Laffy Taffy Strain

Finding the right daytime strain is not easy. So many of them either hardly hit at all, or have a potency that can take you by surprise. But Laffy Taffy, a hybrid with a slight sativa dominance, could be just what you need.

Laffy Taffy is a strain with a euphoric and motivating high — that’s the Laffy.

The aroma and taste is sweet, with a hint of candy, and an undertone of banana — that’s the Taffy. There’s also an occasional pungency, and a surprising power — that’s the 21% THC average.

To learn more about this new strain, read this guide. We’ve covered everything you need to know about Laffy Taffy, and why it could be the best morning strain around.

Strain History

Californian in origin, and sativa leaning, there isn’t much about the history of Laffy Taffy that we know for sure. A new strain that’s known for a silly but focused high and a powerful average THC level, Laffy Taffy is still a bit of a mystery.


A sativa-dominant hybrid strain with a confusing parentage and a high THC level, there’s still plenty to learn about Laffy Taffy. The hybrid is 60% sativa, and 40% indica, and has an average THC level of over 20%.


Laffy Taffy is, perhaps, a cross between Banana OG and Pestilence. These are two very popular strains, both with extremely different usage.

Banana OG is likely to knock you out, with a full body buzz that leaves users couch locked. Pestilence, despite having the much more worrying name, provides a lighter buzz.

A cerebral euphoria, followed by a body and mind buzz. Meet in the middle, and you get something light, cheerful, that you feel from the head down.

But not everyone is convinced about the lineage. Laffy Taffy is a bit of a mystery, and the parentage isn’t exactly confirmed.

One thing we do know (probably), is that Laffy Taffy comes from California (maybe). At least, with a name like that, we can assume it’s an American strain.

Strain Appearance

The Laffy Taffy buds are dense and elongated, with camouflage green leaves hiding purple undertones. Bright green and yellow peek through in places, but most of the appearance is hidden by a thick and frosted coating of trichomes.

This gives Laffy Taffy a fuzzy finish. Bright orange pistils are scattered in clumps. Laffy Taffy doesn’t have the most distinctive appearance, apart from those long nugs and frosty finish.

Strain Flavor

Laffy Taffy is a sweet and spicy strain, with a flavor that’s as light and bright as the high.
You would expect a stain named Laffy Taffy to be sweet like candy, and it doesn’t disappoint.

There’s a sugary edge to the sweetness, but a fresh berry taste comes through as well. Then you start to get the banana, which rounds off that sweet flavoring.

The final taste is one of spice, and this becomes stronger and stronger. Overall, the taste is excellent, enough to keep you coming back for more.

This is a strain that can make you hungry, and after using Laffy Taffy you might find yourself looking for something sweet to eat.

Strain Aroma

Like the flavors, the main aromas of Laffy Taffy are sweet and spicy, with that note of banana coming through strong. When you first break open the bud, there’s a heavy smell of pine, and this can stick around for a while.

As you smoke or vape, the sweet aromas start to push through. Berries are a dominant scent, but the banana can be strong as well. There’s also a hint of spice to the aroma, although not quite as prominent as it is in the flavor.

Laffy Taffy can become very pungent, so you might want to be aware of that if you’re planning on morning usage.

Strain Cannabinoids

Laffy Taffy has an expected THC level of 21%, but it can be anywhere between 21-24%. This is a high average, and you’re unlikely to find Laffy Taffy with THC below 20%.

Because of the euphoric high, Laffy Taffy is best used by those with experience. If Laffy Taffy really is a hybrid from Banana OG, then you can see where the potency comes from.

The cannabinoid CBN is also found in Laffy Taffy, but only 0.2%.

Strain Terpenes

The dominant terpene found in Laffy Taffy is beta-caryophyllene. This is known for producing that euphoric high, and for relieving pain and anxiety.

Limonene is another terpene found in Laffy Taffy. This citrus terpene is associated with motivating and invigorating highs.

Strain Side Effects

There aren’t many side effects associated with Laffy Taffy, but it is a fairly young strain. The higher average THC level can make it a tricky one to handle, and those without experience might be surprised at how Laffy Taffy hits.

Laffy Taffy generally results in a focused high, but users should be careful. Get the dosage wrong, and that motivating happiness turns stoney. If you have a lot to do, using Laffy Taffy as a morning strain can be tricky.

With a heavy sweet berry flavor and a spicy finish, Laffy Taffy can make users hungry. Use it in the mornings, and you might find your breakfast is mostly candy.

Medical Benefits

Anyone struggling with a massive to-do list and ADHD will appreciate the focusing effects of Laffy Taffy.

The high can give you a single-minded clarity, and a sudden burst of energy that propels you through all the tasks you’ve been struggling with.

Laffy Taffy makes you feel happy and silly, and can help to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression. The energizing effects can stick around for a while after the main buzz has faded, so you can keep motivated for longer.

As well as relaxing the mind, Laffy Taffy does a good job at relaxing the muscles. Aches and pains can be eased, and thanks to the motivating effect, the body buzz doesn’t leave you sedated.

Strain Review

You might think from a name like Laffy Taffy that this is a strain that leaves you happy and giggly, but also completely useless. And while Laffy Taffy does have a high that gets you light all over, the main effect is one of focus and energy.

The high starts in the head and works through the body, lifting away stresses and leaving behind a relaxing buzz. There’s a sense of euphoria, and you might find yourself feeling a little silly.

But then comes the focus. The high brings calm to the body and mind, so you can direct your attention, and your new-found energy, towards being productive. There’s a sense of motivation, and all those tasks that seemed impossible are now within your reach.

The motivation sticks around for a while, and even as the buzz fades, those relaxing effects keep on going.

Laffy Taffy is a great strain for daytime usage, and goes well with exercise, housework, and studying.

Strain Grow Info

Good luck if you want to try growing Laffy Taffy — there isn’t much information out there to help you.

Laffy Taffy comes from an unknown breeder, and has a parental lineage that’s still a little mysterious. If there’s one thing that we know for sure, it’s that the high is excellent. So, maybe it’s worth the risk of growing?

Strain Seeds

Laffy Taffy comes from an unknown breeder, somewhere in California. Seeds are available, but they aren’t exactly easy to find. The same is true for clones.

They’re out there, somewhere, but you might struggle to source any. But Laffy Taffy is a strain that’s only been on the scene for a little while, so rarity is expected.

Strain Flowering Time

Flowering time for Laffy Taffy isn’t exactly clear, but expect it to be at the longer end of the scale. Banana OG and Pestilence, the suspected parents, are both slower growers.

Banana OG takes around 8 weeks, while Pestilence can be 10 weeks plus. Not the slowest grow, but there are quicker flowering plants out there. Both (assumed) parents are medium difficulty strains to grow, so Laffy Taffy might require a little work.

The end result is a strain that makes you motivated and focused, so you can get started right away on cultivating your next one.

Strain Yield

Laffy Taffy has a pretty dense bud, and a powerful high, so even a smaller plant can still result in an impressive yield. Particularly if your Laffy Taffy is pushing at the higher end of the average THC content.

If it tops 24% THC, you shouldn’t be too bothered about small growth. Banana OG has a small yield, but only a little of the potent strain can have an impressive effect. Laffy Taffy, a hybrid strain potentially parented by Banana OG, is similar.

Finding a good morning strain is difficult, but Laffy Taffy might be just what you’re looking for.

This new strain is motivating and invigorating, and the full body buzz gives you energy rather than leaving you sedated.

A higher than average THC level can make it a tricky one to handle, but those with experience can enjoy Laffy Taffy as a daytime strain for relieving body aches, and lifting the mind.

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