Mendocino Strain

With a slight purple hue accentuated by flickers of orange, not only is the Mendocino strain a great way to achieve a stable high, but it also looks incredibly unique! 

This popular strain is able to deliver a consistent high that helps the mind to achieve a great state of relaxation, without losing total control! This makes Mendocino highly recommendable to those suffering from anxiety or depression, to escape the funk in a safe manner.

Mendocino can also provide ample pain relief, which makes it great for those suffering from chronic conditions, and those who want to allow their body to unwind and release tension after a long and hard day!

The Mendocino strain gets its unique name as a result of its origins, having been grown within Mendocino County, which can be found in Northern California.

The strain has quickly picked up a sizable reputation across the country, which has led to it winning accolades such as ‘Strain of the Year 2007’ in the High Times! 

Let’s explore more of this strain in-depth, as we gain insight into its origins, and what you can expect from it, should you pick up some for yourself!

Strain History


The Mendocino strain began life as a clone plant, as part of the Indica family of Marijuana, which is a family renowned for its high-creating capacities. However, what makes Mendocino truly stand out is the fact that it is a hybrid plant.

Hybrid plants have both Indica and Sativa genetics contained within them. Such plants might have varying degrees of each origin. Mendocino only has a small amount of Sativa content contained within it, but it has more than enough to provide its plentiful medical benefits.


A concrete origin point of the Mendocino strain is hard to pin down. There aren’t many existing records that detail the period when the plant first saw wide usage, but it is believed to have originated between the years 2006 and 2007. 

Of course, the strain was first developed in Mendocino county, which is how it got its name. It was likely able to spread very quickly to earn its popularity, thanks to being grown in California, where the use of Marijuana to attain a high is very common.

Strain Appearance

The Mendocino strain has a very unique appearance. Unlike many marijuana plants, Mendocino actually has very little green color contained within it. The dominant color of this plant is purple.

This gives the Mendocino plant an eye-catching look that makes it immediately appealing to anyone that tries it. 

The strain also has very small orange accents across its surface, which contrast against the purple color. This gives the plant an almost otherworldly appearance as if it has come from some far-off planet!

Strain Flavor

The Mendocino has a mature and subtle taste that means that the act of smoking it is just as pleasant as the high it provides. Many users experience a grape-like taste, with hints of a wine-like flavor, which is how it gets its mature palette. 

The strain also has an earth tone to its flavor, which helps to make it feel more natural, which aids in creating a relaxing vibe.

This earthy taste mixed with the grape flavor gives it a truly nature-inspired taste that will have you feeling like you are slowly chewing on freshly-picked grapes. You truly have to experience this taste for yourself, it’s amazing!

Other users of the plant also notice a slight caramel tone, as well as very distinct tastes of pine, which further solidify the reputation of its natural taste. 

Strain Aroma

Unlike the distinct flavors of the strain, its aromas aren’t quite as renowned. Mendocino has a very standard smell that will remind you of other Indica plants.

However, despite not being a mind-blowing scent, many users of the plant describe the smell as pleasant and almost nostalgic. This makes it great for those with lots of experience with the plant, who want a classic experience.

The pleasant and ordinary smell makes this a nice plant to smoke, as it won’t create an unpleasant and lingering smell that you can’t escape from. 

Strain Cannabinoids

Mendocino contains around 20% of THC content. Much like other Indica strains, this means that the plant is able to very quickly elicit a strong and comfortable high. Being at around 20% also means that the plant can be used recreationally.

Unlike some other plants, the high created is not totally debilitating and can give you a sense of energy or focus, which many users have noted helping them to complete chores or other tasks. 

But if you did want to use the plant to just laze about and enjoy some chill time, you can do exactly that, as it acts to calm your racing thoughts and relax your aching muscles.

This is how the plant is able to simultaneously allow you to move about more, while also allowing you to move about less! It really is an amazing plant.

Strain Terpenes

The Mendocino strain contains a multitude of important terpenes that are able to give it its unique tastes and smells. The most dominant of all of its terpenes is that of Myrcene.

This is a very common terpene and is where many plants derive their earthy tastes from. This terpene is also responsible for creating some of the intense highs of the plant. 

As well as Myrcene, other Terpenes found in Mendocino include Caryophyllene and Linalool. Caryophyllene gives the Mendocino strain a slight peppery tone, which makes it taste slightly spicy and warm when smoked.

This makes the plant perfect for smoking in the Winter months when you need a bit of warmth!

Linalool fills the strain with floral notes, which give the plant a pleasant taste and aroma that will have you wanting to go back for more. The flowery tones also aid in creating a relaxing vibe within any room, which is perfect for any good strain worth its salt! 

Strain Side Effects

Mendocino does not differ too much from other strains when it comes to potential side effects. You should expect minor things, such as dry eyes and a dry mouth.

If you want to curb those effects, then make sure to keep a glass of water at hand, as you may experience couch lock!

Couch lock is a common effect of marijuana and is most commonly seen as a positive effect, especially for those who want a long and relaxing session.

If you want to use the strain recreationally, to aid with tasks, then you should make sure that you tackle those tasks early, so that you don’t end up putting them off!

A very small number of users note that they have developed slight headaches from the use of the plant. This most commonly happens when too much is used at once. To avoid this problem, you should make sure to exercise moderation, and only use a sensible amount.

Mendocino strain
Mendocino strain

Medical Benefits

Mendocino is very often sought out by those who suffer from anxiety and depression, and who want some relief from the conditions. This is because the plant is able to slow the mind down, to stop thoughts from racing around.

This creates a sense of focus, which minimizes the chances of panic attacks. Mendocino also improves your mood and makes you feel happy, which is great for those who are suffering from a particularly strong bout of depression and anxiety. 

This clearing of the mind is also beneficial for those suffering from insomnia. In fact, Mendocino has been known for sending users right into a deep and comfortable sleep, right off of the tail end of the pleasant high. 

Mendocino also provides a numbing sensation throughout your body, which makes it perfect for getting some relief from chronic pain and other conditions. This is great for those who are suffering from annoying injuries that they can get only a little respite from. 

Mendocino also facilitates the famous state of ‘Munchies’, which many strains can create. The munchies are great for eliciting a strong appetite in those who are struggling to maintain a natural appetite. 

Strain Review

Mendocino is a perfect plant for experienced users who want a reliable high that has all of the pleasant benefits of other strains, while also having extra benefits.

If you are having trouble maintaining focus on tasks, which can also be a common symptom of anxiety and depression, then Mendocino can provide fantastic relief, as it allows you to maintain a long focus. 

The plant can also create a relaxing sensation which not only helps you to focus on any difficult tasks but also allows you to get some much-needed sleep. Mendocino will help to stop your mind racing for even just a few hours, which many of us have trouble doing!

We strongly recommend giving this strain a try, just make sure to have some water and plenty of snacks close at hand! You might need them! 

Strain Grow Info:

Strain Seeds

Finding seeds to grow your own supply of Mendocino is incredibly easy thanks to the work of the BC Bud Depot, who has created a massive yield of the seeds, which are available to purchase.

Before BC Bud Depot came about, it was actually rather difficult to get ahold of the seeds, seeing as the plant originated as a crossbreed.

The seeds are small and nondescript, but they have amazing potential to create a truly wonderful plant that will have you feeling relaxed for hours and hours!

Strain Flowering Time

If you want to grow your own yield of Mendocino plants, then you should expect them to be fully flowered at around 8 to 9 weeks. At that point, you should notice that the plant has grown medium-sized leaves that have a slightly green look.

The leaves will soon turn purple as they reach the peak of their ripeness. This makes it incredibly easy to stay on top of the plant and keep track of its growth, as you only need to check for the change in color. 

Strain Yield

When you plant your own Mendocino strain, you should expect a medium to large yield. This means that you will have an immense supply that will last you a long time.

The act of growing your own Mendocino is incredibly rewarding and makes the act of smoking feel all the better.

When growing the strain, you should aim to give it ample space to stretch out. This is because the plant can grow to a fairly sizable 4 feet when it is grown indoors. If you are choosing to grow it outdoors, you should expect it to grow even larger!

This is not too large of a size, but it would make growing it in a common room inconvenient and potentially messy!

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