lineage throughout its family tree, with Durban Poison, OG Kush, and one other unknown strain being its parents.

Platinum GSC Strain

Both of these strains are famed for their potency and powerful effects when consumed, and Platinum GSC is no different. It has a full-bodied, earthy, yet sweet flavor, whilst it smokes smoothly, giving off quite a potent aroma.

It provides the euphoric cerebral highs of a Sativa, with the relaxing and body soothing high of Indica. Smoking this strain can make you feel energized and creative, introspective and present.

It will elevate your mood and consciousness whilst alleviating any aches and pains in your body with its mild body buzz.

Strain History


Platinum GSC was created with the crossing of OG Kush, Durban Poison, and one other, currently unknown strain. OG Kush is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain, with a high THC content of 20-25%.

It was created by crossing the hybrid Chemdawg with a pure Indica Hindu Kush landrace.

The Hindu Kush is regarded as a genetically pure strain that grows in its natural environment and hasn’t been crossed with another strain.

Durban Poison is a powerful Sativa that packs a THC content of 17-26%. It’s no wonder that Platinum GSC packs so much punch, considering its esteemed lineage.


Platinum GSC was originally developed in California. The original Cookies strain was created at Cookies Fam in San Francisco, by Gilbert Anthony Milam Jr (aka Berner) and his colleague Jai (aka Jigga).

Strain Appearance

Platinum GSC leaves are a rich sage green, whilst the buds contain dashes of purple with vibrant orange hairs. They are completely covered in a dense layer of sparkling, resinous, crystal trichomes.

Strain Flavor

Much like its sister strain GSC, Platinum GSC was created to produce a delightfully sweet cookie flavor. It has fruity notes of berry and grape, with mint tones, whilst it has an earthy, spicy, cinnamon undertone.

It has a full-bodied and heady taste, that is delightfully smooth to smoke. Furthermore, it has a skunky diesel taste as a result of its lineage, which is similar to several Kush varieties.

Strain Aroma

The aroma of this strain is similar to its flavor, with a spicy, earthy aroma that is complemented by the sweet and fruity berry notes. It has a particularly potent, powerful, and pungent skunky smell that will quickly fill a room.

Strain Cannabinoids

The strain regularly has a THC content of between 18-24%, though some samples have contained up to a massive 28%. Its CBD content ranges between 0.32% and 1.14%, whilst it has a CBG content of 0.22% to 2.02%.

Strain Terpenes

Platinum GSC is loaded with tones of terpenes, providing a wide range of aromatic, and therapeutic properties. Caryophyllene brings aromas of cinnamon and cloves, whilst relieving anxiety and pain, reducing cholesterol, preventing Osteoporosis, and treating seizures.

Myrcene can be found in thyme and lemongrass, which brings earthy aromas to the strain. It has strong muscle-relaxant capabilities, with strong sedative effects, helping out those with insomnia or associated sleeping difficulties.

Limonene has strong citrus aromas of lemons and oranges, whilst it has antibacterial and antimicrobial effects. Carene has a citrusy and cypress aroma; it is believed to improve bone health and has anti-inflammatory effects.

Terpineol has a lilac aroma, it carries antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and anti-seizure properties. Geraniol is known for its delicate rose and floral, sweet notes, whilst its medicinal benefits include pain reduction and anti-inflammatory and antifungal benefits.

Ocimene offers a sweet, woodsy fragrance that acts as has anticonvulsant, antifungal, and antitumor properties. It has also been known to act as an effective decongestant.

Side Effects

Much like many high content THC strains, the most reported side effects from Platinum GSC are dry eyes and quite intense dry mouth. Keep hydrated when smoking this strain to remain comfortable.

Eye drops are great for refreshing those dry red eyes, though taking in some fresh air will also help reduce these symptoms. There are numerous reports of users experiencing dizziness and paranoia with this strain, so it’s important to take it easy and use it in moderation to avoid that potential issue.

This is not a strain for inexperienced smokers and even experienced marijuana connoisseurs should take a steady approach, and smoke this strain in moderation.

Medical Benefits

Platinum GSC is a particular favorite amongst medicinal cannabis users due to it being fully loaded with numerous terpenes. Its high THC content acts as an incredibly effective painkiller to help treat chronic pain, headaches, migraines, and arthritis.

It’s suitable for treating muscle aches and soreness, whilst it can alleviate the frequency of muscle spasms. The CBG content, though quite low, helps to fight inflammation, pain, and nausea.

It’s known to reduce the eye pressure associated with glaucoma, as well as helping treat conditions such as Crohn’s disease, cancer, and inflammatory bowel disease.

Those recovering from chemotherapy have found that it helps improve their appetite and combat any nausea they are feeling. This strain is commonly used to help those suffering from depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders.

This strain is also effective at treating insomnia, as heavier doses will send you off into a dreamy sleep state. Those with social anxiety can also benefit greatly from using this strain.

The elevated head high will relax your mind and make engaging others in conversation an enjoyable activity.

Strain Review

Platinum GSC is undoubtedly a top-drawer marijuana strain. It’s no wonder that it’s widely regarded as one of the most famous and popular hybrid strains across the globe.

Its rich heritage is evident in its lineage, with its parents of OG Kush and Durban Poison, each famous in their own right.

It combines the uplifting and energizing head high of its Sativa heavy parents, whilst also giving the user an enjoyable and light buzz throughout their body. However, if consumed in large quantities, this strain will leave you spaced out on the sofa, in a blissful, hazy, state.

It is a potent strain, that tastes positively delicious like its sister strain GSC. Its delightfully sweet cookie flavor is accented with sweet, minty, spicy tones. It’s undoubtedly a smoker’s delight.

The skunky diesel taste will please those who enjoy its parent strain, Durban Poison, whilst the aromas will give you an insatiable appetite to consume more.

It produces an incredibly potent smell that is cut through by the sweetness, if your nose could salivate, this is the strain that would do it.

It’s fully loaded with numerous terpenes and offers relief of symptoms, and treatment, for a huge number of health issues. Furthermore, it’s great for reducing physical pain throughout the body, helps fight disease, and can encourage even the most withdrawn individual to come out of their shell.

It is suitable for use in the daytime for experienced users, as long as it’s used in moderation. A great strain for engaging creativity, meditation, and social situations, it will help you find focus and clarity in your mind and life.

Platinum GSC is a truly outstanding, well-rounded strain that offers great taste, pungent aromas, wide-ranging medicinal benefits, and will leave the user feeling elevated and engaged. If you haven’t tried this strain yet, then I highly recommend that you do.

Strain Grow information

This resilient strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors, as it is quite resistant to disease and pests. It is recommended to check the plant regularly for signs of pests, such as spider mites.

If you notice any specks of white, orange, or yellow, there might be an infestation. You can use either commercial pesticides or homemade solutions to combat any infestation. It will grow most efficiently in warm, dry, Mediterranean-type climates with low humidity.

It grows to a medium height, which produces average size yields, both indoors and out. Furthermore, it’s important to regularly tend to the top leaves to allow light, oxygen, and nutrients to reach all the surface area of the plant.

If it is financially viable, then growing outdoors in a greenhouse can produce excellent results, with an improved yield due to being outside, yet it’s well protected from the elements and any potential pests.

To produce the most potent strain, you can harvest when the trichomes change to an opaque, white color.

If it’s left past this point, the THC will turn into cannabinol (CBN), which has health benefits and can be used in the treatment of pain, insomnia, and inflammation.


Due to its huge popularity, it’s no surprise that Platinum GSC seeds are in such high demand. They are available both online and at dispensaries in legal states.

The strain’s mighty lineage makes it a popular choice for growers. As Platinum GSC has two children, in Candyland and Scooby snacks, many green-fingered aficionados will look to cultivate these from the seeds of their Platinum GSC.

Flowering Time

Platinum GSC reaches its flowering stage at around 8-10 weeks.

Strain Yield

Indoor growing of this strain will see yields of about 12 ounces per square meter, producing quite small buds that are covered in trichomes. Outdoor growers can expect to yield around 16 ounces per plant, with the ideal time to harvest is early to mid-October.

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