Orange Ghost Strain

Ghost OG is a strain that lives up to its name, haunting those who’ve used it once but can’t get their hands on it again. The full body high of Ghost OG is potent and easy to use, and it hits the same every time.

Orange Ghost is a playful child of Ghost OG and Orange Juice. It takes the best of both its parents, to create a euphoric high that leaves the body loose and the mind working. Creativity, happiness, and a feeling of mellow euphoria are all found using Orange Ghost.

Learn more about this underrated strain with this quick guide. Orange Ghost is a new hybrid, but one that you want to get your hands on.

Orange Ghost Strain

Strain History

One very famous parent, and another that’s always growing in popularity, have come together to make Orange Ghost. Although this strain is new, it already has some pretty devoted followers.


Orange Ghost is a hybrid strain, created as a cross between Orange Juice and Ghost OG. An evenly balanced strain, it’s 50% sativa, and 50% indica. Orange Ghost has an average THC level of 20%, but it can vary between 16% and 26%.

Although Orange Ghost is generally pretty easy to deal with, the varying THC levels means it can take even experienced users by surprise on occasion.


Ghost OG is one of the best loved strains out there, known for a full body high that can leave you feeling sedated. The euphoric body buzz of Ghost OG is much sought after, and has won this delightful strain multiple awards in the past.

Orange Ghost combines Ghost OG with indica-leaning Orange Juice, creating a balanced strain that gets the best of both its parents. Ghost OG leans towards a sedative body effect, while Orange Juice has a much more energetic and cerebral high.

In Orange Ghost, these two factors balance each other, for a happy high that relaxes the body and invigorates the mind.

Strain Appearance

Orange Ghost is an attractive strain, with distinctive heart shaped buds that are large and dense. There are plenty of orange pistils among the vibrant green, and a thick layer of frosted trichomes finish the look.

A fair amount of rusted orange pistils do cover the nugs, but the Orange Ghost name refers more to the citrus taste, rather than the appearance. Although, with orange pistils and heavy frosting of trichomes, it’s a name that works on every level.

Strain Flavor

Other than the high, one of the real selling points of Orange Ghost is the flavor. A fresh and floral taste is balanced by undertones of deep earth, with a sharp citrus finish and a peppery exhale.

On the first inhale, it’s all about that orange citrus flavor. Juicy like a tangerine, you’ll find your mouth starts to water. Then comes the sweetness, which isn’t as sugary as other strains, but more of a soft herbal or floral note.

On the exhale, you pick up the spice and pepper notes that make Orange Ghost such a well-rounded flavor.

Orange Ghost can lead to an increase in appetite, and anyone who enjoys orange flavors will likely find themselves craving something citrus after using.

Strain Aroma

Like the taste, the aroma of Orange Ghost is heavy with citrus, but with some playful additions to keep it interesting.

First, you get the sour citrus tang. This is distinctly tangerine, and the smell comes from the plant itself. Before you inhale, the juicy orange aroma can get your mouth watering.

Underneath that, there’s an earthy kush scent that plays with the bright and sharp orange aroma. A heavy spice smell finishes, and as the nugs burn, this pepper aroma becomes more and more intense.

The orange aroma isn’t only present as you smoke, so growers can expect a room that smells overwhelmingly like orange peel.

Strain Cannabinoids

The dominant cannabinoid in Orange Ghost is THC, which is generally around 20-22%. CBG is also found, although at a much smaller level — around 1%, on average.

The THC levels are pretty average, and most users should find Orange Ghost easy to get along with. But watch out for some variable THC levels. Orange Ghost has been tested at different times to show both 16% and 26% THC, so it can be more potent than you might expect.

Strain Terpenes

Limonene is the dominant terpene in Orange Ghost. Limonene is a citrus terpene, with fruity aromas. It’s known for giving a happy high, lifting your mood, and helping with focus and energy. You can feel all these effects in Orange Ghost.

Orange Ghost also contains the terpenes’ pinene, and myrcene, to a lesser extent. Pinene is associated with creativity, a playful euphoria, and a relaxing body high. Myrcene is known for a relaxing and soothing body high.

Strain Side Effects

There aren’t many side effects associated with Orange Ghost, as it generally results in a mellow and happy high. Watch out for dry eyes and dry mouth, and expect to find yourself feeling a little hungry. Some users have reported dizziness on occasion, so watch out if you’re using it in the afternoon.

The THC levels of Orange Ghost can vary quite a bit. Even though it’s normally an easy to handle strain, every so often Orange Ghost just might take you by surprise.

Medical Benefits

The euphoric buzz of Orange Ghost puts a smile on your face, so it’s a fantastic strain to use as a stress reliever. Save it for a Friday afternoon, when you might be looking for a pick me up after a long work week.

The cerebral high it brings can also help with a creative block, so use Orange Ghost to work through a project that’s causing you stress.

Orange Ghost can also lead to an increased appetite, particularly if you like oranges.

Orange Ghost has a long-lasting body high that feels relaxing, without causing you to stick to the couch. It can work well as a pain reliever, particularly if you need something in the afternoon. With Orange Ghost, the body feels lighter, while the mind gains clarity.

The relaxed body buzz of Orange Ghost can help you sleep, but most find it works best as an afternoon strain. The stimulated cerebral energy Orange Ghost provides is too good to be wasted on nap time.

Strain Review

The balance of body and cerebral high that Orange Ghost provides is excellent, and the invigorating citrus smell only adds to the effect.

The first thing you feel comes through the head, a burst of energy and euphoria that unfurls across your mind. You’ll feel happy, warm, and ready to go. This comes from the Orange Juice parent.

Then, the Ghost OG starts to kick in, and the high takes on a different dimension. The head soothes into a calmer buzz, with a mellow edge to that lifting euphoria.

Then it starts to melt across the body, all the way from the head to the toes. The body is relaxed, and the mind continues to work.

Orange Ghost doesn’t have the total body sedation of the heavy Ghost OG, but the relaxed body high sticks around for a while.

In the meantime, the cerebral high keeps going, with that low buzz of euphoria mixing with a sense of clarity for a lifted effect. Your mind might wander occasionally, but for the most part, you stay engaged.

The high lasts for a while, building and then soothing. You’ll feel light, happy, and probably craving an ice-cold glass of OJ.

Strain Grow Info

Orange Ghost is a new strain that hasn’t quite reached the popularity of its famous parents (particularly Ghost OG). If you want to try growing it yourself, then you might be going in blind. There aren’t many details available about growing Orange Ghost just yet.

Strain Seeds

Seeds for Orange Ghost should be available, but you might struggle to find some. It’s parent strain Ghost OG is clone-only, and can’t be grown from seeds. It’s possibly easier to grow Orange Ghost from a clone as well.

Strain Flowering Time

Orange Ghost has a 9-week flowering time, and is medium-difficulty to grow. As a new strain, there isn’t much information about how to grow, or the best ways to grow. It’s parents, Ghost OG and Orange Juice, are both tricky growers, so expect Orange Ghost to have some issues.

Strain Yield

The dense buds of Orange Ghost can lead to a decent yield at the end of the 9-week flowering time. The strong citrus aroma of Orange Ghost is there as you grow, so you might want to try a neutralizer, or prepare for a room that smells of orange peels.

Orange Ghost is a fun strain that leaves you feeling happy all over. Balancing the body buzz of Ghost OG with the cerebral high of Orange Juice, it’s a fantastic strain for afternoon usage. Orange Ghost, new music, and a creative pursuit is a relaxing way to ease any stress at the end of a long week.

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