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LIVING: CBD Cream for Pain – How Can CBD Help You?

There has been a lot written about CBD and its ability to help with pain relief, but is it true? If so, would you benefit from taking or using CBD? There is no getting away from the fact that CBD products are now a massive market and one that is still growing at an alarming rate. It’s important, however, to understand that CBD has not yet been ratified by the relevant bodies as a general medicinal aid – it can only legally be purchased as a health supplement.

Yet, man thousands of people take CBD for pain relief – along with many who take it for anxiety and depression, for sleep problems, skin conditions, and more – with reports of success being rife. With research into the product ongoing, there are new claims every day, but let’s get back to the question: how can CBD help you?

Why Take CBD?

 CBD – full name cannabidiol – is a compound of a strain of cannabis known as industrial hemp. It can only be legally grown, extracted, and sold as a CBD product if it originates from this strain. Also, it must contain less than 0.3% of another compound known as THC, which is the psychoactive element in cannabis that gets you high. So, a legal CBD product – one from a licensed and registered grower and retailer – will not get you high. It will give you relaxed experience and, as we talked about above, may also help with chronic pain.

Whether it can help with your chronic pain depends upon your condition, but we will say it has been shown that applying a CBD topical has led to people reporting a reduction in pain from the following ailments and also many more:

  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Shingles
  • Fibromyalgia
  • HIV and Aids
  • Spinal Cord Compression
  • Facial Neuralgia
  • Diabetes

These are just some of the problems that people have reported the successful use of CBD with, and it would appear that the application of one of the many CBD creams on the market is an effective way of using CBD.

In medical research, it has been proposed that CBD acts on both nociceptive pain – that is, pain caused by, for example, bruising your arm – and also for neuropathic pain, which is generated and transmitted by the nervous system. The exact reasons why CBD works in this way has yet to be determined, but the sheer numbers of people who report success when taking it simply cannot be overlooked.

How to Find the Right CBD Cream

With a market that is expanding as rapidly as that for CBD products – not to mention cannabis, which is now a legal product in many states of the USA – it is essential that you find a reputable retailer, one that is licensed to sell legal CBD products that meet the requirements. There are some that have been in the business a while, and these tend to be the ones you should talk to in the first instance.

Some things you should look for include:

  • Honest and open information about the origins of the CBD (where it was grown)
  • Whether or not the product has been 3rd party laboratory tested
  • If the product is full-spectrum (that is, it includes THC up to the maximum and other compounds as well as CBD) or otherwise

The above are the main points to consider when looking for CBD products, and we also recommend you ask other users for their experiences, as it is known that different brands and mixes of ingredients can result in varied ef-fects. With testimony from people who have experience in CBD products, you can make a better-educated choice.

Once you have found a retailer and a product you like and enjoy – you may be taking it for pain, or you may be one of many people who use CBD for recreational purposes – we recommend you stay with them, as building up trust between customer and supplier is always beneficial.

If you do suffer from chronic pain, from one of the ailments listed or anoth-er, try CBD cream and see how it goes, as you may find that as with thou-sands of other people, it provides you with welcome relief.

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