Juggernaut Strain

Juggernaut, aka Juggernaut OG is a powerful and potent Indica-dominant hybrid strain that is 70% Indica and 30% Sativa.

Its name accurately describes the effects of this steamroller of a strain. It has a rich and varied lineage, that can be traced worldwide to locations including Afghanistan, Brazil, Mexico, Thailand, and others.

It was created by crossing BC Hash Plant and Space Queen, and it carries the powerful effects of both its parents in its effects and medicinal benefits. Likewise, it packs the heavy whack of the BC Hash Plant whilst creating an uplifting head high like the Space Queen.

Furthermore, it looks as good as it tastes, with fantastic pinks and reds delicately laced through vivid mint green leaves and buds. The fruity and spicy flavors and sour, pungent aroma, combine to create a smooth and sensual smoking experience.

Juggernaut Strain

Strain History


Juggernaut was created by crossing BC Hash Plant with Space Queen. BC Hash Plant or “Hashplant”, was bred by Sensei seeds. It’s a 90% Indica that was created by crossing a ‘pure’ Hash Plant original from the U.S. with the famous Northern Lights. It’s a heavy and dazed strain with numerous medicinal benefits.

Space Queen was made by crossing Romulan with Cinderella 99. It provides a buzzy and engaging head high. Some seed providers sell a Juggernaut strain with different genetics, though it’s widely considered that the BX Hash Plant crossed with Space Queen is the original Juggernaut.


There is some dispute as to the origins of this strain, though through following its lineage, it’s known to have a diverse background of origin. It can be traced to Afghanistan, Brazil, Colombia, India, Mexico, and Thailand.

Although these are all hot climates, their humidity varies greatly, allowing the sturdy Juggernaut to be cultivated in various environmental conditions.

Strain Profile

Strain Appearance

Juggernaut is a beautiful sight to behold, the buds are vivid minty green with light pink undertones. They are coated in a sparkling layer of milky white crystal trichomes.

Strain Flavor

A delicious balance of fruity and spicy, with herbal and pine notes, accented by a zesty lime that is a delightful contrast on the palate. On exhalation, the spicy sour notes are delicately paired with a touch of pine.

Strain Aroma

The strain has a captivating mix of sweet, earthy, and spicy, with a sour undertone. The strain gives off strong, pungent, dank, and sour aromas when exhaled, with notes of pine.

A warning, its potent aroma will immediately fill any room or space in which it’s consumed. Even breaking the buds open will release a strong aroma into the room.

Strain Cannabinoids

The THC content of this strain varies between 17-26%, so it can hit hard and fast. It has reported trace amounts of CBD and CBG, which can both be as high as 1%.

Strain Terpenes

Juggernaut contains a wide terpene profile, which adds to the aromatic and medicinal effects of the strain.

The dominant terpene is Limonene, which has strong citrus aromas of lemons and oranges, whilst it has antibacterial and antimicrobial effects. It’s known to promote weight loss, prevent and treat cancer, and treat bronchitis.

Caryophyllene brings aromas of cinnamon and cloves, whilst relieving anxiety and pain, reducing cholesterol, preventing Osteoporosis, and treating seizures.

Myrcene can be found in thyme and lemongrass, which brings earthy aromas to the strain. It has strong muscle-relaxant capabilities, with strong sedative effects, helping out those with insomnia or associated sleeping difficulties.

Phellandrene is prominent in Eucalyptus, it produces minty, woody, and mildly citrus aromas. It has been used for a long time in Eastern holistic medicine, due to its ability to offer pain relief, increase energy levels, and it contains potential anti-cancer properties.

Pinene also acts as an anti-inflammatory, whilst assisting pain relief and relaxation and aiding in memory and respiratory function

Side Effects

Juggernaut is a truly accurate name for the effects this strain can have on the user. It can blitz through your mind and body like a steamroller and leave the user feeling somewhat out of sorts.

Due to its potent THC content and fast-acting nature, it can easily, and quickly, catch the user off guard. There are reports of users feeling paranoia and concern when consuming this strain in high doses.

It can also cause dizziness and nausea due to its powerful, and full-bodied high. It’s likely to leave you feeling couch-locked and lazy with overuse, as even though your mind will be engaged and creative, your body will shut down and leave you in a heavy daze.

To combat these side effects, it’s imperative to tread cautiously when consuming Juggernaut. Experienced smokers have reported that the ideal amount is only a few tokes, as it leaves the user buzzing and creative, without the creeping body hit of larger doses.

Like any marijuana with a strong THC profile, users are also likely to suffer from dry mouth and dry eyes.

Keep hydrated when consuming to keep your mouth and throat comfortable. For dry eyes, eye drops or a splash of cold water will help, as will going outside to get some fresh air.

Medical Benefits

Juggernaut has a strong terpene profile, which brings numerous medicinal benefits to the user.

Due to its sedative and painkilling properties, it’s suitable for those suffering from chronic pain throughout the body, as it will reduce the sensitivity of muscle and joint pain. It can improve the appetite of users struggling to eat, and help those suffering from insomnia or other sleeping difficulties.

The strain has antibacterial and antimicrobial effects, it contains anti-cancer properties, whilst it can help reduce the effects of seizures.

As well as relieving physical discomfort, Juggernaut is also known to help users suffering from depression, chronic stress, and anxiety. A small dose will leave the user elevated and energetic, helping them feel more confident, relaxed in their mind, and talkative.

Strain Review

This strain truly is a Juggernaut in name and nature. It’s a strong, powerful, and potent smoking experience, that will take you to a higher place before bringing you crashing back down into a dazed and confused state of mind.

It is a strain to be treated with caution and respect, as its varied characteristics are delicately placed on each side of a knife’s edge.

On one side, the small dose will elevate your mind and body, making you feel energetic, creative, engaged, and sociable. On the other side, a bigger dose will send your mind into space, whilst your body remains firmly glued to the spot. Proceed with caution to avoid any unfortunate side effects.

Its rich and diverse lineage brings a lot to this strain, with diverse aromatic profiles, delightful flavors, and wide-ranging medicinal benefits. The flavor is delicately balanced, with fruity, spicy, earthy, and piney notes cut through by zesty lime citrus. Its aroma is dank and sour, it’s a tangy complement to the lighter flavors.

The medicinal benefits are far-reaching, with the strain offering comfort and treatment to numerous physical and psychological conditions.

It’s a rare strain, so it can be difficult to get hold of some in some localities, so if you see it advertised at your local dispensary or on your favorite online store, make sure you pick some up!

Remember to tread carefully with this unstoppable force of nature, use a little to raise your consciousness, or take a big hit to be firmly planted in a dazed and dreamy state of being.

Strain Grow Information

Juggernaut is a strong and enduring strain that can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors. Its relatively small plant height of around 2.5 feet, means that it can be grown in limited space, whilst it provides good yields, especially outdoors.

As it originates in countries with hot climates, likely, the best environments for growing are also sunny and hot. Though it should be noted that some of its countries of origin have a dry heat, whilst others have more of a dense rainforest-type environment and climate.

If grown in a greenhouse, you can expect higher yields and a powerful dose of THC. It’s essential to pay close attention to the plant throughout, ensuring that light, oxygen, and nutrients can reach the whole plant.

It is not regarded as an easy plant to grow, which might go some way to explaining why it can be difficult to get hold of.


It’s possible to order Juggernaut seeds from a wide range of online and in-person seed Dispensaries.

However, it should be noted that due to at least two different strains using the Juggernaut name, you should check which parents were used in the particular strain’s creation. It can be difficult to obtain the seeds due to Juggernaut being a rare strain that is in high demand.

Flowering Time

Juggernaut will usually reach the flowering stage between 7 and 9 weeks, with harvesting at around 10 weeks.

Strain Yield

Juggernaut can provide good yields when grown indoors, typically around 14 ounces per square meter. When cultivated outdoors, growers can expect between 15-20 ounces per plant. Of course, for the best results, the proper care and attention need to be paid to the plant throughout the process.

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