Jungle Cake Strain Review

If you are in the market for a new strain of marijuana, then you might want to consider checking out the Jungle Cake strain, which is gaining popularity due to its intense effects and glorious sweet flavors.

To help you to better understand this strain, we are going to be taking a closer look at Jungle Cake in this article to help you decide if it is right for you.

Jungle Cake Strain Review

We are going to explore the taste, smell, effects, benefits, and more. Just keep reading to find out more about this strain.


Jungle cake is known to hit quite heavily with its high amounts of THC, which can mean that it is a little bit too intense for new smokers, or those that are sensitive to THC. It has an average THC content of 30%, so it definitely isn’t to be underestimated.

What Is The Jungle Cake Strain?

The Jungle Cake strain is a sweet hybrid that is grown by LA Weeds and has a high amount of THC in it. It is a sweet strain that provides users with the perfect balance between euphoria and happiness, and it can be enjoyed at any time throughout the day.

It features a sugary taste and aroma, with a sweet smell that will linger in the air.

How Was The Jungle Cake Strain Developed?

The Jungle Cake strain was developed first by Seed Junky Genetics when they crossed the Wedding Cake and White Fire strains. This created a potent, yet balanced, 50/50 hybrid strain.


Most people would describe the taste of the Jungle Cake strain as unique, and this is because it has a sweet and sugary flavor that tastes similar to marshmallows. This strain is very similar to its Wedding Cake parent, and it is mostly sweet and creamy, with a slight hint of nuttiness.

However, it has inherited some of the dankness that comes from its other parent, and the smoke itself will be thick and spicy, with poignant undertones of spices.

The aftertaste can be described as a nice mixture between these two flavors, providing your palate with a sweet and fruity nuttiness.

Odor And Flavor

This strain has a potent smell to it, but in the best possible way. The flowers of the plant itself smell almost like a sweet bakery, with a rich, robust, and sugary sweet aroma like cake.

However, the dried flowers are much different, as they will develop a sour and earthy spice scent that envelops your senses.

Physical Appearance

The Jungle Cake plant grows tall and wide, displaying vibrant shades of green and purple among its broad leaves. The colas are packed together tightly, and the flowers are coated in a thick layer of frosty white and silver trichome heads.

These tend to range in color from deep forest green to a lighter shade of lime green. When dried, the buds feature red and orange pistils that stand out from each nug.

Grow Info

Growing Jungle cake is not a possibility as of yet, and this is because the seeds for this particular strain have not been released. This means that it is only available as a clone from someone that has already propagated the strain.

However, due to the fact that this strain is growing in popularity, you might find that the seeds become available for purchase in the future. You should know that Jungle Cake can be quite difficult to cultivate.

As it is a 50/50 hybrid, it grows both tall and wide, which can make bending and training essential at an early age to ensure successful production.

Unfortunately, Jungle Cake is also very susceptible to mold and powdery mildew, so it is really important to control the humidity levels in the area where it grows.

It is a high yielder, and you can expect around 1 pound per plant on average, as long as it is trimmed before it flowers. This encourages the plant to focus on producing flowers.

While this plant can be difficult to grow, when successful, it will be ready to harvest in around 8 to 10 weeks. 


As we have previously mentioned, Jungle Cake contains high levels of THC, which means that it can be quite intense for new smokers or those that are sensitive to THC.

The high is known to creep up on you, so you should be careful not to take an extra hit without waiting for the high first. It can take a few minutes for the full effects to kick in.

Although, this slow build also allows for a build-up to an uplifting and euphoric state of mind that leads to pure bliss and happiness. You might notice that this strain makes you giggle more than others as you start to come down, and the cerebral effect is both uplifting and energetic.

This strain is perfect for use at any time throughout the day, as it won’t make you sleepy or too relaxed. It provides the perfect combination of physical relief and mental awareness that might even spark your creative side. You should also be prepared for a strong case of the munchies. 

Side Effects

Although there are many benefits to this strain, there are some side effects that may come into play. Some people have reported experiencing a dry mouth and dry eyes when using this strain.

In rare cases, a strong dose could cause anxiety or paranoia, so be sure to wait for that high to kick in before you overdo it.

Medical Appointments

Due to its strength, Jungle Cake has great medical value, and it can help to soothe the symptoms of stress and depression, as well as fatigue.

If you are someone that suffers from chronic stress, mood swings, or symptoms of PMS, you may be able to look to Jungle Cake to help to improve your mood and ease your pain, inflammation, or cramping.

Similar Strains

Some other strains with similar terpenes and effects are:

  • Citral Glue
  • Grease Monkey
  • Sour Peach
  • Sour Cookies

Strain Cannabinoids

  • THC – 21%
  • CBG – 1%
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