King Kush Strain Review

Due to its prevalence in popular culture and its strong name, you’d be forgiven for thinking that King Kush is an absolute mind-melter, and don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely powerful, but it’s a lot more nuanced than people think.

King Kush Strain


King Kush has a higher than average potency, but as the onset of the high is incredibly gradual, this sneaky King catches a lot of people off guard. Not satisfied with their high after a single J or rip, they’ll have another, then another, then, well…you get the point.

Though it provides a mellow feeling, a couple of good puffs on a blunt of King Kush could break down even the heaviest user’s tolerance and have them melting on the couch in no time at all.

It’s also a fantastic place to start for beginners looking to dip their toes in the King’s springs, but only in moderation, and if possible, supervised by someone who knows the strain well.

What Is King Kush Strain?

How Was King Kush Developed?

First bred by the green thumbs over at Green House Seeds, this regal bud is the hybrid offspring of the infamous THC-laden OG Kush and the fruity, tongue and lung-tingling Grape strain.


Featuring a mix of complex yet complementary tastes, King Kush is fairly nebulous on the tongue, The majority of people who smoke it notice a very sweet profile, while others report a pleasant sourness.

If you’ve been smoking for a while, and you’ve developed a decent pallet, you’ll almost certainly pick up on a hint of spiciness too.

Odor And Flavor

King Kush has that classic OG Kush smell, and it’s incredibly powerful, especially the first time you pop the top after grinding a nug.

As such, it’s best to be tactful when carrying this strain in public, as people will smell it from four blocks away.

The flavor profile is quite tangy, with distinct flashes of grape and subtle undertones of lavender. The connoisseur out there will also register a citric accent derived from the grandparent strain, Lemon Thai, one of the four strains used to create OG Kush.

Emitting a gentle yet rich smoke that’s easy on the chest and throat, King Kush has a very moreish vibe — yet another reason why it’s easy to take things a bit too far if you’re not clued-up on its properties before firing up a blunt.

Physical Appearance

King Kush is a beautiful strain with long burnt-orange pistils, a deep green hue, and even some mottled purple areas spreading out around the bud. Shiny trichomes and a dense silver frosting of crystals give it a moonly, almost Galadriel-esque glow.

The core of the nug is tightly packed and grinds up wonderfully, but towards the perimeter of the flower, the bud loosens up into long curling leaves.

Grow Info

King Kush can be grown indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse. Flowering indoors usually takes around 63 days, with a yield of roughly 28oz per square meter.

This strain prefers cooler climates, with harvest typically taking place around the 10-week mark, preferably in September or October. Outdoor cultivation should increase your yield to about 38oz per plant.


King Kush is typically 90% indica and only 10% sativa, meaning it’s very much a body high. You’ll likely feel the onset as a pleasant tingling in the hands, then you’ll feel it in the eyes, your vision developing what some describe as a warm vibration.

What comes next is a total wash of wellbeing and relaxation, the likes of which you’ve probably never felt before. 

As you’re blissing out, you may feel a gentle numbness pass over you, which can lead to some severe couch-lock, but it’s all good because there’s no place you’d rather be…except maybe in bed.

As you can imagine, it’s not a suitable smoke if you’ve got a hectic schedule, because as soon as you take a decent hit, all you’ll want to do is sit yourself down and enjoy being alive.

It’s not a 100% indica strain, so some receptive minds pick up a slight buzz in the old brain box.

Unlike other more heady strains that conjure a thousand thoughts at once, King Kush provides a resounding clarity, helping you to think about things from a rational and accepting point of view, but this buzz tends to be very short-lived, subsiding for a wash of utter zen.

This feeling usually lasts for hours at a time, so you definitely get your money’s worth when you smoke up with the King.

I’d say it’s a take-the-edge-off kind of weed, but if I’m being completely honest, it doesn’t just take the edge off, it completely blunts it, sanding it down to a perfectly rounded surface.

A few long draws, and in an hour’s time, you’ll feel like a piece of sea glass washing to shore, smoothed and polished by decades of gentle pelagic undulation.

Side Effects

A few people report getting a mild headache after smoking King Kush, but dry mouth; dry, red eyes; and light dizziness are more common, not to mention the insatiable urge to snack…as long as the snacks can be delivered, that is.

Normally, it’s a great strain for reducing anxiety, but as is the case with pretty much any weed, for certain people, King Kush can also cause anxiety.

Medical Appointments

As I’ve already mentioned, King Kush provides an incredibly mellow, body-based euphoria rather than a cerebral buzz, so it’s often prescribed to people with insomnia.

It helps that hamster in your brain quit the Sisyphean running in its wheel and chill out, giving you a chance to find some genuine rest.

For the same reasons, it can be used to some extent to reduce feelings of stress and ease migraines. Due to the stacked THC content, it’s also fairly effective as a painkiller.

Similar Strains

First and foremost, when it comes to similar strains, we have to trace the King’s royal lineage to its parent plants, OG Kush and Grape.

However, there are plenty of THC-heavy Indica-dominant strains that have a very similar feel to King Kush, such as Death Star, White Tahoe Cookies, Banana OG, Ghost OG, The White, and even to a certain extent, the King’s tangy cousin, the half sativa, half indica, Lemon Kush.

Strain Cannabinoids

The THC content of King Kush ranges from 14 – 20% and 17 – 21% depending on who you ask, and it contains <1% CBD, which means it won’t interfere with other medication you may be taking, it won’t get in the THC’s way, and side effects are minimal — hurray!

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