Master OG Kush Strain Review

Otherwise known as the “perfectly balanced bud” – learn more about Master OG Kush below!

Master OG Kush Strain Review


If you’re already somewhat familiar with Master OG Kush, then we’re sure that you’re already well aware of the fact that it has considerably high potency levels.

Master OG Kush comes with a THC level that can be anywhere from 20-24% which means that it can be used for both recreational and medicinal purposes, alike.

As a side note, due to the very high levels of THC within this particular strain of weed, we strongly recommend that you consider trying a slightly milder strain of cannabis if you are a beginner, or do not have a very high cannabis tolerance, as this Indica-leaning bud doe run the potential risk of causing couch-lock.

What Is Master OG Kush?

Not your average Indica, Master OG Kush will provide you with the standard bodily high associated with Indicas, the only difference?

Rather than taking a hit and instantly heading off for a peaceful night’s sleep, or kicking back on your favorite sofa spot – Master OG Kush will influx you with intriguing boosts of euphoric inspiration, which makes it a great choice for the busy, everyday person looking to handle their everyday life with increased energy levels and a cool, relaxed demeanor.

Ever since its first inception, Master Kush has received a plethora of different awards and has even won the prestigious Cannabis Cup in 1992 and 1993.

Since then, Master OG Kush has gone from strength to strength and remained one of the most popular strains of cannabis in the world. The iconic rapper, Snoop Dogg, even included it within his own line of buds!

How Was Master OG Kush Developed?

Master OG Kush was initially developed in the Netherlands, by the White Label Seed Company.

At first, Master OG Kush was given the name High Rise due to the size of the building in which it was first created, although it was soon renamed to Master Kush due to its premium quality.

Even though its exact origins aren’t 100% confirmed, it is widely believed that Master OG Kush is made from two very popular types of cannabis strains, which are the Hindu Kush and Skunk #1 – which are two classic strains that are still, to this day, extremely popular and in high demand.


If you’re not a fan of strong tasting buds, then you’ll love Master OG Kush. Offering a subtle yet earthy taste, this strain combines a dank base with delicate hints of pinewood and oak.

Odor And Flavor

Master OG Kush emits an intriguing musk scent that is reminiscent of hash and is often described as being alluring to both seasoned and newbie cannabis smokers due to its slight hints of floral and citrus accents.

As for the flavor, Master OG Kush is described as having an earthy flavor that is reminiscent of pinewoods and oak.

Physical Appearance

Master OG Kush is no doubt beautiful to look at. Featuring earthy green leaves that weave their way through the entirety of this bud, Master OG Kush has a dense and compact appearance that is elevated by fiery orange pistils and frosty white trichomes.

Grow Info

Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned cannabis cultivator, or looking to grow your very own bud for the first time, Master OG Kush can make for a simple and enjoyable experience.

However, prior to purchasing your seeds and planting them, we strongly recommend that you take a moment to research whether or not it is legal to grow cannabis in your area of the world.

Ideally, Master OG Kush will need to be cultivated in an indoor environment for the best results, although you could alternatively opt to grow it within an outdoor greenhouse.

Master OG Kush will only take around 8-10 weeks before it will fully cultivate and flower, and will offer you an extremely generous yield that will last you a long time.


If you’re a fan of both Sativa and Indica, then you’re in for a treat with Master OG Kush!

Blending the best parts of both into this unique strain, Master OG Kush will provide you with a feeling of relaxation and calm that is ideal for sleeping and unwinding, while also lending you a boost in creativity and inspiration thanks to the Sativa.

Side Effects

Besides the general side effects that can come along with smoking cannabis (cottonmouth, potential paranoia, and dry eyes) quite a few users of Master OG Kush have reported feeling lightheaded and dizzy almost immediately after taking the first hit.

For this reason, if you’re planning on trying this strain of bud out – make sure that you are starting out nice and slow.

Medical Appointments

Master OG Kush offers a variety of different health benefits, which means that it is often used for medicinal purposes.

Thanks to its unique ability to inspire feelings of creativity in the user, Master OG Kush is often used by people who are looking for a way to heighten their artistic ability, as well as for people who are looking for a way to help counteract feelings of anxiousness and depression.

In addition to that, many people also use Master OG Kush as a way to help get a good night’s sleep, as the Indica present within it can aid in feelings of relaxation, sleepiness, and overall general wellbeing.

Not only that, but thanks to Master OG Kush’s ability to induce the munchies, this beloved strain can also be used to help people that suffer from a lack of appetite, or for those who struggle to maintain their diet and are looking to increase their daily food intake.

Similar Strains

Whether you’ve already tried Master OG Kush and want to venture into new water, or you like the sound of this strain but feel that it might be just a little bit too strong, then there are a variety of other strains available to you that offer a similar high. Check them out below:

  • Death Bubba
  • Cold Creek Kush
  • Cherry Margarita

Strain Cannabinoids

  • THC: 22%
  • CBD: 0%
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