Knockout Strain

Trust me – this cannabis strain is called “knockout” strain for a reason!

One dose of this beauty, and you’ll be ready for bed before you know it. This Kush favorite will drop you into a state of deep relaxation, instantly curing any insomnia or restlessness.

In this article, we’re going to be talking about the strains’ history, including its genetics and origin, and it’s appearance, taste, and aroma. We will also be talking about the presence of cannabinoids and terpenes within, and about its various side effects and medical benefits.

This is then followed by a quick review, before we go on to talk about growing information, such as yield, seeds, and flowering time. Then, we’ll wrap up with a brief conclusion.

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Strain History

The knockout cannabis strain is also sometimes referred to as KO Kush. And as you may imagine from the name, it is a strain of the indica subspecies of the cannabis plant.


The genetic makeup of this species of cannabis plant is quite strange…

Rather than being the result of the pure breeding or of combining two species of cannabis plant, the knockout strain has come about as a result of breeding three different species of cannabis plants together. 

Specifically, these three species are Afghani, Hash Plant, and Northern Lights.

And despite its heavy indica genetic background, it’s actually one of the more sativa-leaning hybrids, with a 50:50 indica to sativa genetic ratio.


Although the precise genetic origins of the knockout strain aren’t quite fully understood, we can confirm that it features many genes of the indica subspecies of the cannabis plant which was traditionally cultivated in Afghanistan, Northern Pakistan and North-Western India.

Strain Appearance

The knockout cannabis strain is dense with buds. These buds are light green in color and are quite sticky to the touch. These buds are plastered in light orange hairs which are composed of many crystals.

Strain Flavor

Despite its very pungent aroma, the flavor isn’t unpleasant. It does have that element of earthiness and herbs and pepper to it, but this initial taste soon disperses, and in its place you’re left with sweet candy flavors which have a delightful citrus note of lemon and lime.

Strain Aroma

The knockout cannabis strain has a very strong and pungent aroma. But, thankfully, it does have a sweet undertone. 

The aroma of the knockout cannabis strain is predominantly earthy, peppery and herbal, but you will also detect a number of citrus notes, including the likes of lemon and lime. You may also detect something reminiscent of pine needles.

Strain Cannabinoids

For those who don’t already know, cannabinoids are the name given to compounds found in cannabis plants that will bind to cannabinoid receptors on nerve cells in the brain.

These cannabinoid compounds can be either psychoactive or non-psychoactive. If a cannabinoid is psychoactive, this means that it will have an effect on the mind.

There are just three cannabinoids present in the Knockout cannabis strain. More specifically, there is typically approximately 22 percent of THC (AKA Tetrahydrocannabinol). For the uninitiated, this is quite a high proportion.

THC is known to be a highly psychoactive cannabinoid, which explains why those who receive the high dose found in the Knockout cannabis strain are in for quite the potent high.

The second cannabinoid present in the Knockout cannabis strain is CBG (Cannabigerol). But there’s only 1 percent present, and this cannabinoid is not psychoactive.

Strain Terpenes

For the uninitiated, terpenes are lesser-known organic compounds found in cannabis plants. And it is the terpenes that are generally responsible for flavor and smell.

It is thought that due to the terpenes aromas which can stimulate the senses, that these terpenes can heavily influence your high.

There are three known terpenes present in the Mad Scientist cannabis strain. The most abundant and dominant terpene present is myrcene, which is one of the more common terpenes present in cannabis. It’s known for giving off earthy and peppery aromas and flavors.

The other main terpenes present are pinene, which gives off a pine needle like scent, and caryophyllene, which further adds to the peppery aroma and flavor induced by the myrcene.

Strain Side Effects

The side effects of the knockout strain are very similar to so many other strains. This includes a dry mouth and dry eyes.

Unfortunately, there can also be psychological side effects. Anxiety, for example, is a common side effect of the knockout cannabis strain.

However, this is more commonly found in users who have a sensitivity to sativa leaning cannabis strains.

Worse yet, these psychological side effects can even include paranoia and hallucinations.

It can also cause drowsiness, so be sure not to take this strain before driving or before operating heavy machinery. 

Medical Benefits

We are pleased to report, however, that several medical benefits have been brought to our attention…

The knockout cannabis strain is known to be very effective at treating insomnia. Which is hardly surprising given how many people feel so relaxed after taking it, not to mention sleepy.

Moreover, as a consequence of it containing a high level of THC (approx 22 percent), it also exerts many psychological benefits…

For example, people have found it very helpful for treating the likes of depression, stress, and anxiety. And some would even go so far as to describe this strain as a cure for all of these ailments.

It also has other psychological medical benefits – it has been used to treat ADD, ADHD, and even, paradoxically given some of its side effects, schizophrenia. 

One of it’s more important medical benefits, however, has to be its effectiveness at providing pain relief from chronic pain. This is very promising, since it can be applied to all manner of ailments.

However, due to the potent high that you get from the knockout strain, it may not be the best one to use for your pain relief if you don’t want to get a buzz.

Strain Review

As we mentioned in our introduction, the knockout cannabis strain has earned its name with good reason. And it has received excellent ratings for its potency. Many of those who partake of the knockout cannabis strain give it 10 out of 10, and rate it as an A++ grade strain.

With it’s 22 percent proportion of the psychoactive ingredient THC (the cannabinoid Tetrahydrocannabinol) you are guaranteed to get high with this strain.

You will start to feel some of the effects straight away. And the buzz you feel will grow as you take in more. 

The overall effect is a relaxing and calming one. Some of the other effects are paradoxical…

Some people find that they are more focused when they take it, whereas others feel so relaxed that they can become drowsy (which is one reason why we recommend taking this drug with caution).

But there’s also another paradoxical effect. On the one hand, some people like to use the knockout strain to treat their stress and anxiety levels, but on the other hand, this strain can actually bring out anxiety as a side effect. 

In a small survey conducted by another website (which I believe is still ongoing), so far 50 percent of users reported feeling happy, 50 percent reported feeling relaxed, and 50 percent reported feeling sleepy.

Strain Grow Info

Unfortunately, we cannot provide much information on the breeding and growing information for this strain.

This is because, when this article was written, there’s still a lot of secrecy by breeders shrouding the growth information. But we will pass on what we do know…

First off, we have it on good authority that the knockout cannabis strain can be rather tricky to breed and grow. And given this, it does take a little growing experience to successfully grow a good crop.

We can also confirm that it can be grown indoors, although we cannot confirm about its growing outdoors.

Strain Seeds

You can buy female seeds for the knockout cannabis strain online.

Strain Flowering Time

The knockout cannabis strain has quite a long flowering time relative to other strains. You typically have to wait between 9 and 11 weeks for the buds to flower, ready to be harvested.

Strain Yield

If you do manage to grow and harvest the knockout cannabis plant, you will get a moderate yield of between 200 and 400 grams per square foot.

Wrap Up

I think the biggest takeaway from what we’ve got here is that this is definitely not a strain for beginners. Both when it comes to growing, and when it comes to partaking for recreational use.

If you do decide that you want to try it, consider yourself forewarned about its effects. It could make you very drowsy and sleepy, but more significantly it could have unforetold negative psychological effects…

As we made reference to earlier, the knockout cannabis strain has been known to produce anxiety, paranoia and hallucinations. So, it’s not one for the faint-hearted.

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