OG Chem Strain

OG Chem strain is a hybrid, whose parents are celebrities in the marijuana strain world. Having well-known parents, the OG Chem strain has a lot to live up to. With this strain being so famous there is a lot of claims about it, for example, everyone claims to have bred it.

The strain is also known as Chemdawg OG and Chemdog OG. If having multiple names or nicknames doesn’t scream famous, we don’t know what does.

So what makes this strain so famous? Well, it helps to have two popular parents! OG Chem strain also gives users a cerebral high. It makes users feel happy and gives them energy. With these great effects, it makes sense as to why it is a popular strain.

OG Chem Strain

If you’d like to try OG Chem but would like to know more information about the strain first you’ve come to the right place. If you continue to read you’ll find that we have compiled a guide on all the wonders of this strain.

So now it’s time for you to sit and chill, while we help you come to a decision about the OG Chem strain.

Strain History


The OG Chem strain is a Sativa dominant hybrid. It is 70% Sativa and 30% Indica. The OG Chem strain was created by crossing Chemdawg and OG Kush.


When you have celebrity parents, it is expected that rumors will spread. That is exactly what happened when determining who is the breeder of this potent strain. Some say that Connoisuer Genetics is the breeder of OG Chem. However, there have been other claims, so it looks like this may remain a mystery.

Strain Appearance

OG Chem buds look dense but also airy at the same time. A strange combination, but it is true! The nugs of the OG Chem strain are airy and light green. The nugs have dark leaves and bright orange hairs. The buds are in the shape of small peppers.

There is also a thick white frosty coating of the trichomes. All these factors combined, make the plant very attractive.

Strain Flavor

It’s time for one of the best parts, the flavor! With a name like OG Chem, it’s not hard to tell what this strain’s flavor is. Users have compared the taste of OG Chem to ammonia and fresh earth. OG Chem has a chemical flavor, which is really no surprise.

Some users have reported that the OG Chem strain also tastes like pine, which is where its earthy notes come from. Often it is described to have a taste that is similar to its smell, just not as intense.

Strain Aroma

The aroma of the OG Chem strain is also hinted at by the name of this strain. This strain has a strong diesel smell, which has often made users gag. The smell of the buds has been described as a rotten chemical smell with a mix of pine. People who are sensitive to smells might find this strain a bit overwhelming.

Strain Cannabinoids

OG Chem is a Sativa dominant hybrid. The THC levels of this strain are a consistent 20% for most of this strain. There has been a reported range of the THC, going from 18% to 22%. The high THC level means this is a strong strain. The OG Chem strain has a CBD level of 1%.

Strain Terpenes

The most dominant or noticeable terpene in the OG Chem strain is myrcene. Myrcene is the most common terpene in commercial cannabis. Myrcene is reported to help induce calming effects. Myrcene is responsible for the earthy and peppery taste and aromas. Interestingly, myrcene is also found in thyme, mango, and lemongrass.

There is a long history of herbal medicines that have Myrcene in them, helping with sleeping issues. Although, it is not clear that it is Myrcene itself that has a sedative effect.

Caryophyllene is also present in the OG Chem strain. Caryophyllene is what gives certain strains an almost spicy flavor because it is peppery. This terpene is the only one to act as a cannabinoid. Caryophyllene is believed to be able to help those who are in pain as it has pain-relieving effects.

The OG Chem strain also has the terpene Carene present. Carene is what makes this strain have the diesel taste and smell. Carene is also found in basic, cedar, pine, pepper, turpentine, and rosemary.

It is believed that Carene has anti-inflammatory and antifungal effects. Some have reported that Carene has bone-healing properties. Carene can also be found in essential oils, cosmetics, insect repellents, and food flavorings.

Strain Side Effects

As with all strains of marijuana, there can be side effects. Whilst, there may be many positive effects and feelings when taking the OG Chem strain, some may experience negative effects. It is important to be aware of the side effects before deciding whether this strain is for you.

Some users have reported that when using the OG Chem strain they have had increased thirst and a dry mouth.

Users have also stated that when taking the OG Chem strain they had dry eyes. Another side effect of this strain is feeling dizzy. Some people also experienced being hungry when using the OG Chem strain.

Medical Benefits

There have been many reported medical benefits when using the OG Chem strain. The OG Chem strain has the ability to make you feel a sense of euphoria whilst relaxing you at the same time.

Due to experiencing this type of high, the OG Chem strain is able to help those struggling with anxiety, depression, mood swings, and fatigue.

OG Chem is believed to help promote creativity in those who use it. This aspect of the strain can help those who are experiencing fatigue, or depression as they might be inspired or more energetic.

This strain also has the ability to help with pain, loss of appetite, arthritis, headaches, bipolar disorder, spinal cord injuries, and PTSD.

So, if you do suffer from any of these conditions, the OG Chem strain might be able to help with this. However, if you are considering using the OG Chem strain for medical reasons, it is also best to consult a medical professional first, to make sure that the OG Chem strain will fit with the treatment you may already be on.

Strain Review

It is now the moment you have been waiting patiently for, the review. Although the flavor and aroma might not be what is deemed as pleasant, this is not a reflection of the type of high this strain provides.

The OG Chem strain is not for the faint of heart. It is a strong strain that induces effects that are on another level.

When taking the OG Chem strain, the high starts out by giving users a creative boost, which improves your mood. You are filled with creative inspiration and the high gives you the desire to act on this creative inspiration.

As the high becomes more intense, you will start to feel incredibly happy and relaxed. The OG Chem strain high leaves you feeling intensely happy and energetic for hours. This is not a high for those who do not enjoy long-lasting effects.

Users have reported that this high does not make you feel stuck to the couch all day. Instead, some have stated that this strain made them super focused.

Due to the creative boost, this strain gives you, many users feel motivated to do work they didn’t want to do. OG Chem can make people feel confident enough to tackle jobs they were holding out on. Some users have experienced having a crystal clear perception.

OG Chem is great for using at any time of day because of the uplifting high it gives you. If you are new to using marijuana then it is important to know this is a strong strain with a long-lasting high.

Therefore, if you are new and considering trying the OG Chem strain, it is best if you keep the dosage minimal the first few times you use this strain.

Strain Grow Information

If you are considering growing this strain, you do not need to be experienced in gardening to grow this strain.

Strain Seeds

OG Chem seeds are quite easy to attain. Many feminized seeds are available to buy from online retailers.

If you do purchase these seeds, they are easy to grow. The best thing is these seeds can be planted both indoors and outdoors. If you grow these seeds indoors, the plant will grow to around 60-80 cm in height. However, by growing the plant outdoors, the strain can reach around 90cm in height.

Strain Flowering Time

The best thing about growing this strain is that it can take anywhere from 49-63 days to flower. You won’t have to wait long to enjoy this strain.

Strain Yield

The yield of this strain depends on whether you choose to grow it indoors or outdoors. If you decide to grow it outdoors the yield is 15-20 Oz/plant. However, growing it indoors the yield of this strain becomes 1-2 Oz/Ft2.

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