Melon Gum Strain

Don’t be fooled by the name Melon Gum. This ain’t no schoolyard strain of marijuana. Despite the fact that this strain produces delicious, fruity, sweet flavors, it doesn’t play around when it comes to the high.

Melon Gum will leave you locked on the couch giggling like a schoolgirl, however.

Melon Gum Strain

The main selling point of Melon Gum is its incredibly sweet flavor. With notes of strawberry bubblegum, sweet melon, and zesty lemon, this strain is a real tasty treat for both experienced smokers and newcomers alike.

Strain History


Melon Gum is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain that was derived from crossing Lavender with Bubble Gum.

This strain was first conceived by Dr. Underground with the idea of retaining the delicious flavor of Lavender (Soma Seeds) with the sweet, fruity flavor with notes of melon and strawberry bubblegum from the strain Bubblegum (Serious Seeds).


Melon Gum was first created by Dr. Underground in their labs. They crossed these two strains of marijuana with the idea of combining the best qualities of both parent strains into a very tasty and potent strain of bud with sweet, fruity flavors.

Strain Appearance

Melon Gum plants grow with dense, little nugs which are a bright, lime-green color. The flowers are covered with nice, long, clementine-colored hairs.

These buds are also blanketed with a frost of milky white trichomes that are sticky to the touch, making this an aptly named strain of marijuana.

Melon Gum buds grow in dense arrowhead formations surrounded by thick olive-green leaves that curl around the flowers.

Along with the sticky trichomes, you’ll notice visible drops of resin over the flowers that form once the buds become ready for harvesting.

Strain Flavor

Melon Gum has a very complex flavor pallet, full of various sweet fruits. It has notes of melon, (hence the name), strawberry bubblegum, and a little hint of tart lemon.

The taste is just as good if not better than the smell! Once smoked you’ll immediately notice this sweetness which is followed by a pleasant earthiness on the exhale.

There is a slightly woody aftertaste that will have you ready for another toke.

Strain Aroma

Melon Gum has a sweet aroma that is derived from its parent strains of Lavender and Bubblegum. The smell of this plant is extremely pleasant without being overly pungent.

Because of this, many growers claim that you do not require a smell-proof system to grow these plants indoors, as the smell isn’t very overpowering.

With the sweet aroma of Melon Gum, especially once the buds are cured and particularly when ground up, you’ll be able to smell notes of strawberry, melon, and a hint of zesty lemon.

In addition to this, there’s a distinct smell of bubblegum too, which is incredibly sweet and delicious.

Strain Cannabinoids

THC levels in Melon Gum range from 15% to 23%, which is around an average potency for this type of marijuana.

Strain Terpenes

The most dominant terpene present in Melon Gum is Terpinolene. This gives the strain a fresh and fruity flavor, with complex aromas of citrus, pine, and herbs.

Terpinolene also gives Melon Gum a certain floral quality. This terpene is also found in nutmeg, cumin, and lilacs.

The next most dominant terpene found in Melon Gum is Myrcene, which has a herbal flavor and aroma, and Caryophyllene, which gives the strain a slightly peppery, spicy flavor.

Strain Side Effects

The reported side effects of Melon Gum are common side effects that you would associate with cannabis use. The main side effects include dry mouth and eyes.

At higher doses, some Melon Gum users may experience dizziness. These effects are reported by users in online reviews.

It is important to note that individuals are affected differently by cannabis, so you may experience different effects to the ones reported by others.

Medical Benefits

Medical users of Melon Gum enjoy it for its sedative qualities. Many people use this strain to treat their insomnia, as it is a tremendous sleep aid.

It is also a good choice for relieving stress and anxiety, particularly at nighttime. The sleepiness brought on by smoking Melon Gum will give you a great night’s sleep without a doubt, and it’ll calm your mind from all the stress and worries from the day.

The sedative properties of Melon Gum can also be used to treat chronic pain conditions such as headaches and muscular pain. Some people find this strain helpful for treating muscle spasms too.

The cerebrally sedating qualities of Melon Gum make this strain a good choice for treating mental conditions such as anxiety and depression.

Melon Gum is a strain that has an easygoing high that won’t cloud your thoughts but it will help you to relax and let go of any stress that you may be holding onto.

Strain Review

Strain Review

Melon Gum is a surprisingly sweet Indica-dominant hybrid with an intensely fruity flavor profile. The effects don’t take long to set in once smoked.

After only a couple of puffs, you’ll start to feel energized, talkative, and a little giggly. These effects are relatively short-lasting though, as a few more tokes will leave you very stoned, sedated, and most likely stuck to your couch.

Hopefully, you picked out some good snacks and a movie beforehand, because once this effect sets in you ain’t going nowhere. Because of this effect, Melon Gum is best smoked in the evening or at night.

Because of the average THC content of Melon Gum, this flavorful strain can be enjoyed by anyone at any experience level, although you should be aware of the sleepiness that is caused by it.

Some users may find the sedative qualities too powerful and may wish to choose a strain with a more energizing and uplifting quality.

Despite the relaxing qualities of Melon Gum, some users report that they feel more focused once the effects set in. Some users who experience heightened creativity recommend this strain for those who have creative pursuits, such as musicians and artists.

These more cerebral effects are clear-headed yet relaxing. You’ll feel stoned but alert with increased focus, and you’ll feel more talkative and giggly. Because of these effects, Melon Gum is a great strain to use in a social setting.

Along with the amazingly sweet flavors and easygoing high, Melon Gum is also a cannabis grower’s dream. As far as cannabis plants go, Melon Gum is pretty easy to grow both indoors, in greenhouses, or even outdoors.

The smell from these plants is so sweet and pleasant without being too overpowering and pungent, so even indoor growers won’t need a smell-proof system to grow Melon Gum.

Melon Gum is the perfect strain for an after-dinner toke on a nice summer evening. The sweet aroma and taste make Melon Gum the choice for those flavor-focused connoisseurs and the chill, relaxing effects of this strain are ideal for ending a night the right way.

Strain Grow Information

Strain Seeds

Fortunately for you growers out there, Melon Gum seeds are available from a variety of places online, including from the creators themselves, Dr. Underground.

Strain Flowering Time

Melon Gum is a strain that is relatively easy to grow, and cultivators can expect to see their crop blooming around the 8-week mark when grown indoors.

Outdoor growers should expect to see their Melon Gum plants blooming in late September or early October. Growers enjoy the pleasant, sweet smell that these plants give off.

Many indoor growers report that they don’t need a smell-proof system to grow these plants indoors.

Once your Melon Gum plants begin blooming, you’ll notice big, sticky dollops of resin start forming all over the buds. Once the resin arrives, you know you’re good to go.

Strain Yield

Melon Gum is a great strain for growing as it provides a great, bountiful yield. Outdoor growers can expect to get between 600 and 800 grams of flower per plant.

Melon Gum plants grow nice and tall both indoors and outdoors. The large yield of flowers will have these long branches bending with the weight of the buds!

Final Thoughts On Melon Gum

For lovers of sweet flavor profiles and nice, easygoing, and clearheaded highs, Melon Gum is the perfect choice of marijuana. With notes of strawberry bubblegum, sweet melon, and a hint of zesty lemon, Melon Gum is one of the sweeter strains out there.

Melon Gum is also a great choice for cannabis growers as it can be grown relatively easily both indoors and outdoors.

Melon Gum plants also give off a nice sweet smell without being overly pungent and overpowering, which makes them ideal for growing indoors without the need of having a smell-proof growing system installed.

The high from smoking Melon Gum is nice and mellow and will allow you to stay clearheaded and creative.

It’s also a great strain for relaxing in the evening and clearing your mind of all the worries and stresses of the day before getting an amazing night’s sleep.

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