Larry Bird Strain Review

Named after the legendary Boston Celtics player, Larry Bird is a chilled-out all-star that won’t let you down.

An Indica-dominant hybrid of Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, Larry Bird has a powerful energizing effect combined with serious pain killing properties.

This is a strain that has huge popularity in the chronic pain community, but also among people who suffer with their mental health, and it’s easy to see why. You get met at the door with a big, uplifting high that melts all your concerns away on a wave of delicious, sweet, and aromatic smoke.

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Larry Bird Strain Review

Shortly afterwards, your physical pain starts to subside, bringing your mind and body into harmony in a world where such things are no longer your concern. As this is happening, you’re not glued to the couch like you might be with some other heavy-hitting strains.

You may be later, but at first you’re energized and creative. If you dream of a pain-free, centered existence, Larry Bird can take you there, even if it’s only for a while.

Larry Bird is the same strain that is often labelled as Gelato #33, which was the sporting Larry Bird’s vest number with the Boston Celtics, so if you see either of these names you can be safe in the knowledge that you’re getting the same sweet high.

Strain History


A cross between Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, Larry Bird is a gently Indica-dominant (55/45) strain that was created to bring out the best in these two older varieties.


Larry Bird is rumoured to be a Bay Area creation, so if you’re looking for some true North Cali vibes you should check it out. However, there is also a strong suggestion that it was first bred by Zamnesia Seeds in Europe. Whatever the backstory, Larry Bird is a classic that you’re going to want to try.

Strain Profile

Strain Appearance

Larry Bird produces small, dense nugs with a vibrant color scheme. They’re either deep forest green or purple-tinged and have bright red and orange hairs, making Larry Bird easy to pick out in a crowd.

How purple Larry Bird is depends on the growing process. Larry Bird nugs are also often coated in a thick layer of white crystalline resin, which just amps up the visual attractiveness of this strain.

Strain Flavor

Flavor-wise, Larry Bird is here to deliver every time. Lavender and wood notes sit atop a smooth, creamy base that flows with a soft sweetness. You might catch a hint of citrus or bright berries too, just glinting through the pillowy haze.

Strain Aroma

Larry Bird has a fruity and complex aroma that sits somewhere between grape soda, freshly-baked cookies, and orange sherbert (there’s those genetics coming out).

Larry Bird is regularly reviewed as having an enticing scent with little in the way of off-putting or overly astringent notes; instead, it’s inviting and fresh like pine with that comforting backdrop of classic kush.

Strain Cannabinoids

Larry Bird is a very THC-heavy strain, with different grows averaging THC content of between 20 and 25 percent. CBD is practically non-existent in Larry Bird, with concentrations of less than one percent being common.

Strain Terpenes

The predominant terpenes in Larry Bird are terpinolene, B-myrcene, and B-caryophyllene. This is a great strain for switching up with if you’ve developed a tolerance to your usual everyday toke, and if you’re chill with it you can smoke it all day without

Side Effects

The Sativa side of Larry Bird can cause a little confusion while en route to an uplifting, creative headspace. Most smokers report that Larry Bird doesn’t leave you feeling lethargic, which is a big plus.

In fact, the opposite is true, with the oncoming rush of creativity and energy that Larry Bird gives you being described as sudden, like a shot to the head. This means that for some people who have anxiety disorders, Larry Bird can be a bit too much to handle.

Other users with anxiety have reported that it was very positive for them though, so the best advice is to be aware of the fact that it might come on a little strong. Larry Bird can induce dry eyes and dry mouth, so make sure you stay hydrated and, if you are a dry eye sufferer, keep some eye drops handy.

Medical Benefits

Larry Bird is a real giver when it comes to helping out with medical issues. The gentle uplifting high is perfect for countering chronic stress, giving your mind time and space to unwind. This also makes it a great alleviator of depression, because Larry Bird promotes a positive mental space.

This strain is also really, really good for pain relief, for everything from chronic joint pain to headaches. Between the chilled vibes and the pain relief, you’ll not be surprised to learn that Larry Bird is also a good strain for insomnia.

One more reported benefit of Larry Bird is that it’s a good strain for helping if your appetite is suppressed.

Strain Review

Larry Bird, the Great White Hope, is a fantastic strain with a bunch to recommend it. It’s a painkiller, a mood lifter, an all-round performer that you can turn to at any time of day. Whether you’re looking to chill your nerves, amp up your creativity, or relax and unwind in the evening, Larry Bird is there for you.

Larry Bird is a potent strain that comes on like the first time, every time. It won’t put you down for hours with leaden lethargy, but it’ll take the edge of the world right off. It’s a predominantly cerebral high with a little body thrown in for good measure, but what Larry Bird is exceptionally good at is dulling pain.

This strain is the one to turn to if you’ve got chronic physical pain. Even in low doses, it calms neuralgia and arthritic pain, while opening up your mind to a positive and uplifting space. This is a phenomenal experience for chronic pain sufferers, liberating the body and mind at the same time.

This strain will give you an energized, clear-headed high that lasts a decent length of time. It’s a balanced and enjoyable toke, a proper window-into-another-existence sort of experience where you are firmly in this world, but also have a foot in a more pleasant, less uncomfortable plane.

It’s like a pure Sativa for people who like the flavor of an Indica, in that you don’t really get any of the Indica high that you might expect from a 50/50 hybrid, but you do get those flavors that are really indicative of a sweet Indica bud.

It’s an awesome experience and one that any discerning smoker would do well to treat themselves to.

One thing that does keep you anchored to corporeal reality is the fact that Larry Bird is renowned for kicking off the munchies. Make sure you have enough snacks to hand before you smoke this because you will get hungry; it’s just a fact.

This has the added benefit of making Larry Bird a really great strain to smoke if you’re having issues with a suppressed appetite. Larry can overpower most barriers to eating, and in a calm and pleasant headspace.

While this isn’t a doctor’s recommendation by any stretch, if you have a traumatic or contentious relationship with food you could definitely do worse than trying some Larry Bird.

Strain Grow Information

Larry Bird is generally considered to be an easy-to-grow strain that’s forgiving of conditions indoors and outdoors. It gives a good yield in most conditions and doesn’t require any particular special skill to get a great result.

Larry Bird is a comparatively short plant that thrives happily in indoor grow spaces, producing a dense, lush plant with a high yield. There’s not a lot to concern yourself with as far as pests and disease goes with Larry Bird, as it’s pretty mold and insect resistant.

While no strain gives great results just growing on its own, Larry Bird is pretty close to a set-and-forget grow that will deliver for you again and again.


Seeds are easy to get hold of from Zamnesia Seeds, but they only sell feminized seeds which prevents the production of more seeds from your own plants. However, if you’re just looking to get a good crop of Larry Bird under your belt, Zamnesia are a great outfit to buy from and their seeds are top-quality.

Flowering Time

Larry Bird has an indoor flowering time of between eight and 10 weeks. Outdoors, this season tends to occur around the first three weeks of October.

Strain Yield

The yield you’ll get off a Larry Bird crop is high and bountiful. These gorgeous buds are just waiting to be picked.

Indoors you can expect anywhere from 19 to 27 ounces per plant, and outdoors the average sits around 26 ounces. That’s a lot of buds from a plant that, indoors, rarely exceeds four feet in height and grows so easily.

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