Mickey Kush Strain

Micky Kush is a Sativa-dominant strain that produces an energetic and focused high. It is said to be highly potent and very psychoactive. Users have reported this bud to enhance your creativity just after taking your first few tokes.

Be ready to be woken up, with an energized, happy-go-lucky rush! Once this passes you’ll be overcome by a sharp focus in your mind, motivating you to get on with anything on your to-do list that you’ve been putting off.

It’s great for recreational use due to its sociable nature, where having a giggle with friends is bound to happen. Along with a tingling sensation through your body, you’ll then experience its relaxation mode that’ll leave you feeling fuzzy and warm inside.

Its motivation-inducing qualities make it a good option to pair with activities such as arts and crafts, studying, and reading. This bud also has great medicinal benefits such as anti-inflammatory properties and mood-enhancing effects to help combat depression. 

Mickey Kush Strain

Strain History 

This wonderful Sativa was first blossomed in Northern California by TGA Genetics. Derived from parents Sweet Irish Kush, and Jack the Ripper, this strain has the best elements of both parents mixed in its genes.

 This strain has been known to be ideal in treating manic depression and other mood disorders. We have its parents to thank for that as each of them acontainstain many mood-boosting elements.

Combining both has resulted in a super-powerful bud that can turn any frown upside down. This is known to be quite a powerful strain, so inexperienced users should approach it with caution or avoid it altogether.

Its Sativa elements are responsible for the energy hit this strain gives you, mixed with Indica relaxation aspects. Best of both worlds right? 

Strain Genetics 

This powerful gem is a cross between Sweet Irish Kush and Jack The Ripper. To understand more about how its genetics make it such a good option, let’s delve a little deeper into each parent. 

Sweet Irish Kush, also known as Sweet Kush is an Indica-dominant hybrid also created by TGA Genetics. It is a cross between popular strains Sweet Tooth and OG Kush. Its THC levels are moderate at 16 to 19%.

The high from Sweet Kush would be immediate, with a cerebral effect that is uplifting and mood-boosting, these qualities have can be seen in its child Mickey Kush. What follows this cerebral high is a mental buzz, leading onto a full-body high, leaving users in a slightly sedated state.

This is where a couch is handy with Sweet Irish Kush, as you’ll want to cozy right up and stay there for hours. This is a strain recommended for nighttime use as the comedown is likely to put anyone to sleep. We can clearly see the influence this parent has in Mickey Kush, especially with that energizing cerebral high.  

Sweet Irish Kush carries an aroma of lemon, along with candy tones. Its taste has been compared to lemon drops, with a hint of peppery herbs on the exhale. These aromas and flavors are also evident in Mickey Kush. 

On the other side of its lineage, we have Jack The Ripper (JTR).  This is a  Sativa-dominant hybrid that is said to have intense effects that can be visually stimulating, an aspect prominent in its child.

JTR also has a high THC content and a  happy, euphoric high that is relaxing at the same time. Its taste is refreshing with tangy lemon and citrus and pine, along with a lemony zest aroma with a hint of spice and pine.

It’s clear that Mickey Kush has been created by obtaining the best genetics from both of its popular parents. 

Strain Origin 

This strain is mainly found in California. It was first bred by TGA Genetics, who were also the creators of both its parents, Jack The Ripper and Sweet Irish Kush. 

This seed company is known for their high THC and CBD levels, and have a vast amount of medical breeding knowledge. Many of their strains are popular for treating depression and ADD and ADHD. 

Strain Appearance 

This plant bears a pretty average appearance. Its plants can reach a medium to tall height. Its nugs are dense and sticky speckled with brownish, amber-colored hairs. 

Strain Flavour 

Mickey Kush’s earthy flavor and lemon undertones are aspects derived from both its parents. The tangy and woody flavor is also no stranger to Irish Kush and Jack the Ripper, making it a delicious product of its parents. 

Strain Aroma 

Users who are attracted by lemony citrusy smells, will not be disappointed by this bud. It is packed with lemon aromas and often gets compared to cleaning products. It carries a somewhat tart smell along with some earthy notes. 

Strain Cannabinoids 

The chemical compounds found in cannabis are called cannabinoids. THC and CBD are the most prominent ones found in marijuana. This strain has a relatively high THC level, ranging between 23% and 25%. Interestingly, this strain also has a high CBG content.

This fights inflammation, nausea, pain and is proven to be good for tumor treatment. Due to its success at fighting against inflammation, this makes CBG good for treating Chrohn’s disease and any inflammatory bowel diseases. 

Strain Terpenes 

Terpenes are natural chemical compounds and are responsible for making different strains of marijuana smell or taste different from others. Terpenes are also prominent in plants and herbs and can give off different effects.

For example, linalool is a terpene that is related to lavender, so it is likely that products with this terpene will make you feel more relaxed. The dominant terpene in this strain is said to be terpinolene. This terpene carries a fresh aroma and is prominent in lilac, nutmeg, and cumin.

It is known to be piney, floral, and a little bit citrusy. Strains that are dominant in terpinolene tend to have uplifting effects, something that is definitely evident with this strain of Mickey Kush. 

Strain Side effects 

This is known as quite a strong strain and so is not ideal for a novice user. If you are a newbie and still want to experience this strain, you are advised to take it slowly.

If you suffer from PTSD, paranoia, or anxiety, this may not be the best option as its energizing effect could accelerate your heart rate inducing a panicky state and can lead to you feeling overwhelmed.

This strain is no stranger to the typical dry mouth and dry eyes side effect, so ensuring you have access to plenty of water is essential, especially when that come-down hits as you will not want to peel yourself off from that couch. 

Medical Benefits

As this is a particularly strong strain, if used as medication, patients are advised to use this in moderate doses. This does not take away from its range of medical benefits. People who suffer from depression would benefit from this bud due to its feel-good properties.

It will also be beneficial for anyone with mild cases of stress as it has some great qualities that will help you relax.  It is also useful for treating headaches and muscle spasms due to the relaxing qualities it possesses, and its energizing effects make it a great substance to use for combating fatigue.

As we mentioned when covering the cannabinoids, this substance is good for tumor treatment and alleviating nausea.

The  CBG levels help to slow the proliferation of cancer cells. Due to it helping with clear-headedness and motivation, this makes it wonderful in treating ADD and ADHD. 

Mickey Kush Strain

Strain Review 

When looking at reviews, only positive feedback was found. Users who consumed this substance stated that the high is one that comes on quickly. Due to this, it is important to not take too much in one go, as you don’t want to ruin the positive effects this could have.

They also stated it was not just mentally soothing, but physically soothing also. It was reported to be a good bud to use if you are spending time outdoors, as your vision can be enhanced, and being around lovely nature accelerates this effect.

Just imagine a lovely stroll along the woods on a sunny winter’s day, where you can see everything clearer. Some users also expressed that music was deeply felt.

It also gave a lot of users a pang of energy with many expressing that they were able to complete many tasks on their to-do list. Something else that was notable was that many consumers said it smelled very fragrant. 

Strain grow info 

This strain is said to have to be an intermediate plant to grow, recommended for people who have more experience in this field.


Being derived from two very popular parents, this strain is available in many online stores in seed form. Happy growing! 


It can be grown both indoors and outdoors and has a flowering period between 7 and 8 weeks indoors. If growing outdoors, you can expect it to harvest in late October.  

Strain Yield

The yield on this plant is said to carry a moderate to heavy yield. 

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