Pink Sunset Strain

Pink Sunset might not be one of the most known cannabis strains out there, but it’s certainly got a great and impressive lineage!

A few of the most famous cannabis strains have gone into the genetic makeup of this particular plant, which of course combines many of their characteristics into a fantastic and unique strain all on its own!

If you’re interested in finding out more about Pink Sunset, then this article is for you! We’ve got all of the information you need – the origins and genetics of the strain, the cannabinoid content and prominent terpenes, and information about growing.

Plus, there’s information on side effects and possible medical benefits. SO, if you want to know more about this great strain, then read on!

Strain History

Pink Sunset is the less famous cousin of Sunset Sherbert. It’s actually a specially bred indica phenotype of Sunset Sherbert, a very popular hybrid strain. However, Pink Sunset certainly has plenty of its own characteristics, and isn’t in any way an exact copy of Sunset Sherbert!


Pink Sunset has its genetic roots in quite a few other cannabis strains – it’s got a large family! As a phenotype of Sunset Sherbert, its roots are in Girl Scout Cookies, itself an extraordinarily popular cannabis strain with worldwide popularity.

It’s known for sure that Pink Sunset also has other family members, but it’s hard to find out exactly which strains are most responsible for her lineage.

The most commonly associated strains with Pink Sunset are OG Kush and Cherry Pie, which both play a part in the genetic makeup of this strong and euphoric bud.

It’s certain that the original Sunset Sherbert strain was a hybrid of Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties. This means that Pink Sunset not only has a large family tree, but one that incorporates a lot of absolutely amazing strains!


Just as the precise genetic makeup of Pink Sunset is difficult to ascertain, the exact origin of Pink Sunset is also difficult to be certain of. One thing is known for certain, however.

Pink Sunset has its origins in a San Francisco based breeder and grower, Mr Sherbinski. He’s responsible for developing both Sunset Sherbert and Pink Panties – Sunset Sherbert being itself a hybrid of Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties.

Therefore, although it’s not clear exactly who created this particular strain, we can be sure that Mr Sherbinski had a hand in its creation.

Strain Appearance

While not an ugly flower, Pink Sunset isn’t likely to win any awards for beauty either. As cannabis goes, it’s a rather plain, unassuming bud. The buds are usually small to medium sized, and rather dense.

Considering the name, you might be expecting some hints of the color pink here, but sadly that’s not the case except maybe in the right light.

Instead, you have a plain looking green color throughout, with quite a few orange pistils. So, not the prettiest looking weed – but then again, looking at it is only part of the fun!

Strain Flavor

One of the great things about Pink Sunset is it’s flavor! It’s absolutely packed with lots of fruity flavors. You’ll likely notice hints of many fruits – users have reported notes of berries, lemons, and oranges.

This sweetness lingers in the aftertaste too! It’s also known for having some detectable flowery flavors – not everybody seems to notice these, but there are certainly a number of people who detect a certain flowery taste to the smoke!

Most people will definitely agree, however, that the most notable things about the taste of this strain are the sweetness, and the strong berry flavors.

Strain Aroma

Just like the flavor, the aroma of Pink Sunset is packed full of many fruity and sweet scents! You’ll definitely notice the strong citrus theme, with lemon and orange scents being very prominent.

There are also noticeable lavender scents here – indeed, some find these to be very strong indeed. You may also notice hints of pine, and possibly nuts here and there. However, these aromas don’t really manifest themselves in the smoked flavor of Pink Sunset.

Strain Cannabinoids

In terms of cannabinoids, Pink Sunset leans very firmly on one side. It’s almost completely dominated by THC in this regard, with THC content in the region of 16%. This isn’t far off the 18% of its more potent cousin Sunset Sherbert.

Looking at the CBD content… well, you’ll have to look hard. Simply put, there might as well not be any. You’re looking at percentage scores of 0% – essentially, just trace amounts of CBD, if any at all.

Strain Terpenes

Terpenes are aromatic compounds, produced in nature by many plants. Cannabis strains are well known for their terpene contents, of course – as they’re often known for their powerful and complex aromas. And terpend contents are a way of classifying cannabis strains too.

Pink Sunset is most rich in the terpene myrcene. This is responsible for many earth and peppery scents and flavors.

Myrcene is actually the most common terpene, and is found in many other plants and flowers. After myrcene, the next most abundant terpenes in Pink Sunset are caryophyllene and humulene.

Strain Side Effects

Side effects and adverse reactions are possible with all cannabis strains. When smoked, it’s not uncommon for users to notice a dry mouth and dry eyes – it’s an unfortunate byproduct of inhaling smoke and being in a smoky environment.

A glass of water and some eye drops can remedy these complaints.

If you ingest too much Pink Sunset, like all cannabis strains, it’s possible to feel dizzy, and possibly nauseous. Anxiety and paranoia are also possible side effects, particularly if you consume past your limit.

This is why it’s always important for new users to only consume in a safe environment, with people who can help and take care of you!

Medical Benefits

Pink Sunset has been used to help relieve symptoms of stress, as it’s a good smoke for relaxation. It’s also of potential benefit for those with insomnia, as it can be quite a strong smoke with sleepy aftereffects.

Indeed, it can be considered to be quite a lethargic strain – which might mean that it’s best consumed after work, not before. Physically, it may be useful in pain relief too – perhaps in part due to the soothing and extremely relaxing effect it can have.

Strain Review

As strains go, Pink Sunset is a pretty fun one! It’s got a fruity aroma that’s sure to please, and certainly matches the flavor too! It’s pleasant to smoke – the first toke will give you such a fruity hit that you’ll be wanting the second straight away!

Pace yourself though, as although the THC content isn’t the highest, at 16%, it’s still enough to put you on your back if you’re not careful.

Strain Grow Info

If you’re interested in growing Pink Sunset yourself, read on to find out some vital growing information for growers!

Strain Seeds

Pink Sunset, while certainly a viable option for growing at home, likely isn’t the best choice for novice growers. A more advanced hand might be required to get the best out of this strain.

That doesn’t mean that it’s particularly difficult to grow – in fact, it’s a very good grower both indoors and outdoors. It just may take a little more work!

It’s best to use the Sea Of Green method with this strain. It’s a sturdy, hardy grower, producing stout plants about 5 feet at most in height.

It’s certainly easiest to grow this particular strain indoors, as you have far more control over many important factors – lighting, temperature, humidity, as well as possibly having extremely fine control over nutrients and timings,

Strain Flowering Time

With Pink Sunset, you’re probably looking at a flowering time of around 7-9 weeks. This certainly doesn’t put Pink Sunset anywhere near the fastest growing strains – but of course, good things come to those who wait. Make sure to prune foliage often, as Pink Strain can produce a lot of it.

This can make it harder for air to circulate, and can make it difficult for any moisture to evaporate – creating potential for mold to grow.

Strain Yield

Grown indoors, with careful moderation of important factors, it’s possible for Pink Sunset to yield approximately 10-12 ounces of buds per square meter.

Outdoors, the situation could be even better given favorable conditions. Pink Sunset is a resilient plant, and can grow in many different situations. If growing outdoors, harvest between the end of September and the middle of October. Depending on climate and growing conditions, you can expect each plant to yield at least 12 ounces.


Pink sunset is a delicious, flowery and fruity smoke, with an impressive taste and potency that proves it’s genetic heritage. It certainly stands up there with it’s more well known cousin, Sunset Sherbert – as well as its grandparent strain Girl Scout Cookies.

It’s a fantastic strain that’s a lot of fun to smell and to smoke – and might well be a great one for you to grow! You’ll be sure to love this one!

Hopefully this guide has given you all of the information you needed about Pink Sunset, and whether it’s the right strain for you!

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