LA Cheese Strain Review

LA Cheese is a relatively new strain of LA Confidential, and there is no need to guess who the other parent of this breed is. That’s right, it’s the savory legend, Cheese!

LA Cheese Strain Review

Because this strain is so new, there isn’t a lot of information about this kush-line strain, so we have gathered all the data we can to create a complete review for anyone interested in buying LA Cheese.


LA Cheese is a massively Indica hybrid, with a percentage of 90% to 10%. It also has a very average THC content of 16%, which means it can give you a strong effect without making you lose your mental control. 

You may notice that some other marijuana have super high percentages like 20 to 25, but 16 is a great level if you want to stay in control of your high. It can still have a potent effect on your mind and body without completely disconnecting you from reality.

What Is LA Cheese Strain?

LA Cheese was created from LA Confidential and Cheese. Cheese is actually known a lot more in the UK than in the US, despite it still being illegal across the pond. The reason for its popularity comes from the strong cheesy flavors.

Some of the major medical benefits you could find in Cheese is its ability to calm nausea and provide pain relief for arthritis.

On the other hand, LA Confidential is known to make its user’s mind race with psychedelic euphoria while leaving them couch-locked from the relaxing medicinal effects.

How Was LA Cheese Developed

Because of the heritage of LA Cheese mixed with the potency of the Indica dominant hybrid, the developed effects and tastes have created a wonderful diversity result. 

The Indica domination is what allows the user to disconnect from their body and experience a relaxing effect which results in them becoming glued to the couch, the same as LA Confidential, but the medical pain relief from the Cheese strain makes this recreational strain medicinal too.

Mixing psychedelic euphoria with chronic pain and stress relief allows people who have serious medical problems the chance to experience a high without sacrificing their medication.


At first, the taste of LA Cheese is only subtly cheesy, allowing those who suffer with nausea a chance to take in the scent slowly. After a while, the smell grows stronger, but at this point in the experience, you probably won’t notice it.

After the cheese has grown in strength, you will notice some fruity undertones and tropical touches, almost like eating a pineapple and cheese starter. The combination of savory and sweet creates a light and airy delight.

Odor And flavor

The scent of LA Cheese is very similar to the taste, but instead of sticking to just these three flavors of cheese, fruity and tropical, there is a very intriguing fragrance that took us a while to figure out.

It stays around the top of the smoke and is light but with a kick. Eventually, we realized that this “kick” was, in fact, a tantalizing spiciness. 

Physical Appearance

You should expect a pine cone-like shape from an LA Cheese. The majority of the nug is a rich and vibrant green, while many wiggling hairs of a browny-orange nestle in the cracks of the textures. 

Sprinkled like snow over small areas of the LA Cheese are classically white dusts. We hoped to find some blues or purples, but LA Cheese has kept its appearance very minimalistic.

Grow Info

LA Cheese has a long growing time, but it is considered to be an easy strain to start out with. It is very resistant to pests and mold, which is why we would suggest it to any beginners thinking of starting a farm.

After you have planted your LA Cheese, you can expect it to be ready for harvest on its 15th week.

From that harvest, you can expect 3.17 oz of buds once they have been dried out. That’s around 3 to 4 oz per plant. 

We suggest growing your LA Cheese indoors, but you will need a 250 watt light to do that. Just for comparison, that’s 0.01 watts per oz and 3.17 oz per plant. That kind of math will tell you what you can expect from a large or small farm.


When you take the first drag of LA Cheese, you can expect a wave of pleasant feelings to wash over you. It wouldn’t be a surprise if you found a small smile curling on your mouth without you even realizing it. 

With the cheesy flavors enticing your body, it won’t take long for a hunger to set in. But because you will soon want to stay on your couch, you should make sure that your snacks are very close to you.

With hunger comes the desire not to move. You shouldn’t be couch-locked, but depending on your THC tolerance, you might find moving is not worth the trouble for a couple of hours.

Side Effects

There is only one side effect with LA Cheese, and that’s a slice of dry mouth. To avoid this happening to you, make sure you keep a lot of water near you. Especially seeing as moving might be a struggle later on. 

Medical Appointments

Despite the cheese flavors, LA Cheese is an excellent choice for people who suffer from nausea. It is also a great choice for people who have anxiety or chronic pain, as the relaxing feelings melt away your worries and thoughts.

Because LA Cheese doesn’t make you drowsy, you can escape the constant pain without forcing yourself to sleep.

Similar Strains

If the scent of cheese intrigues you and you want to try some more, we suggest trying Cheese OG, White Cheese, and Sour Cheese for an entirely different experience each time.

Strain Cannabinoids

LA Cheese is an Indica hybrid of 90% Indica and 10% Sativa. It has a 16% THC level and a 1% CBG level.

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