Panda Strain

When it comes to Marijuana there are 100s of strains available. it can be a minefield deciding which ones you prefer, and they all have different properties that the discerning can identify.

Panda Strain

Cannabis has many medicinal usages, which is why the global cannabis industry exceeds $7.7 billion. In fact, the cannabis industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States. But why are there so many strains?

Each strain of the cannabis plant will cause different effects. The different breeds are categorized as sativa, indica and hybrid.

Most people choose a strain based on the desired effect, whether psychological or medicinal. So, where did the popular panda strain come from and what effect does it have ?

Strain History


The Panda strain was achieved by combining two sativa hybrids together. OG chem and berry sour cream. The sour cream strain is 50% sativa and 50% indica.

It does tend to be sativa dominant, depending on breeding style. The OG Chem is also sativa dominant.


Originating from Washington state, it was created at Grow Op farms at the Spokane Valley. Although a hybrid, it’s predominantly sativa and linked to the branded line Phat Panda.

Grow Op farm processes and produces large amounts of high-quality cannabis to 502 clients.

Phat Panda has been around since 2014 and was founded by Katrina and Robert McKibley and the business has grown to employ over 550 employees.

They use state-of-the-art technology to experience and discover new strains, and through this experimentation the Panda strain was born.

Strain Appearance

One of the theories about where Panda OG got its name is due to the dense clear green nugs and leaves with spattering of orange hair and dark hues that make it look panda-like in places.

Small white trichomes coat each nug making it glow pure white.

The flowers on the Panda aren’t as distinct as the rest of it and are reminiscent of most sativa buds and can appear ragged and fluffy.

Strain Flavor

The flavor of the Panda is herbal and earthy, and has tones of vanilla on the exhale. In addition, it may have a sour tang with slight hints of berry.

The earthy flavor may feel present on the tongue long after you’ve finished with it. The blend can be described as sweet and sour.

Strain Aroma

As you pull apart the nug the flavors of vanilla and sweet earth are released immediately. The earthy smell is reminiscent of diesel combined with tangy fruits.

It has a particularly pungent smell and will fill a room once opened.

Strains Cannabinoids

The THC in the Panda strain is thought to be around 19 % and the CBD sits at approximately 1%.

Strain Terpenes

Terpenes refer to the chemical compounds found in animals and plants. These terpenes are what gives plants their flavors, aromas, and colors.

They are often added to products such as cleaning liquid, dyes, and pesticides.

Terpenes are tough and exist in order to protect plants from predators and bad weather. It is thought that the main terpenes of a strain combine with the cannabinoid, specifically the amount of THC, to produce the effects that the cannabis has.

The most dominant terpenes in Panda are Caryophylle otherwise known as pepper

This is what gives the Panda strain its spicy, peppery smell. In addition to Caryophlle it also contains Limonene and Myrcene, which are herbal and citrus.

Strain Side Effects

The Panda strain is pretty potent and its effects last for a long time. It’s not suited to those who don’t smoke regularly or those who are just starting out.

The initial effect is that of euphoria that sweeps through the mind, creating a feeling of bliss. Then it moves through the body in warming and tingly waves, creating a deep sense of relaxation.

It also triggers appetite, so be sure you have a good selection of snacks available.

Panda may make you feel spacey and deeply sedated, and has been known to lock people to the couch if too much is consumed.

Be sure you stay at the right level to avoid an unpleasant high. When used correctly, this strain can provide mental clarity and free the mind to be creative and let thoughts flow freely.

Once the initial high has worn off, the indica effect starts to show, and you will enjoy a deep sense of relaxation that is tranquilizing and soothing. Muscles will unknot and tension will be relieved.

Panda is best enjoyed late afternoon or early evening to wind down after the day’s stresses and strains. However, if used sparingly, users can benefit from its wake-up qualities.

Panda can produce some negative reactions if too much is taken, synch as cottonmouth which has a dry mouth with the feeling of eating cotton wool.

This occurs because cannabinoids affect the production of saliva. Be sure to stay hydrated throughout the day to counteract this. It’s also advisable to avoid caffeinated drinks.

Another negative side effect is anxiety. If users smoke too much it can trigger a feeling of panic where you can feel dizzy, scared and oftentimes develop a headache.

Medical Benefits

Medical Benefits

Although panda is a recreational strain of cannabis, it still has some significant medical benefits. It’s particularly good at treating symptoms of PTSD, anxiety, and depression.

Furthermore, if you are suffering from a loss of appetite due to an eating disorder or illness, it does a good job of stimulating the stomach and increasing appetite.

The Panda strain also has analgesic effects and is fantastic for relieving pain and body aches. By relaxing muscles, it stimulates the body’s natural pain relieving chemicals.

The tranquilizing effects can help users enjoy a full night’s good quality sleep.

Strain Review

Overall, the Panda strain is a great option for experienced smokers who know their limits. When used appropriately, it can provide positive effects and help with physical and psychological problems.

The Panda strain is an acquired taste and may take some time to get used to the unique aroma,but mostly users enjoy this strain, and it’s becoming increasingly popular.

Strain Grow Info

The Panda strain grows sturdy and tall. It benefits from thick branches that can resist changes in temperature.

It’s possible to grow it outside, but for best results cultivate it indoors where you can control factors such as temperature, humidity, and light.

The strain is versatile and can tolerate several methods of growth, including the screen of green, that forces the plant to flower from a young age and allows you to harvest them much quicker.

Many growers use this method if they have limited growing space. They are easy to grow with a 12/12 regime and although each plant may be slightly smaller, altogether you will get more.

For more plants, growers can plant more per square meter by weaving branches through a net.

Strain Seeds

Seeds for this strain can be purchased online from many online retailers. Shop around for a good price. It’s useful to look in detail at websites to ensure you are purchasing good quality seeds.

Websites should contain details about growing methods and contain photos of seed results. Be wary of websites with this information, as you can’t be sure you’re receiving the best quality seeds.

The legalities of buying cannabis seeds is dependent on where you live. Certain states in the US will require that you have a medical certificate that shows you are able to purchase cannabis for medicinal purposes.

In less restricted areas such as the Netherlands, you can purchase seeds (including the Panda strain) from seed banks either through a dispensary or website.

If you purchase your seeds through a dispensary, the staff will discuss any concerns with you.

They should be knowledgeable about the seeds they sell and be able to share expert advice on growing techniques and tips on the best environment to keep your plants.

Another important factor to consider when purchasing seeds is the genetic details. Each packet of seeds should contain information about the breeder who produced them and how they were created.

It should contain details of male and female crossing and whether it’s a hybrid (which the Panda strain is).

The cost of seeds varies but usually a seed pack containing 10-12 seeds will cost around $40. Be sure to check your country’s legal limits for growing cannabis plants.

Flowering Time

Panda also responds well to growing in soil and greatly enhances the flavor and fragrance, however most prefer the hydroponic set up as it speeds up flowering time. The flowering period is around 9-10 weeks.

Strain Yield

The indoor plant yields 12 – 14 ounces and sometimes more if treated carefully. If growing outdoors, plants are typically matured in the final week of October and generate a minimum 14 ounces of bud.

So, there you have it, the ultimate guide to the Panda strain cannabis plant.

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