Pitbull Strain

A product from award-winning Sugar Plum and first-ever clone P-91, this Pitbull strain is a winner already. This 80% Indica bud will give you a powerful body high, with its 20% Sativa side giving you a feeling of positivity and euphoria, making you feel like you can take on whatever the world throws at you.

The creators of award-winning Sugar Plum have knocked it out of the park by producing this Pitbull strain that carries a gorgeous pineapple taste with some earthy comforting tones. It even has significant medical benefits such as helping with mood disorders such as anxiety, depression, and stress due to its feel-good effect on the mind.

However, its main benefits revolve around the body. This bud has amazing qualities that help reduce any chronic pain you may be experiencing, be it muscle pain, arthritis or headaches. An added bonus is that its relaxing effect can even help those suffering from insomnia!

Pitbull Strain

Are you an experienced smoker looking for something a little stronger that’s going to blow your mind away? Or maybe you’re experiencing aches and pains that are keeping you up at night? Look no further, we may have found the perfect bud for you. Read on as we’ll cover all you need to know about this Pitbull strain.

Strain History

As the name suggests, this is a relatively strong strain that will give you a powerful high. Therefore, it is best for more experienced users. Interestingly, there is quite some controversy and mixed opinions that have been following this strain. Some have described it as a tenacious and aggressive option, really living up to its name.

On the other hand, others state that this strain has received unfair judgment by naming it aggressive and state it is just a pretty strong option. It was created in the early 2000s by Stoney Girl Gardens, a US seed company. It is a mix between P-91 and award-winning Sugar Plum, which was also created by them.

This bud leans more towards Indica, so its high will hit you hard and throughout your whole body.


This strain has some pretty impressive parents called P-91 and Sugar Plum. P-91 is a cross between Northern Lights and it is then crossed with itself three times.

It is known as the ‘clone only’ strain as it is the only strain to have been cloned with itself to make a new strain. This was an example of experimental breeding. It was done by using a Northern Lights female, crossing it with a Northern Lights male, and then crossing it over again with the original Northern Lights mother plant. It carries a long-lasting Indica relaxation combined with a Sativa buzzy feel.

P-91 carries a citrusy scent with a hint of ammonia reminiscent of cleaning products. Its taste is lemony and sweet with hints of a damp earth feel.

Pitbull’s other parent, Sugar Plum, is an award-winning Sativa strain. As the name suggests, it has a sweet, sugar, tropical fruit flavor that leaves users hooked.

The taste only intensifies the more you smoke it, leading to smokers having too much and leaving them with a bit of paranoia. Its aromas are earthy, fruity, and sweet. W

ith this delicious bud as Pitbull’s parent, you know you won’t be disappointed. With its sweet and fruity taste derived from Sugar Plum and its earthy musky tones from P-91, you can be assured that the best genetics have been used to create this wonderful bud.


Pitbull was created in the early 2000s by Stoney Girl Gardens, a philanthropic seed company in the USA.

This company has an impressive story, as they were founded in 1999 by a 4th stage cancer patient named Jenifer Valley. She is an activist for Medical Marijuana. They are the creators of 24 strains across 9 countries and are have the largest seed bank reserves in the US.

They don’t just create hybrids, they produce fine true breeder quality seeds. Their exclusive signature series breeds have won first place in the Oregon Medical Cannabis Awards, not once but twice!

They have also been featured several times in articles such as the High Times. It’s safe to say that anything you purchase from this company is going to be of top-end quality.

Strain Appearance

This Pitbull strain grows to a medium to large-sized plant. Its buds are light green and can be loose and fluffy with some heaviness to them. Its flowers carry a somewhat spade shape with olive-green leaves that twist around the plant accompanied by some vibrant orange pistils.

Occasionally this strain will begin to show hints of purple in its leaves, as a result of being agitated by colder weather during the growing process. If grown indoors it’s likely to resemble a bush, but outdoors it will tend to tower out.

Occasionally, translucent white trichomes cover this plant, giving it a dewy sheen. The plants are also mite resistant!

Strain Flavor

This strain has a delicious fruity taste, leaning towards a pineapple flavor on your tongue. This taste lingers even when you finish inhaling, leading to a need to go back for more. This element has clearly been derived from its parent Sugar Plum, a strain with a very moreish feel.

This bud also carries several earthy tones, derived from its parent P-91 and from its grandparent Northern Lights, which is known for its earthy taste.

Strain Aroma

This is a very fragrant plant and smells like tropical fruit with a hint of earthy and skunky notes. It carries the typical fragrance of marijuana, but has a pineapple aroma and on closer inspection, very many citrus elements. Attentive smokers will be able to detect its floral aroma such as lavender, which leads to the sedative nature of this strain.

Strain Cannabinoids

With this bud, there is some speculation about its cannabinoids. Some state that although the breeders claim that this strain carries a high THC level of 36%, testing labs have only found the bud to carry between 10% and 21%.

Other samples have tested at 25%, all in all, it is still a relatively high THC level so caution should be taken when consuming to avoid taking too much in a short amount of time. Its CBD content is very low, between 0.2 and 0.5%.

Strain Terpenes

All terpenes of this Pitbull strain are unknown except for linalool, which adds to its floral scent. It is also responsible for its relaxed and sleepy feeling qualities.

Strain Side Effects

This strain, like many others, can lead to the typical side effects of a dry, thirsty mouth and dry eyes. Having water at a hand is a very useful tip to help with these side effects.

Some users have also reported feeling paranoia and dizziness. It’s important to remember that this strain can have high THC levels, so smoking too much too soon can lead to unwanted effects.

Medical Benefits

Proven to be successful among people with mood disorders such as depression, stress, and anxiety as when you smoke this strain, it seeps into your brain resulting in a wave of euphoria.

There are also benefits relating to the body. It has a somewhat numbing effect, which could help with chronic pain, and sufferers from chronic pain have been known to use this strain to fight those effects.

It has also been known to help patients with insomnia, as the Indica effects help put you to sleep. It has also been said to help patients who suffer from nausea.

Strain Review

This strain has been said to be best used in the evening, as its Indica effects will leave you sleepy and relaxed. However, its Sativa side can also trigger a euphoric head high making you feel happy.

One notable comment is that it is said to taste amazing, a quality that is clearly derived from its parent Sugar Plum. It is great to use with friends, as it can give you giggles.

Some have also reported experiencing hallucinogenic effects when taking a lot. If this is something that you do not want to experience, then it is best to consume slowly. This strain will leave you stuck on your couch for hours, which is perfect for cold wintery days, or lazy lounging Sundays.

Strain Grow Info


This strain is interesting, as breeders Stoney Girl Gardens do not sell these seeds online. You can sometimes find them in some stores, but you may question their reliability.

As a result of this, if you’d like to grow them yourself, you can grow them from a few clippings and grow your very own clone! This may be better off as you don’t have to deal with any germination shenanigans!

Flowering Time

This plant is known for being a tenacious grower. Its strong genetics make it a pretty resilient option to grow and it can face most growing hardships, so it can be done both indoors and outdoors. When grown indoors, it has a relatively short flowering time of around 6 to 7 weeks. They will likely be ready by mid-September.

Strain Yield

When grown properly this plant can produce a significantly high yield at 20 plus ounces.

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