Jesus OG Strain Review

Jesus OG is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain that, despite the slight blasphemy, is popularly used to elevate and improve both the mind and body. Somewhat an unholy concoction of strains were crossed to create Jesus OG, one of the most-used rapid onset strains in the country. 

Jesus OG Strain Review

Before we go into this review, we want to express that users should take Jesus OG at their own risk. This is a potent strain that should be taken in small doses to enjoy properly!


Jesus OG is a pretty potent marijuana strain, with THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) levels ranging from 25-28% and CBD (cannabidiol) levels of 0.22-0.99%. This is an extremely powerful and potent weed that beginners are advised against using, as it will be very overwhelming.

Even regular smokers should take this strain with caution and start with small doses. This is a rapid onset strain that gives people a high almost instantaneously. 

What Is Jesus OG Strain

Jesus OG is a hybrid strain that has a ratio of 80:20 Indica to Sativa. Despite the fact it is an Indica-dominant strain, Jesus OG has some strangely powerful energizing effects. This is down to its lineage – the “parents” of Jesus OG are Jack the Ripper and Hell’s OG. 

Jack the Ripper is an energizing sativa-dominant strain with extreme potency, while Hell’s OG is an Indica-dominant strain that balances out the upbeat, energetic levels with a sense of calm. 

Due to the psychedelic effects of Jesus OG, this strain is popular amongst artistic and creative people who want to think more abstractly. 

How Was Jesus OG Developed

Jesus OG was developed by the West Coast seed bank TGA Genetics during their attempt to make the perfect Sour Kush strain. Sour Kush is a hybrid strain that is created when the two cannabis types (Sativa and Indica) are crossed, though it is Indica-dominant. 

TGA Genetics developed Jesus OG with the aim of making an Indica-dominant strain that tasted like fruits with a hint of the classic Kush taste.

The recipe for Jesus OG was finally perfected in 2007, by crossing the pollination from a clone-only Hell’s OG female with the pollen from a male Jack the Ripper. 


The key flavors of Jesus OG are fruits – citrus in particular. Lemon and orange are amongst the several flavors people can taste the most, as well as a hint of pine from the natural Kush flavor. The taste of this strain is said to linger on the palate after exhaling. 

Odor And Flavor

Like the taste, Jesus OG has a strong citrus-like aroma. It is pungent and sweet, to the point where the extreme lemon scents might make the strain smell like cleaning liquids. Breaking open the buds releases a more dank odor, which only gets stronger when smoked. 

Mixed with the fruity, citrusy odor is a hint of earthiness, though the flavor of the earthy undertones isn’t detected as much as the lemon or orange. 

Physical Appearance

The Jesus OG plant can grow up to (or even over) 2 meters tall, producing medium-sized tapered flowers. The buds resemble a typical Indica structure – light green in color, densely packed, and covered with a light dusting of sticky trichomes.

The coiled leaves usually exhibit some copper-colored pistils. 

Grow Info

While you can grow Jesus OG either indoors or outdoors, the plant is moderately high-maintenance and takes a lot of care and attention to grow properly. If you’re new to the cannabis growing world, it is recommended to opt for a simpler strain to grow. 

As this plant can grow so tall, the Screen of Green method is recommended by experienced breeders. This means that regular pruning and trimming is required – especially if you are growing the plant in an indoor area that cannot accommodate for the height. 

This plant thrives in a warm climate similar to that of the Mediterranean, with a temperature of around 70 °F. The flowering stage occurs between 8-9 weeks.

Indoor growers can expect to get 14-17 ounces per square meters, while outdoor growers will get around 17 ounces per plant. The ideal harvesting time is late September to early October. 


The effects of Jesus OG hit a user almost immediately. The main effect is a strong boost of energy that gives the user a productive buzz, which will make them far chattier than usual. Not only will it make you chatty, but it also causes giggles and creativity.

This is why Jesus OG is most commonly used in social settings amongst creatives who want to be inspired. Psychedelic experiences can either be considered a positive or negative effect depending on the user’s personal experience. 

After the productive and energetic buzz of the initial high, the relaxation starts to hit. Even when the productive buzz hits, the user is still calm and in control. However, this is only the case for experienced users. 

Side Effects

Like we said, psychedelic experiences can be considered a side effect by beginners or those not used to the potency. Anxiety, concern, paranoia, and dizziness can also occur after overindulging on the strain, which is why it is recommended to take small doses the first few times. 

It is also said that some people can experience a rapid heartbeat and hyperactivity, which can lead them to spiral into panic attack-like symptoms. The only other side effects include dry mouth and eyes, which are common side effects for all marijuana strains. 

Medical Appointments

The main medical benefit of Jesus OG is the mood-boosting effects. People with mood disorders like depression, anxiety, and PTSD have found the strain offers temporary relief.

In most cases, Jesus OG is great for those dealing with stress. It is also said that Jesus OG can help with arthritis and lower back pain. 

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Strain Cannabinoids 

  • THC: 25-28%
  • CBD: 0.22-0.99%
  • CBC: 0.09-0.87%
  • THCV: 0.32-1.92%
  • CBG: 0.2-1.58%
  • CBN: 0.05-0.25%
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