Lemon Diesel Strain Review

Included in the Emerald Cannabis Cup top 10 in 2010, Lemon Diesel is a popular hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing California Sour with Lost Coast OG.

Lemon Diesel Strain Review

Enjoyed for its relaxing yet uplifting effects, Lemon Diesel has a citrus flavor with hints of sweetness and spicy pepper. 


Some describe Lemon Diesel as a creeper strain, meaning that the high comes on slower than you might expect.

With 15% THC and 23% CBD, this strain takes you on a journey where you experience creative energy from the sativa-dominant effects which soon shifts to a full indica-driven body high.

Lemon Diesel is often described as having clear phases that you move through, so you experience one set of effects and then move on to another. 

What Is Lemon Diesel Strain?

Lemon Diesel is a combination of 70% indica and 30% sativa, and this strain is focused predominantly on relaxation – both mentally and physically. 

How Was Lemon Diesel Developed? 

Lemon Diesel was originally created by Green Lantern Seeds, who crossed two hybrid strains: California Sour and Lost Coast OG, resulting in a sweet, earthy strain which provides a strong body high. 


Lemon Diesel has a flavor profile just like its name: it offers a sweet and zesty lemon taste at first, but as the flavor lingers on your tongue, it develops into a pungent diesel bitterness. Combined with the citrus, this creates a flavor that’s a little like sour candy.

Exhaling Lemon Diesel leaves an interesting aftertaste that is something like harsh chemicals blended with notes of sweet citrus. Because of the harshness of this strain, it’s usually considered a love-hate taste.

Lemon Diesel lovers find themselves wanting just one more drag, while haters are left wanting to rinse their mouth out!

Odor And Flavor

With a name like Lemon Diesel, you might find yourself confused by the thought of fresh lemons mingling with the harsh chemical scent of a gas station.

However, this unusual mix of aromas blends together to create a unique odor and flavor that you’ll either love or deeply hate. 

While grinding Lemon Diesel, you’ll detect a hint of skunk hidden under the refreshing scent of the lemon and the raw diesel, which further adds to the already complex aroma.

Burning Lemon Diesel will fill the air with a sweet yet earthy smell reminiscent of sipping fresh lemonade on a summer evening.

Physical Appearance

Lemon Diesel is characterized by its dense, small buds that are mainly concealed under the plant’s long leaves. The buds are a washed-out light green color, with thin orange strands.

The leaves on a Lemon Diesel plant are something special, as they’re adorned with purple and gray swirls which really makes them stand out. The plant is also taller than other strains, though, in contrast to its height, Lemon Diesel does not grow wide. 

Grow Info

Grown by hobbyists and professionals alike, Lemon Diesel requires minimal maintenance to reach its full potential.

It can be grown in most climates and surprisingly responds positively to colder climates, with lower temperatures causing the purple coloring on the leaves to brighten and become even more prominent.

Be careful where you plant your Lemon Diesel, as it has a tendency to suddenly shoot up towards the end of the flowering stage – not ideal if you want to avoid a sudden towering marijuana plant that could attract unwanted attention! 

While Lemon Diesel grows tall towards the end of its cycle, it remains a rather compact plant until late on, making it ideal for growing in confined indoor spaces.

It will happily grow in a packed cupboard for most of its cycle, then a few weeks before harvesting, you can easily remove it and give it the space it requires to flourish.


The sativa effects of Lemon Diesel mean the high begins with a cheerful mood boost, causing you to feel uplifted and euphoric.

As the high develops and you adjust to your new positive outlook, you’ll experience an intense sense of focus and a burst of creativity, which is why it’s recommended to enjoy Lemon Diesel during the afternoon to fully reap the benefits of the productivity boost. 

As Lemon Diesel settles in and works its way through your body, the indica effects of the strain start to take over, causing a gentle tingling sensation in your limbs that spreads across your body, sending you into deep relaxation. 

The deep level of concentration slips away, leaving you with a strong desire to put work to one side and truly kick back and relax.

It is a good idea to plan ahead with Lemon Diesel so that you are at home for the second half of the high in order to truly indulge in the physical effects. 

As Lemon Diesel’s effects start to fade, you’ll be left in a peaceful trance. Depending on the time of day, many people allow themselves to slowly drift into a carefree sleep that allows them to wake the next morning feeling revitalized and relaxed. 

Side Effects

Lemon Diesel has a short list of possible side effects, which mainly consist of dry mouth and dry eyes, though these should only last for a couple of hours. Less common side effects include a sudden feeling of dizziness and the potential for paranoid thoughts. 

Medical Appointments

Due to its relaxing, mind-clearing effects, Lemon Diesel is often recommended for those who suffer from either stress or depression.

It’s also excellent for combating insomnia, especially if you suffer from anxiety relating to sleep and have trouble getting your brain to switch off for the night. Being an indica-dominant hybrid it’s also effective pain medication for minor aches and pains. 

Similar Strains

  • Sour Diesel a popular sativa marijuana strain that provides dreamy and energizing effects which can help with depression, pain, and stress.
  • Lemon Haze a sativa marijuana strain that smells and tastes like fresh peeled lemon slices. 

Strain Cannabinoids

  • THC: 16.0 – 18.0%
  • CBD: 0.19 – 0.78%
  • CBC: 0.24 – 0.83%
  • CBG: 0.41 – 2.21%
  • CBN: 0.07 – 0.17%
  • THCV: 0.21 – 1.66%
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