Marmalate Strain Review

Marmalate is a little known Christmas tree-like marijuana strain. It is a feminized, Indica dominant hybrid that creates mental stimulation while allowing you to be chilled out.

Marmalate Strain Review

Despite its Christmas tree shape, the main flavors are lemon and lavender, which might not sound like a great mix, but trust us, Marmalate might just become your new favorite.


Marmalate has a THC content of 21% which is rather high! This means that if you are new to cannabis, then you should take your doses slowly, and ideally, you should have a buddy with you to make sure you don’t get too high.

That being said, there aren’t many side effects to Marmalate, so if you do take more than you should have, there won’t be any ridiculously terrible consequences.

What Is Marmalate Strain?

Marmalate was bred through Critical Mass and Lavender, which had created its 70% Indica dominance.

Indica is a member of the Canabaceae family, which means it has a short stalk and broad leaves. This bush like effect often means growers will need to focus on air circulation and mold detection to keep their crops healthy.

In general, Indica dominant strains have calming instead of psychedelic effects on their users, and Marmalate is no different. 

How Was Marmalate Developed

Lavender is also an Indica dominant hybrid, but it has a more balanced percentage than its child. With a ratio of 60% to 40%, Lavender is both calming and euphoric.

First, you are hit with a cerebral uplifting and tingling sensation of exhilaration. Then your body starts to slowly relax as the stress of the day leaves you.

On the other hand, Critical Mass is a heavy Indica strain with a percentage of 80%. Critical Mass creates an uplighting high, which is then turned into a creative and energizing boost.

The Indica nature clears your mind more than it relaxes your body, but as the energy effects start to wear down, lethargy begins to creep in. These two powerful strains have created a wonderful harmony in Marmalate.


The first taste to hit your mouth is a pinch of sour lemon, but it is quickly caught up by a delicate berry flavor. Mixed in these intense flavors are the mild taste of sweets with a dash of tropical freshness.

The aftertaste is more floral; taking after Lavender, you can really pinpoint the name-sakes heritage. 

Odor and flavor

Unlike the Marmalate’s taste, the fragrance is very flowery. Again the lavender heritage has wiggled its way into  Marmalate’s spotlight, making this relatively unknown strain a star by proxy. 

Along with the scent of lavender, you will get a hint of diesel and a whiff of tropical freshness.

Physical appearance

Marmalate is a beautiful strain with bright green leaves spread out through its Christmas tree shape. The nug’s edges have little points, just like a fern, and decorating the foliage are golden brown hairs that stick out in the same fern-like pattern.

There are no dramatic colors like purples or blues, but the shape alone makes it stand out.

Grow Info

Growing Marmalate is considered an easy job, and this is why we would recommend it for anyone starting out a new farm.

However, be warned, Marmalate does have a short flowering period of approximately 45 days. This means you have to keep an eye on your crop for longer.

If you are harvesting outdoors, you can begin the process in early September. You should expect a yield of 1.78 oz per square foot, which is considered to be a low yield. 


Overwhelmingly, users will expect a mellowed out, uplifting feeling from the first toke. It won’t take a while for the creative inspiration to strike either, and with it, a boost of energy will power you through a task.

However, this bout is short lived, and you will soon feel a sleepy and lethargic feeling wash over you. We would recommend Maramalate as a nighttime dose as some people might find this sleepy quality a little overpowering.

Side Effects

There is one side effect in the marijuana world which most strains will give you, and Marmalate is no exception. You will likely receive a dry mouth after smoking Marmalate, so we recommend drinking plenty of water throughout your usage.

Due to the sleepy nature of this strain, we recommend that you keep a couple of bottles by you before you settle into a seat.

Medical appointments

Marmalate is a relatively sleepy cannabis strain, so if you struggle to sleep or even have insomnia, then this marijuana could help you drift off at night.

The happy and uplighting feelings that Marmalate brings can help people who struggle with depression. Marmalate is more of a recreational cannabis than a medicinal choice, so you may wish to use a stronger strain if you have chronic issues.

Similar Strains

If you want more options to help you sleep, we suggest trying out Tahoe OG Kush, Granddaddy Purple, and God’s Gift. If you want to try other uplifting marijuana, then check out Hawaiian Mayan Gold, Orange Zkittlez, and Tesla.

If the idea of a lavender flavored strain seems intriguing to you, then we suggest trying out White Lavender, Lavender Haze, Lavender Jones, and of course, the OG Lavender.

Strain Cannabinoids

Marmalate is 70% Indica and 30% Sativa. Its THC content ranges from 19.50% to 21%, and its CBD and CBN levels are less than 1%.

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