Medicine Man Strain Review

If you’ve been feeling stressed, depressed, anxious, or having difficulty falling asleep right now, you might benefit from a visit from the Medicine Man. 

Medicine Man Strain Review

No, not an actual medicine man – the popular Indica-dominant marijuana strain used by people all over the world to alleviate the symptoms of physical and mood disorders. 

Today, we’ll be delving into the properties of the Medicine Man strain in addition to growing tips, identifying features, and more!


Medicine Man isn’t the most potent strain of marijuana out there, but it’s certainly not a weak strain, either. 

The THC content of Medicine Man is 23%, which is above the 20% threshold at which a strain is usually considered to be potent. The CBD content is significantly lower at 1%.

What Is Medicine Man? 

Medicine Man is a marijuana hybrid comprising 80% Indica and 20% Sativa genetics. Because it is an Indica-dominant strain, it is primarily used for relaxation and sleep, as we will cover in more detail later. 

How Was Medicine Man Developed?

Medicine Man was initially developed by a company called Mr. Nice Guy. Mr. Nice Guy is a cannabis retailer and dispensary founded in 2016 and based in the United States.

There is relatively little information available about Medicine Man’s parent strains because it is unclear which strain of the Widow family it is descended from.

However, we do know that one of its parent strains is Afghanistan Landrace Indica. 

Initially, the strain was brought onto the market under the name White Rhino. However, due to the intensity of the couch-lock body high it produces, the plant was later renamed Medicine Man to make customers aware of its potency. 

Odor And Flavor 

Like many popular marijuana strains, Medicine Man has a sweet and sour odor and flavor. The main notes you’ll be able to detect when smelling, smoking, or otherwise consuming Medicine Man are citrus and berry.

However, you might also be able to detect some tropical notes, which further contribute to the sweetness of the strain. Underpinning all of the other flavors is an earthy, slightly spicy taste. 

Physical Appearance

Medicine Man has a very distinctive physical appearance, especially when you look at the buds separate from the rest of the plant. 

Some people describe the buds as looking like small Christmas trees, while others say they look more like pinecones. 

The light and dark green leaves are interspersed with yellow, red, and orange pistils as well as purple patches.

Grow Info

Medicine Man is quite a low-maintenance strain when it comes to growing, so you can try your hand at cultivating your own Medicine Man plants even if you’re a beginner.

However, it does still require care, attention, and technique. The plants are likely to grow too tall to comply with U.S. legislation when grown outside. Therefore, it’s recommended to grow Medicine Man in an enclosed, indoor area.

You will still need to make sure that your plants have enough sunlight, however. Some experts recommend growing your Medicine Man plant(s) hydroponically, which involves rooting them in water as opposed to soil. 

You can expect your plants to flower between the 7 and 10-week mark. 


When using Medicine Man, you are likely to experience a sensation of relaxation and euphoria. The combination of these effects means that, unlike some other strains, you won’t feel overwhelmed by the euphoric feeling.

Instead, you will feel pleasantly uplifted. Just under 30% of people who have experience with Medicine Man report a tingling feeling, which might feel unusual if you haven’t experienced it before, but which is ultimately quite enjoyable. 

Medicine man is likely to make you feel very sleepy, especially if you smoke a lot of it in a short space of time. Therefore, it’s best for relaxing evenings at home as opposed to socializing. 

Side Effects 

Almost any marijuana strain you try will come with a risk of dry eyes and a dry mouth, although not everybody experiences these side effects. 

While finding yourself feeling parched and experiencing some stinging in your eyes isn’t unusual with marijuana, and while most cases of this are mild and don’t have a significant damaging impact, there are other side effects to be aware of. 

The main negative side effect experienced by consumers of Medicine Man is paranoia. Now, paranoia still does not present in the majority of cases. In fact, only 9% of people report feeling paranoid after using Medicine Man. 

With that being said, if you have a disorder that increases the likelihood of paranoia, such as schizophrenia, you may want to steer clear of this strain to be on the safe side. 

Medical Appointments 

As you might expect considering the name of this strain, Medicine Man has a lot of potential medicinal applications. 

Its main medicinal uses include treating anxiety, relieving stress, and even minimizing the overwhelming effects of chronic pain! Chronic pain in this case can range from joint pain to migraines. 

Medicine Man can be administered to help with nausea and vomiting. Because Medicine Man induces sleep, it is also an effective treatment for insomnia. 

There have been some suggestions that the consumption of Medicine Man may help to reduce and prevent seizures, although more research is needed on this front. 

Similar Strains 

Sweet Nina and Orange Skunk are both great alternatives to Medicine Man. Both have a slightly slower THC content at 18% and 19% respectively, so they won’t hit you so hard. However, they both induce feelings of happiness and relaxation. 

If you enjoy Medicine Man but wish you could just enjoy the relaxing and uplifting effects without being knocked into the couch, we recommend either of these strains. 

Final Thoughts 

Medicine Man is a potent and powerful strain with numerous benefits as well as potential side effects. This strain is great for combating insomnia and stress because of its deeply relaxing and sedative effects.

However, it can also make paranoia worse in some cases. Medicine Man is sometimes used to treat mood disorders and chronic pain as well as reducing nausea. 

You can grow Medicine Man yourself, ideally in an indoor space with plenty of sunlight and water. Under these conditions, it should flower within 10 weeks.

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